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Sneak Peek for the April Birchbox Collab with Wome's Health! You don't want to miss this one!!

This is Bichboxes April box! They are Collaborating with Women's Health and I got a sneak peek!!  OMG, I hope we get all these products...either way they are all awesome....I will be happy if I can at least score the Cargo Blush ( I am pretty sure that's blush!) (These are the products that will be included in the boxes, I'm just not sure if we get them all or just 5-6) Girls, If you want to get in on this amazing box for only $10 you better sign up now!! There is a waiting list so you have to sign up now to get in by April!! I can't wait for this awesome box!! If your ready to sign up, click here now! You don't pay now or anything. You will sign up and get on the waiting list, once your invite comes to let you know your now activated you will then give your CC info!

What do you guys think about this one? Are you excited? Are you signing up? Come on, time for some girl talk!!

Puccini Tie Review and Giveaway!!

Bows 'N Ties

Hello Fashion Bugs! As promised, this one is for the guys! I am trying to feature more products and giveaways for my male followers as well as to help my girls find new amazing products for the men in their life! What better way to start this out then with a beautiful tie from Puccini's Spring/Summer 2013 collection!!

The fact is, Men's fashion and style does not have to be expensive and that can witnessed by Puccini's latest striped tie collection. A perfect blend of traditional Repp-Stripe design, one that is typically associated with conservative regimental ties, and bold/bright colors, this assortment of ties will infuse some fresh air into any man's wardrobe. Featuring a modern width of 3.25 inches, this collection is perfect for any modern cut suit featuring narrow to medium width lapels.  Best of all is the amazing price on these pieces! Bow's and Tie's offer this collection for just $9.90 a piece! Now, if this is not proof that a stylish business wardrobe is not just for the top 1%, then I don't know what is!!

Bows 'N Ties  is very excited to feature Puccini's New Repp-Stripe Collection, which is available in 9 gorgeous colors, perfect for Spring and Summer. The color's included are:

striped-tie-bright-red-white          striped-tie-aubergine-pink          striped-tie-silver-white          striped-tie-yellow-navy

striped-tie-brigh-red-navy          striped-tie-amber-yellow-white          striped-tie-peacock-white          striped-tie-deep-burgundy-grey

and of course, last but certainly not least,  the one I received:


Each of these ties are made from a unique micro-fiber that looks and feels identical to silk but is more wrinkle and stain resistant. Each tie features two unique colors paired with a contemporary striped design. I was extremely impressed when I received this tie. The quality is amazing! I have bought ties for different men in my life, My dad, son, husband etc... and I have paid as much as $80 for a tie and the quality was not any better, if as good, than this tie by Puccini.

As you can see here from my picture, all the seams and stitching is perfect! The way it feels, looks, the way it perfectly lays when on....It's just perfect and the price is absolutely insane! You can't find a tie with a price tag as cheap as this one at Walmart and you certainly will never find this kind of quality and craftsmanship their! I expected it to be a nice tie and worth the $10 but I honestly didn't expect to see this kind of quality and beauty. Just picture your man with this tie on, a long sleeve button up crisp white shirt and a pair of khaki  or navy blue pants.....oh girl, you know he would be looking good!! I also love the Burgundy and navy blue striped tie, as shown above, that too would look so good with a white shirt and khaki or navy blue pants! Whether your man will admit it or not, they like to dress up and look good too and with these kind of prices....they can afford to!

Bow's 'N Tie's offer a wide assortment of Necktie's, Bow Tie's, Cuff links and Handkerchiefs! They carry over a thousand different neck tie and bow tie styles and colors and I found so many amazing colors, patterns, and styles I am going to buy for my daddy and son are going to be in tie heaven! both of them love dressing up and if they don't have somewhere to go....they will find somewhere to go so they can show off all that They also carry special sized ties for Big and Tall as well as kids! However, Bows 'N Ties is so much more than just a simple Tie shop. Beside a large assortment of ties, you will find instructions on tying neckties, how to tie a Bow Tie, and even how to fold a handkerchief.  Beside's the tie knot instructions, they will also educate you on specific dress codes such as black tie attire, the right and professional job interview attire, or the popular Casual business attire that many offices have adopted for so-called " Casual Friday".

Last but not least you will also find many helpful and up-to-date Fashion tips for men on their blog.

I highly recommend Bow's 'N Ties and I am so glad I found them and honored that they sent me this beautiful tie to review. I definitely found my new shop for all of my necktie purchases for the men in my life! I swear, you have to try this. Just buy 1 and see for yourself the amazing quality of these fashionable, on-trend ties. With their 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose and for less than $10 anyone man can afford to look good!

Don't forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay up on all their specials, giveaways, promos, etc....

And now Bow's 'N Ties has generously offered one lucky reader a chance to win one of the amazing ties! All you have to do is follow the simple directions on the RC. Very easy entries on this one! Also, this giveaway is open to the US only and you have 24 hours after being named the winner to claim your price or a new winner will be chosen. Thank You and Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

HOTT GIVEAWAY!! Win The Entire Collection Of OPI Euro Centrale Collection!!!

Hello my Gorgeous Fashion Bugs!! How would you like to win the entire collection of OPI Euro Centrale Collection, shown above? Well, here's your chance! Makeup, Beauty, and Fashion by Christine, a fellow blogger, is giving the entire collection to one lucky follower! All you have to do is Click Here now and follow the directions on the RC to enter!! Good Luck!

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Glossy Box Review- February 2013- Monthly Women's Beauty Box

The Box: Glossy Box

The Products: 5-6 Full Size and Deluxe Luxury Samples delivered to your door monthly!

The Cost: $21 monthly, includes shipping!

*** I get 2 boxes some months, this month being one of them so I am going to review both boxes in this one post!

Nail Rock Nail Wraps- Full Size! Value- $8

I love the Nail Rock nail wraps but not digging the design I got. This is the United Kingdom Flag, just not something I would really rock. It's black and gold does not have any white as is shown in the picture, would look much better if it did! However, I have tried these before and love them! They are easy to apply and if applied correctly will last up to 2 weeks! They also have some really awesome designs, this just wasn't one of them!

BVLGARI Parfumee Au The Blanc Soap- 2 oz- Value- $12

OMG! This is the best scent I have ever smelled in my entire life!! I will definitely be getting the perfume, lotion, and candle in this scent as well! The minute you started to take the top off the box, you could smell this heavenly scent! This soap is ultra moisturizing!! I love everything about it and I am sooo glad I got 2 boxes this month! I highly recommend this to everybody! The Full Size in this soap is $30 but it is 5.3 oz and comes in a plastic container to keep it from getting all gooey in the shower! I am getting this for sure!

LISI Cosmetics Color Glaze- Full Size! Value- $7

I can not believe that I have not heard of these cosmetics until now! The quality is incredible and the prices are just unreal for this kind of quality. Everyone either got a Color Glaze lip gloss or an eyeliner. I was so excited to see I got both. With my luck I was expecting to get two lip glosses or two eyeliners but I guess you could say the Luck of the Irish was on my side this time! ( Hehehe...get it...St. patty's Day....luck of the Irish....Yeah... never mind)  Anyway's, The color I received is awesome! I love it! It is called 4-Square. They also have a lot of other amazing colors I would like to try out and at this price....I can!

Evologie E System- Trial Kit- Value- $15

I am excited to get this in my box this month. I have heard a lot of amazing things about these products and the reviews are just phenomenal!! I will update you once I try this out!

Da Vinci Cosmetics Shimmer Eye shadow - Full Size! Value- $15

Another new brand that I am in love with! You can not possibly see the shimmer and beauty of these shadows in pictures but it is amazing! Highly pigmented, last all day, and the quality is unbelievable!! Definitely recommend!!

Verdict: I paid $21 for this box and received $57.00 worth of products! I always love my Glossy boxes! They always have great value and top shelf products! They always offer a great mix of products and I love the majority of what I get! Definitely recommend this box to everyone! Very fun and exciting!

2ND Glossy Box from February!

This is my second box from Glossy Box for February!

Nail Rock Nail Wraps- Full Size! Value- $8

So, I do like this one better than the first one but I wish they like the one in the picture, with the bigger animal print rather than the little tiny print but I will still rock these!

BVLGARI Au the Blanc Perfume Soap- 2 oz- Value- $12

Yeah....another one of these amazing smelling soaps!

Evologie E System- Trial Size- Value- $15

Don't mind at all having another one of these however, this will probably go to one of you guys in a giveaway!

LISI Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner- Full Size! Value- $7

I really like this eye liner! I don't usually do liquid eyeliner and I definitely would not typically buy this color for myself but I am glad this product was included because I need to get out of my comfort zone some with different shades of makeup, especially eye makeup. I am excited to experiment with this and I can't wait to create some fun looks with this!

Da Vinci Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Shadow- Full Size! Value- $15

I love this eye shadow as I described before. I love both shades I received. The first one was Bronze this one is my favorite, it's called Lava. I have never seen another shade like this one anywhere! It is a beautiful brownish color with blue/green sparkles in it. I can't wait to wear this one. I think it will be perfect with my eye color. I have blue eyes and I wear a lot of browns and neutrals and I think this with the tiny blue/green sparkles in it will really go well with my eye color. I will update you on it and take a picture with it on so you can see. I recommend this color for anyone though. Regardless on your skin tone or eye color, I think this is a really beautiful universal color!

Verdict: The cost of this box is $21 and received $57.00 worth of products. As I stated above I love Glossy Box! I have been very happy with them all up to this point! I think the monetary value is definitely worth the cost but more than that I think this box is worth the cost just trying out different products, a lot of which I probably would've never bought for myself but ended up falling in love with! Between these two boxes this month I received $114.00 worth of products, all of which I love....well, except for the design of the nail wraps in the 1st box but hey...That's nothing compared to what all I got that I really, really love!  Don't keep missing out on this awesome box! Sign up now!! Just click Here and if you go ahead and sign up now you can still March's Box!!

So what do you guys think about these boxes?  What was your favorite product in your glossy box for February?

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Beauty Army Review- February 2013- Monthly Women's Beauty Box

Box: Beauty Army 

The Products: 6 Full Size and Deluxe samples delivered to your door every month! ( You get to choose your own samples and you can skip the month anytime you want to and/or cancel anytime you want!)

The Cost: $12 monthly, Includes Shipping!

Dermisa Skin Fade Cream- Full Size! Value- $14

I have a sun spot on my face that I have been trying to treat off and on for a while now and this product is much more gentle while still effective! This formula moisturizes very well and has a fairly pleasant scent, compared to other skin lightening products I have used in the past, I would definitely recommend this product to everyone that needs to even out their skin tone, remove sun spots, etc... Very affordable! Can't wait to see the results after another couple of weeks. Will update you all then!

Boo-Boo Covers- Deluxe Sample- Value- $5

These are really cool! I had never heard of them before now. They are like temporary tattoos for your face. They blend in with your skin tone, you wear your makeup over them to had imperfections ( scars, dark spots, cut, whatever...) They are virtually invisible and hide anything you want them to. I love them!! They are 100 % water proof  but come off very easily with baby oil. I recommend these to anyone that wants to hide some flaw from time to time...Acne, acne scar, dark spots....You can use them on other parts of your body as well. Going on a job interview and want to hide that tattoo? Got a nasty cut on your hand? Boo-Boo covers are perfect! They come in three different shades and you can even layer them if needed to match your skin tone exactly and to assure even the nastiest flaws or cuts get completely covered! You can get a full size box of them for $19.99 which will last for a long time!!

Enspri Ultra Collagen 5-min. Facial- 1 Application- Value- $3

Yes To Cucumbers On-The-Go Facial Towelette- 1 Facial Towelette- Value- $0.20

I am in love with the Enspri Facial Mask....Possibly the best mask I have ever used!! With this mask you mix the two products together, which is very easy and not messy at all. This comes with the Vital Hydrator and r\the 100% Pure Collagen powder. You mix the two together, put it all over your face and neck for 10 mins and then rinse off. I just can't out into words how amazing my skin felt and looked afterwords. This 2-piece product mask is $99 for the 2 full size products ( mixing tools included) but it is truly worth the price! This is at the very top of my wish list!

I love Yes To products and this was no exception. If completely removes all makeup, does not try your skin out, has a very pleasant scent and is biodegradable not to mention super affordable! Only $6 for the Full Size package of 30 towelettes. I would highly recommend this!

Whip Hand Camo Collection Loose Pigment Eye Shadow- Deluxe Size- Value- $7

This is the 4th and final color in this exclusive Camo Collection. This collection was a collaboration with Beauty Army and Whip Hand Cosmetics. Each month for the last 4 months they introduced a new color from this collection to the Beauty Army members. I made sure to get this every month. This is one of the best Loose pigment Eye Shadows I have ever used! The colors for this collection was amazing and very versatile  perfect for all skin tones! The last of the collection is called Medal of Honor and boy, what a fitting name for this incredible color. This is the most beautiful Shimmering gold I have ever seen! I am definitely going to be buying the full size set however, there is actually so much product in these deluxe sizes ( approx. half of the full size) that it will still be a little while yet before I am out. I was thinking about going ahead and purchasing the full size kit and then just using these for travel. I would love to try some other cosmetics from Whip Hand and will update you if I do!

The Olive Bar Lemon & Lavender Soap

Deluxe Sample size! Value- $3

I loved the packaging on this so much, I just had to show you!

I really loved this soap! It is non drying, moisturizes very well, the scent is amazing! Very relaxing, thanks to the lavender in it! I am usually not a soap girl but I must admit...This is really incredible and does not have any of the typical characteristics that soap has! I would really love a full size bar of this!

Verdict: I paid $12 for this box and received $32.20 worth of products! I love the value that I always get out of this box and I always love what I get because I get to choose my own samples! I can always count on Beauty Army to introduce me to new brands and new products from brands I already know and trust! I love the control I get with this box. Although I have never skipped a month since signing up, I love knowing the option is there if I need it as well as the option of canceling which I will never do. The customer service is really amazing! When selecting my products for my March box, I realized about 10 mins, later that I confused two of the products and picked the wrong one. I sent a message through Facebook to see if there was anything I could do and within 30 mins. I had a reply telling it was taken care of and the one I really wanted would be in my box! I mean...WOW! You don't find customer service like that anymore! I have nothing at all negative to say about Beauty Army, I am completely happy and can't wait for my selection window to open up every month! Definitely recommend this box to any and everyone! This would make the perfect gift also!

*** Are you ready to become a Beauty Trooper? Well, just click Here to report for duty!

So, what do you think about this box? What did you get in your Beauty Kit?

Harry’s – Free Razor's and Shaving Cream....No CC needed!!


Ohh I love this! To celebrate their pre-launch, Harry’s is giving away FREE shaving cream and razors. You can even get a free YEAR of razors! Nice, right? All you have to do is head over and enter your email address.
Once you do that, you’ll get a special link. Share it with all of your friends and family. The more people you refer (NO PURCHASE NECESSARY), the more freebies you get!

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25 Days of Giveaways- Spring Fling- 2013 - Naturally Curly

NaturallyCurly's 25 Days of Giveaways

Day 5 of 25
Cut & Blow

Spring Curls

BaByliss®PRO GT Gold Titanium™ 5/8" Spring Curling Iron

Blush Mystery Beauty Box Review- February 2013- Monthly Women's Beauty Box

Most of you guys already know about the new Blush Mystery Beauty Box, from the initial New subscription box Alert that I posted. Well, I received my first box and I love it!! So, glad I signed up for this one!!

blush Mystery Beauty Box I

The Box: Blush Mystery Beauty Box

The Products: Each month you will get a different mystery beauty box Featuring mostly full size and (some) travel size beauty products worth at least $100. All products will be hand selected from a panel of experts and every mystery beauty box will include a free gift and free shipping too!

The Cost: $24.95 a month including shipping (with a subscription) and $34.95 a month including shipping (for a one-time box)

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray- 4 oz- Value- $29

I love that this one product is already more than the cost of the box. Also, I received this in my Beauty Fix Kit back in October. I didn't mind getting it again in this kit because it is amazing!! I love it!!

Foot petals, Tip Toes- 1 Full Size Package- Value- $6.95

If you wear heels of any kind, these will quickly become your best friends! I was already familiar with these and was thrilled to see a pair in this mystery box!! These definitely save your feet and The Dermstore has some awesome kits that come with all the different types of Foot Petals, the ball of your feet, the bottom and back of your heels, the whole bottom of the foot, etc.... Check them all out!


SmartLash Lash Enhancer- Full Size- Value- $125.00

I was most excited about this product, I have been reading about it for a few weeks now and was a little worried about shelling out $125 for this product so when I saw this in my box, I was jumping for joy! This product has AMAZING reviews on it! It has a 5 start rating with over 3000 reviews just on the Dermstore site! This can be used on your brows and eye lashes. I can't wait to start using this. I really want to try this out on my brows, I have very, very light colored eyebrows so I am hoping this does the trick. Most people reported seeing incredible results anywhere from 2-3 weeks. I will keep you updated on my results!

Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester 15- .17 oz- Value- $30

Another product I was very excited to see in this box! Perricone Md's Products are very expensive but amazing! They are coveted by some of the biggest A'list Celebs out there and for good reason! These products have extremely good reviews and are some of the most effective with the highest ingredients you can get without a prescription. I have been wanting to try this particular product for a while...I will let you know how well it works for me. This is sold in a set of 4, for $120.

Cattiva Divino Lash Mascara- Full Size- Value- $24

I love this mascara! I first tried it when I picked it for my Beauty Fix Kit back in October and I was actually going to order this very soon so I am very glad this was included! It is an amazing mascara, adds alot of length, fullness and thickness to my lashes and I love the tube that it comes in. The top is done in black sparkling jeweled stones!

Hera Argan Oil- 0.5 oz- Value- $5

As most of you probably already know, Argan Oil is my # 1 beauty secret! It is amazing and is an incredible all in one product! You can use it on your skin, cuticles, hair, etc... It is wonderful for you!! It is a fabulous dry oil that does not leave a greasy feeling at all! I love it and I think everyone should use this miracle worker. I have tried many different brands but this is one that I have not tried yet. It has a lot of amazing reviews so I am looking forward to trying it out! I was very happy to see this was included!

DermStore Lip Quench

Dermstore Lip Quench - Full Size- $12

Ok girls, If you have been looking for the best lip treatment ever....Here it is!!! This was the mystery gift that was included and I could not believe how well this works. It locks in the moisture for hours....amazing staying power! It is not gooey or sticky at all and it is tinted with a very pretty light pink color! I couldn't believe how much I loved this and when I checked the review out there was over 130 and all 5 after review...all the way down, said the same thing I did....The best lip product I have ever used! Check it out for yourself, most people went on the site an ordered several more so they could have one everywhere, in their bag, car, house, by their bed etc.... You must try this!!

***Had to use the picture from the site because you couldn't even see it in the pictures I took. As most of you know by now, I dropped my camera while taking pictures the other day and it will not work anymore! I am having to take pics with this crappy phone but I finally broke down an ordered an iphone! It is suppose to take awesome pics too, so we will see. I am also hoping my camera can be fixed and I will have it back working soon also. Please, bare with me until then. I may have to use pics from the site more now until I get something to take better one's with. I dont like to do that but...Oh well!

SkinMedica Lytera Skin Brightening Complex- .13 oz- Value- $15.65

This was the free sample included. They offer a free mystery gift with every order as well as a free sample with every order. I love both of the freebies I got and just the two freebies was worth $27.65...More than the Cost of the whole box!! I have not tried out this product yet, however, I am very eager to see what it's all about. It retails for $125 for 2 oz  and I have heard a lot of great things about the SkinMedica line so I will let you know if it's worth the hype! The reviews are excellent on it too though....So, I'm thinking it probably is worth it!

Verdict: I paid $24.95 for this box and I received $247.60 worth of products!! WOW, I love the value I got  with this box as well as all of the products! They are all either products I know and love, have been dying to try, or that I am now dying to try! I am soooo excited for this one and I hope the value and amazing products continue! Every box is guaranteed to have at least $100 worth of products which is still an amazing value for only $24.95! I can't wait to see what's in the March box! It sill shows that the box is sold out on the site but that is still showing from February's box. It sold out in 1 day! I have already sent a message in to see when the March box will go on sale. I will update you as soon as I find out. You will need to be super fast on this one!!

So, what did you guys think about this box? Are you going to sign up?