Saturday, March 9, 2013

This Weeks NOTD Picks!! Time To Vote!!!

Ok, You are going to see 5 numbered Pictures of our Nail Of The Picks from this past week. Pick out the one you like the best and then in the comment section just simply put the number of the picture you like the best! If you like #1....Then in the comments section put #1, if you like #2 then put #2 in the comments section and so on!! If you want to become next weeks winner then submit a picture for your entry to and just put NOTD Submission on it! Thank you and happy voting!!

# 1 NOTD-Kathleen Dinges

Photo: Hello Fashion Bugs! Today's NOTD Pick, Green Spun Sugar is from Kathleen Dinges, I love this and it's perfect for St. Patty's !!

# 2 NOTD- Sonya Parks

Photo: Sorry guys...this is being posted late! My son and I have been in the bed all day sick with a horrible stomach virus! It seems to be going around, per conversation with the Doc. so be careful! OK...Today's NOTD pick is from the talented Sonya Parks! Remember, keep your favorite in mind so you can vote on saturday for the one you like the best!! Get your submission's in ladies...You are going to love the grand prize this month!!

# 3 NOTD- Carrie Bronk

Photo: Todays NOTD Pick comes from Carrie Bronk, I love this!! 

Remember, If you love this one on it Saturday to win the weekly NOTD contest!! Keep those submissions coming!

# 4 NOTD-  Linda Shen

Photo: Today's NOTD pick is from Linda Shen! I am in love with this one!!

remember if this is your favorite, vote on it Saturday!!

# 5 NOTD- Tami Willis

Photo: Here's my fave so far...This is Spoiled Check Into Rehab with Kunimitsu Nail Polition's Eclipsed holo topcoat over it! Wooo, I love that!

Voting will end Sunday @ 11:59 pm -  Good Luck!!


  1. #3 is a beautiful half moon!! She must have a steady hand to do that!

  2. I am going with #4 I love it and wish I could do it to my nails!

  3. I don't know if I can vote since I entered, but if so I'd like to vote for #1. Kat did a great job on her sugar spun mani and the video tutorial she has on the technique was very well done :)

  4. I like #4's colors and design

  5. #4 they are so beautifully well done festive and floral! congrats to all chosen i love them all

  6. #3 I love it and amazing she did done good job on it

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