Friday, November 30, 2012

Sample Society Review- November 2012- Monthly beauty Box

This is my first Sample Society Box.  When you sign up for this monthly subscription box you also get a subscription from Allure Magazine. My subscription had just run with Allure, so this was a win-win for me!

The Box: Sample Society

The Cost: $15 monthly ( inc.shipping and Allure Magazine Subscription)

The Products: 5 deluxe and full size beauty and skincare items

Dermalogica Pre-cleanse- 1 oz -Value $12- (Full size $35)

I love this Dermalogica products and this one did not disappoint. I really love the precleanse and they also included a small sample of the Special Cleansing Gel and It was awesome also!

Diego Dalla Palma Lipstick- Deluxe Sample- Value- $10 ( Full size-$34)

When I first saw this card I thought It was perfume sample, I was very pleased to see it was lipstick! This is amazing...Super moisturizing, does not dry your lips out or make them looked cracked and it last along time!! Would  pay full price for this one!

L'Occitane Shea Hand Cream- 1 oz- Value $10 ( Full size $28)

Diptyque Volutes Eau de Toilette 0.06 oz Value $5 ( Fullsize 50ml-$80 100ml-$120 )

I love L'Occitane so I was very happy to see this in the box. The perfume I had never heard of before but It has become one of my favs!! This scent is a new launch and I would pay $120 for this, It is truly AMAZING!!

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist- 1 oz- Value $11 ( Full size $24 )

I already have and love this, so I was very happy to see a travel size of this in my box!

Verdict: I paid $15 and I received $48 worth of products so the value is amazing and the products I received were Fabulous!! I found some new favorites and got some old favorites in travel versions.I also received a subscription to Allure Magazine and a coupon code for $15 towards a purchase for a product from the box. I am very happy with this box!! I can't wait to see whats coming for December.

****I choose for any and all referral credits to be split among all the non-profit groups they support...So if you sign up for this box or make a purchase please enter the code "Fashionbug" and lets give back!!

So what did you think about this box? Are you gonna sign up for this one? Do you already get Sample Society? Let me know what you think!

30 Days of Giveaways....Day 30 LAST DAY!!

The 30 days of Giveaways.....Day 30

This day 30....The last and final day of The 30 days of giveaways. Today's winner will win it all!! All the prizes of the last 30 days +.....See below for a list of all the prizes the day 30 winner will get and a link to enter the giveaway........

  • Q-Redew Original Hairstyling Vapor Wand
  • Hair Rules Ultimate Hydration Set
  • Nouritress Hydrating Set
  • nuNAAT Hair Care Collection Just for You
  • TIGI Curl Styling Pack
  • Total Beauty Winter Hair & Skin Favorites
  • NYC Curls Complete System
  • Motions Naturally You! Collection
  • U R Curly Curls of All Kinds Kit
  • SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Kit
  • Twisted Sista Ultimate Collection
  • Winter Coiffie
  • Ampro Shine, Jam & Moisturize Set
  • Curls Unleashed Collection

Plus, SheFinds & MomFinds Editors' Winter Picks including:
  • $75 gift card for tights and hosiery from We Love Colors
  • One perfume worth $85 from Saffron James Parfums

There will be one winner and the value of all the prizes are $1200


Make-up, Candles, and skincare giveaway

Hey Fashion Bugs....I have a fabulous giveaway for you from a fellow blogger: Abundance Of Erica. She is having a 100 follower giveaway, She has 15 amazing prizes and one lucky winner will win them all!! She has a really fun blog so take a look around while your their!

Giveaway will end on December 10th- See below for the link to enter!

1) LA ROCHE-POSAY THERMAL SPRING WATER: Can be used as a toner and is great for dry skin. It hydrates really well.

2) BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO (ORIGINAL): I've been loving my Batiste lately! This one is a travel size, perfect for you to try out and see if you like it.

3) ST. IVES APRICOT SCRUB: This exfoliator has been my love this past month. It honestly works just as well as my LUSH scrub. But, I know skincare products do not work on everyone, so this is also a travel size for you to try out.

4) NYC BRONZER IN "SUNNY": So everyone and their mother has been raving about this bronzer on the YouTube. It's inexpensive, but I know it's not accessible everywhere in the world so I thought I'd throw it in.

5) MINI BATH & BODY WORKS CANDLE IN "LEAVES": Although this isn't my favorite BBW candle, I know a ton of people love it.

6) MINI BATH & BODY WORKS CANDLE IN "PUMPKIN CARAMEL LATTE": This was my absolute favorite fall candle this season. If you like sweet-tasting coffees, you'll love this!

7) MINI BATH & BODY WORKS CANDLE IN "AUTUMN DAY": This is just an all-around nice-smelling candle. I think it's more widely appreciated, whereas the other two are a little subjective.

8) ARDELL DEMI LASHES: These seem to be the most loved pair of eyelashes in the internet beauty community, so I ordered myself a pair and one for you to try out as well!

9) NYX JUMBO EYE PENCIL IN "FRENCH FRIES": I absolutely adore this eyeliner. It goes on incredibly smooth and the color is a really pretty, shimmery brown. So nice.

10) DELUXE SAMPLE OF LANCOME HYPNOSE MASCARA: I had two samples of this so I thought, why not give one away. We can both try it out together! :)

11) ESSIE NAILPOLISH IN "CHINCHILLY": So I'm kinda jealous that you guys are getting this one, but it's an incredible taupe-grey color for fall & winter. Here is a swatch from Amarixe.

12)  KIKO NAIL POLISH IN "NUDE": I decided to give away the only Kiko nail polish from my trip to Italy that I haven't tried yet. I talk about Kiko polishes in so many NOTDs, I want to give you guys the opportunity to try it out!

13) RIMMEL LONDON LIPSTICK IN "BERRY QUEEN": I swatched this one in the store and thought it was a nice shade :)

14) RIMMEL LONDON LIPSTICK IN "CORAL QUEEN": Personally, I would hesitate to buy myself a coral lipstick, however, I would not mind receiving one to try out for free (in let's say, a giveaway) ;)

15) MAC LIPSTICK IN "REBEL": Last but not least, I wanted to get something a little more luxurious for this giveaway and figured a MAC lipstick would be the best idea. This lipstick has been a universal favorite this season, and I would love to give one of you the opportunity to try it. Here is a YouTube tutorial to give you an idea of how the lipstick would look.

OH, and the winner will receive all these prizes in a cute Lancome makeup bag! And I'll probably throw in some samples because I have way too many to use myself :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ispy (My Glam) Review- November 2012- Monthly Subscrption Beauty and Skin Care box

The Box: Ispy ( My Glam )

The Cost: $10 monthly ( inc. shipping)

The Products: 5 Deluxe and Full Size Beauty and Skincare products

Starlet Cosmetics- Full Size- Value- $11

I really like this eyeliner pencil. It is very smooth and the perfect expresso brown!

The Balm Cosmetics- Meet Matte eyeshadow in Matt Batali- Value- $5

I am very familiar with The Balm cosmetics and love them all. I was very happy to get this eyeshadow in my bag. It is a wonderful neutral that is perfect for all skin tones!

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss- Deluxe- Value $8

Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel- Deluxe- Value $8

I love this lipgloss!! The color is perfect, I have used this everyday since I got it and will buy the full size version when this runs out. It is the perfect hint of color. It has become one of my favorite lip glosses!! The Chella is really good too! I was hoping to get the Benefit mascara but I didn't. I am not disappointed though because I really like the Chella eyebrow gel. I want to try the whole brow kit from Chella, it looks pretty awesome!!

Nailtini Nail Lacquer- Full Size!! Value $13

I am in love with this nail polish! The picture just does not show how incredible this color is. The name of it is Millionaire. I chcked out their site and love everything they have. They have the liptini to match most of all the nailtini shades, Cocktail inspired cosmetics...Why haven't I heard of this yet??

Verdict: Ispy (My Glam) Is one of my all time favorites!! I paid $10 and got $45 worth of product!! That is incredible! Also, There was a coupon to JustFab for $20 off your first ourchase of shoes or a bag and all of their items are only $39 so that is amazing, So actually the value of this bag is $65!! They always have the latest and greatest beauty products and there is usually atleast one Full size product included as well as a different cosmetic case every month. The give you MAKE-UP not a box full of skincare products in foil packs every month like Birch Box has been doing! I highly recommend everyone get this subscription, I mean $10...You can't beat that and this would make a perfect gift for a teen as well as an adult!

What did you think of the Ispy bag? Are you currently subscribed to this one? Are you going to sign up? Let me know what you think!

Little Black Bag Review....

Little Black Bag

Little Black Bag is my new obsession!! This is the most addictive and fun monthly subscription service I have found and you guys know I try to review them all for you, so to say this is one of my favorites is really saying alot!! The way this works is you first choose between the $29 or $49 bag. The $49 has all the items you can pick from the $29 bag has alot of good jewelry and stuff like that but as far as handbags go you don't really get much of a choice but that is not a big deal because you still have a chance to get what ever you want. How you ask? Well, Once you choose the amount, it then takes you to the gallery. You get to choose your first item and then the stylist will pick 1-3 more items based on your bag price and style. Plus they have bonus items all the time which you get on top of the other items. If you get the $49 bag you have atleast $100 worth of items and atleast $50 with the $29 bag. Now, after the stylist picks your other items then the fun really begins. You get to trade with everybody that has an open bag even the $29 bags get to swap items with the $49 bags. It is sooo much fun!! I started out with 3 items that worth over $100 and ended up with 2 items that were still over $100. I got a necklace and earrings they both were nice and I would've been happy if I ended up with the same items. But there was this one necklace I was dying for and it was worth about the same as both of the items I traded for. When I got my box and opened it I was sooo very happy, the items are much better than the pictures showed. Now on to the good stuff!!

This was my first item, the one I picked. These pictures DO NOT do this beauty justice. It is so amazing in person!! I have received soooo many compliments! This is a Olivia & Joy bag. The retail price if I bought it from their web site would have been a little over $100!! I am in love with this bag!

This is the necklace I traded for. I love it!! Again, the pictures do not do this justice! It is incredible and so on trend right now. If I had bought this from the guess site or dillards etc... It would have cost me $35!! So I paid $49 and received about $140 worth of stuff and not just stuff but amazing items that I would have paid full price for and that I am in love with!

I have already opened another bag and I have 4 products in it right now. I picked another amazing handbag and I have a bracelet, earrings and a beauty product. I did have a necklace too but I made a 2 for one trade so I could get the awesome bag I really wanted. It was not available anymore and I was determined to get it!! The necklace I traded along with another handbag I really wasn't in love with was not my style and I did not like it so I am extremely happy right now. You also have another option. Say you love everything you get from the get go you don't have to wait the 3 days trading period for the $29 bag or the 7 day trading period for the $49 bag, You can go ahead and click to close and ship your bag right then!! You have got to try this out at least once but beware it is super fun and addictive!! Click Here now to get started!!

So what do you think about Little Black Bag? Is this something you would try out? Let me know what you think!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Russell Organics Argan Oil Review....

Argan Oil - 1 fl ozRussell Organics

Hey Fashion Bugs! I have a really awesome product for you guys today! I have had several of you ask me what my favorite product is and/or my #1 beauty secret. Well, I am going to tell you. It is Argan Oil. This is the single most important product I use and always have. I use it on my hair, skin and nails. There is nothing better!! My favorite brand of Argan Oil is Russell Organics Argan Oil. They have the highest quality level of Argan Oil on the market. Russell Organics sources it's eco-cert organic oil using the highest standards.  It has been featured in countless media outlets, the Russell Organics Argan Oil has become the gold standard for pure Argan Oil.

Only the purest Argan Oil can stand alone without fillers, masking, or additives. Only pure Argan Oil in the jar offers the fantastic benefits available from use.Russell Organics Argan Oil is toxin free, it contains only %100 pure Argan Oil. There's nothing else in the jar. No Toxins. No Additives. Russell Organics is Cruelty Free, Vegan. They are Certified Cruelty Free and Certified Vegan.

I love how versatile this beauty superstar is! It can be used on hair as a conditioner and scalp treatment, on skin as a moisturizer, and on nail beds as a nail oil. No other beauty product can be used in this way. It is also very cost effective, with only a few drops needed per use. Lastly the convenience of Russell Organics Argan Oil is awsome! It is available in a convenient 2 fl oz size container, It can be carried on a flight as it meets TSA travel requirements.

 This is my secret weapon and has helped more far more than beauty products that cost over $100 and Russell Organic Argan Oil doesn't even come close to that! At only $19 for a 1oz bottle you won't find anything that compares and a little goes along way so a 1oz bottle will last you along time! If you are new to this product the best way to use this is to start with just a few drops and adjust more or less based on your hair, skin, and nail requirements. You can go Here and purchase your own now. I highly recommend this product but trust me when I say not all Argan Oil is created equal. I have tried many and done my research and Russell Organics is the BEST on the market!!

Juniper Box Review- November 2012- Monthly Subscription Box for your Period....

This Is Juniper's 2nd box. They are a new subscription service for your period and believe me they have set the bar VERY high for all other's!! You can see my review of the 1st box HERE. I love this box, when I saw their first box I was very suprised at what all was in the box, how well it was packaged and how they customize the box to fit each persons needs and wants!! I really didn't think it could get any better and then..... the November box came....WOW!! That's the best word I can find to describe this months box. Now, on to the good stuff!!

The Box:  Juniper

The Cost: $28 monthly (inc.shipping)

The Products: Tampons and Treats

This is the box that the tampons are in. As you can see there is a seal on it with a number. When it is time to break the seal you text your BFF ( which is your personal friend that makes sure you get what you want, when you need it) When they get your text they now know when your period has begun and can assure your next box arrives in plenty of time for your next cycle.

This is what is inside the box. It will come with which ever brand you choose as well as different sizes.

This is your bag with the little extras we usually need during "that time of the month"

This is what was in my bag. It has overnight pads, light absorbency pads, panty liners, and Midol. Now, keep in mind if you need more panty liners and less over night pads or more midol...You decide! Just let your BFF know and she will hook you up!

Now, this is my favorite part....This is the goodie bag. It's filled with the best artisan chocolates, snacks, teas to help you sleep and relax etc... (See below for the contents of the goodie bag)

Pukka Teas (3 bags)- Three ginger, Love, and Night time

BeeKind Honey Sticks (3 sticks) - Pumpkin, Vanilla Chai, and Wildflower

I love the teas, they all are awesome and I have received the honey sticks in several different boxes and I am so happy when I see them. They are awesome and a nice little treat to go along with your tea!

Torn Ranch Sugar Cinnamon Pecans- ( 1 package)

Torn Ranch Dried Cranberries ( 1 package)

I don't know where these guys find the snacks they put in the boxes but they always have the best ones and I   have found many snacks that I had never heard of before and they have became some of my favs! The sugar cinnamon pecans..omg...they are incredible and I have never been a fan of cranberries before but these are amazing!!

Marich Triple-Chocolate Toffee (1 package)

Amazing, Awesome, Incredible and Decadent....Not to much more I can say about these babies!!

Bare Fruit Fuji Apple Chips ( 1 bag)

Nicobella Pumpkin Chai Truffle ( 1 )

There was already so many goodies in the goodie bag, there wasn't room for these. The apple chips are soooo good and the truffle.... There's not words for how good it is!!

Verdict: I love my Juniper Box!! It is defintely worth every penny and this is a box that every women should treat herself to!! There's no reason that we shouldn't be pampered during "that tme of the month" and Juniper offers that and more!! The value far exceeds the cost and I actually look forward to my period now because I know when it's time for it to start, It's time for my Juniper Box!!

The 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge....

Hey Fashion bugs, I have some very exciting news!! I will be participating in a 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge Sponsored by Creative Bioscience. I am super excited about this because I have been looking into ways to get rid of these pesky pounds I have already gained from the Holidays and something to help maintain once I hit my weight goal. At Creative Bioscience they know weight loss, they get it!! They understand that we are busy people that just want to shed a few pounds as soon as possible! Whether your looking to lose a little or a lot, they have an affordable, effective diet supplement to tip the scales in your favor. They have many different options avaliable depending on your own needs, wants and goals. They even have supplements and programs for vegetarians. After much research I decided to go with the Diet 1234. There are a fee different reasons that I decided to go with this supplement for my 90 Day Challenge. First the Diet 1234 was created to address the concerns of New Millennium dieters. This one was really created for people that have little time for counting calories and exercising. This product has revolutionized the weight loss industry! It rolls all the hottest diets into one as well as taking into account the hectic pace of modern lifestyles, and human nature. The Diet 1234 formulation features Lychee Fruit Extract, African Mango, Raspberry Ketones, Guarana Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract, and Citrus aurantium; Ingredients Clinically demonstrated to promote rapid weightloss, give you energy, suppress your appetite, Prevent fat fom being absorbed as you eat it, and burn your existing fat more quickly. This has everything I have been looking for, I mean who really has time to set and count calories or live in the gym? I don't  and I needed something that not only supressed my appetite but increased my energy level and this does it all!! Not only that but it is at a price that any budget can afford! One of the best parts about all of the Creative Bioscience products is that they are all made in FDA inspected and GMP approved facilities right here in the good ole' US of A!! Which is very important to me when it comes to buying and taking supplements!! My goal at the end of this Challenge is to lose about 30 pounds but not only that I am also hoping to live a healthier lifestyle and I feel pretty sure that Diet 1234 will help me to achieve these goals. I would love for you guys to take this 90 Day Challenge with me, we can encourage one another and compare our results! This would be so much fun, getting fit and healty together!! What are your goals? If you guys are interested in doing this with me, you can learn about and buy the same products Here

To all my fellow bloggers: If you are interested in taking the 90 Day Challenge and want more info on how to sign up, Please click Here

New Subscription Box Alert!! Acme Party Box Craft Subscription

This is a new monthly craft DIY subscription box... It looks amazing! The cool part is that all the months are already planned out so you can look ahead to see the entire year and decide when you want to start your Subscription. I think that is really awesome!!

The box: ACME Party Box

The Price: $25 monthly ( you pay for the first months shipping and then all subsequent months ship free!

The products: High quality materials and instructions to complete an amazing craft each month.

**** If you pick the 3 or 6 month subscription you get a wooden storage box to hold all your supplies, free of charge. If you go with the 12 month subscription service the wooden storage box will come filled with all your essential crafting supplies you will need to complete your projects. This can also be purchased separately. See picture below of the wooden storage box and what is included with the 12 month sub.

Craft Supply Box

So what do you guys think of this one? Is this one you would be interested in? I think it's pretty cool, hopefully I will have a review of one the boxes soon.

My Cotton Bunny- November 2012- Monthly Subscription Box for your Period


This the debut box for My Cotton Bunny . My Cotton Bunny is a monthly subscription service that bundles your choice of feminine hygiene products with a few extra goodies to get you through your cycle. So, you have No more getting caught unprepared, It's delivered right to your front door, So there's no more running out to the corner store praying they have your brand then going to pay and getting those akward glares from the check-out clerk hoping he doesn't say something completely stupid!!

This is a premium subscription service tailored for women by women! Get what you need for that time of the month along with specially-selected gifts to help brighten your day!

The Box: My Cotton Bunny

The Cost: $13.75 monthly

The Products: What you need for "that time of the month" along with specially selected gifts

U by Kotex- Value $4

Dagoba Lavender Blueberry Chocolates- Value- $ .55

U by Kotex is my favorite brand and the Chocolate bar is Amazing!!

American Apparel Cami- Value- $14

I love American Apparel clothes. They are super comfy and well made!! I really love the MCB logo! This will be so comfy with a pair of yoga pants or sweatpants during that time of the month! I L-O-V-E that they included this in the box and the cami alone exceeds the cost of the box...How much better can you get!!

Verdict: I LOVE MY COTTON BUNNY!!! First of all, We work so hard taking care of everybody else  (kids, husband etc...) We all to often forget to take care of us...We deserve this! I mean just think how this one little box can totally make "that time of the month" worth it! We are gonna have a period, there is no way around that sista's but Hey....Who say's we can't reward ourselves, make it a little fun and exciting!! I say let's stop making the kids hide and the husband terrified of us during our periods....Let's give ourselves something to actually look forward to and little gift because we have a period....Let's make the boy jealous of us, for a change, because we DO get a period....Lets all sign up for My Cotton Bunny... because girls, WE HAVE EARNED IT!!

Oh....and a little birdie make that a little bunny...told me that December's box is going to be really awesome and you are NOT going to want to miss it!!

So what do you girls think about this one? Are you going to sign up? Come on girls, let me know what you think!!


Dazzley Box- November 2012- Monthly Women's Beauty and Jewelry Subscription Box

This is my first Dazzley box and I must say I am very pleasently suprised! This is not like your typical beauty or food box. With the Dazzley box you will discover great affordable products each month. Melissa Buening founded Dazzley box to help consumers discover great, affordable products in a fun shopping community. After getting bored of other subscription boxes that introduced her to beauty products a typical person couldn't afford, She decided to create a new type of subscription box, One that would introduce people to a better variety of products that were affordable and would keep anyone's interest. Thus, Dazzley box was born.

Dazzley box included a mix of beauty, food, or innovative products each month. It always includes atleast one piece of jewelry. And, best of all, the products are at price points that will fit any girls budget!!

Dazzley Box Review - November 2012 - Women's Jewelry and Beauty Monthly Subscription Boxes

The Box: Dazzley box

The Products: 5 or more innovative womens products that always include atleast one piece of jewelry.

The cost: $19 monthly (inc. shipping) also available 6 and 12 month subscriptions at a discount.

Purple Beaded Necklace- value $20

I love this, you can wear it long or doubled up...Very on trend and it comes in a gift box so if it's not your style, It's completely ready for gift giving just add one of the enclosed gift tags!

Wire Floral Earrings- Value $10

Again, these come in a gift box so if they are not your style, they are boxed and ready for giving. However, you probably will not want to part with these...They are so cute and dainty!!

Dazzley Gift Tags- Value $4.99

Opi Mini Nail Polish- Value $4

I love the gift tags, they come in a pack of 20 which included 10 small and 10 large. ( The large ones are perfect to tie around a bottle of wine)

You guys know I love nail polish, so I was very happy to get this one from the Germany collection. The one I got is Unfor-greta-bly blue and it is amazing!! You can get the whole set for $12.50 just click the link above. (Most items from the boxes are in the Dazzley shop but I was not able to find this in there.)

Kind bar- Value $2

Last but certainly not least is the kind bar. I was very happy to get this, I love them!! As you can see I got the almond and coconut which is incredible! You can buy these anywhere!

Verdict: The cost of this Dazzley box is $19 and I received $41 worth of items, thats double the cost so the value is defintely there! I really love the variety you receive with this box and all the items are awesome!! I think this is a very unique box that the value of far exceeds the cost. I think this is one all subscription box lovers should add to their collection, there is not another one like it all the items are super affordable!! I highly recommend this one and I am in love, it certainly left me excited to see what the next one will bring!

I love their last box and wish I would have made it in time for it. Here is a pic:

WOW!! It came with two amazing scarves, I love the colors of both ( you can buy them in the Dazzley shop for $6 a piece..amazing value) It also had three fun leather braided braclets which I love ( black and brown are in a set for only $5) and the other one is only $2.50 then it had 5 twist ties ( you can get a set of 10 for $12 in their shop) also included in the Oct. box was a set of awesome gift tags ( can be purchased in the Dazzley shop for $4.99) and lastly an incredible leaf necklace which can also be purchased in their shop for only $16. All these prices include shipping!! I am just in awe of the quality of these products VS the price, It is amazing!!

Dazzley Box also has an amazing collection with three different packages for the up coming Holidays, It is an amazing value!!

Package 1:

Package 2:

Package 3:

WOW!! How incredible are all three of those packages!! Perfect for the Holidays and a gift any Fashionista would love on a budget we all can afford!!

So....What do you guys think about Dazzley box? Don't you just love it? Are you gonna sign up? Come on now....Time for some girl talk, let me know what you think!!