Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Cotton Bunny- November 2012- Monthly Subscription Box for your Period


This the debut box for My Cotton Bunny . My Cotton Bunny is a monthly subscription service that bundles your choice of feminine hygiene products with a few extra goodies to get you through your cycle. So, you have No more getting caught unprepared, It's delivered right to your front door, So there's no more running out to the corner store praying they have your brand then going to pay and getting those akward glares from the check-out clerk hoping he doesn't say something completely stupid!!

This is a premium subscription service tailored for women by women! Get what you need for that time of the month along with specially-selected gifts to help brighten your day!

The Box: My Cotton Bunny

The Cost: $13.75 monthly

The Products: What you need for "that time of the month" along with specially selected gifts

U by Kotex- Value $4

Dagoba Lavender Blueberry Chocolates- Value- $ .55

U by Kotex is my favorite brand and the Chocolate bar is Amazing!!

American Apparel Cami- Value- $14

I love American Apparel clothes. They are super comfy and well made!! I really love the MCB logo! This will be so comfy with a pair of yoga pants or sweatpants during that time of the month! I L-O-V-E that they included this in the box and the cami alone exceeds the cost of the box...How much better can you get!!

Verdict: I LOVE MY COTTON BUNNY!!! First of all, We work so hard taking care of everybody else  (kids, husband etc...) We all to often forget to take care of us...We deserve this! I mean just think how this one little box can totally make "that time of the month" worth it! We are gonna have a period, there is no way around that sista's but Hey....Who say's we can't reward ourselves, make it a little fun and exciting!! I say let's stop making the kids hide and the husband terrified of us during our periods....Let's give ourselves something to actually look forward to and little gift because we have a period....Let's make the boy jealous of us, for a change, because we DO get a period....Lets all sign up for My Cotton Bunny... because girls, WE HAVE EARNED IT!!

Oh....and a little birdie make that a little bunny...told me that December's box is going to be really awesome and you are NOT going to want to miss it!!

So what do you girls think about this one? Are you going to sign up? Come on girls, let me know what you think!!


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