Friday, November 30, 2012

Make-up, Candles, and skincare giveaway

Hey Fashion Bugs....I have a fabulous giveaway for you from a fellow blogger: Abundance Of Erica. She is having a 100 follower giveaway, She has 15 amazing prizes and one lucky winner will win them all!! She has a really fun blog so take a look around while your their!

Giveaway will end on December 10th- See below for the link to enter!

1) LA ROCHE-POSAY THERMAL SPRING WATER: Can be used as a toner and is great for dry skin. It hydrates really well.

2) BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO (ORIGINAL): I've been loving my Batiste lately! This one is a travel size, perfect for you to try out and see if you like it.

3) ST. IVES APRICOT SCRUB: This exfoliator has been my love this past month. It honestly works just as well as my LUSH scrub. But, I know skincare products do not work on everyone, so this is also a travel size for you to try out.

4) NYC BRONZER IN "SUNNY": So everyone and their mother has been raving about this bronzer on the YouTube. It's inexpensive, but I know it's not accessible everywhere in the world so I thought I'd throw it in.

5) MINI BATH & BODY WORKS CANDLE IN "LEAVES": Although this isn't my favorite BBW candle, I know a ton of people love it.

6) MINI BATH & BODY WORKS CANDLE IN "PUMPKIN CARAMEL LATTE": This was my absolute favorite fall candle this season. If you like sweet-tasting coffees, you'll love this!

7) MINI BATH & BODY WORKS CANDLE IN "AUTUMN DAY": This is just an all-around nice-smelling candle. I think it's more widely appreciated, whereas the other two are a little subjective.

8) ARDELL DEMI LASHES: These seem to be the most loved pair of eyelashes in the internet beauty community, so I ordered myself a pair and one for you to try out as well!

9) NYX JUMBO EYE PENCIL IN "FRENCH FRIES": I absolutely adore this eyeliner. It goes on incredibly smooth and the color is a really pretty, shimmery brown. So nice.

10) DELUXE SAMPLE OF LANCOME HYPNOSE MASCARA: I had two samples of this so I thought, why not give one away. We can both try it out together! :)

11) ESSIE NAILPOLISH IN "CHINCHILLY": So I'm kinda jealous that you guys are getting this one, but it's an incredible taupe-grey color for fall & winter. Here is a swatch from Amarixe.

12)  KIKO NAIL POLISH IN "NUDE": I decided to give away the only Kiko nail polish from my trip to Italy that I haven't tried yet. I talk about Kiko polishes in so many NOTDs, I want to give you guys the opportunity to try it out!

13) RIMMEL LONDON LIPSTICK IN "BERRY QUEEN": I swatched this one in the store and thought it was a nice shade :)

14) RIMMEL LONDON LIPSTICK IN "CORAL QUEEN": Personally, I would hesitate to buy myself a coral lipstick, however, I would not mind receiving one to try out for free (in let's say, a giveaway) ;)

15) MAC LIPSTICK IN "REBEL": Last but not least, I wanted to get something a little more luxurious for this giveaway and figured a MAC lipstick would be the best idea. This lipstick has been a universal favorite this season, and I would love to give one of you the opportunity to try it. Here is a YouTube tutorial to give you an idea of how the lipstick would look.

OH, and the winner will receive all these prizes in a cute Lancome makeup bag! And I'll probably throw in some samples because I have way too many to use myself :)

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