Friday, November 23, 2012

Goat Milk Soap Review/Giveaway

Goat Milk Stuff LLC

I have been trying to add more natural, eco-friendly products into my daily routine. I have been doing alot of research lately into the type of products that would be good for my skina nd good for the enviroment. That brought me to learning more about Products containing goat milk. I have tried several products made of goat milk in the past and was pleased with the results, so when I learned about Goat Milk Stuff, I knew I had to try it. I was recently lucky enough to get to review some of their goat milk bar soaps. First of all, When I logged onto the Goat Milk Stuff site to pick the scents I wanted to try, I ended up staying on the site for about an hour. This is a family owned business, owned and operated by the Jonas family. Here is a picture of them:

There is Jim (husband) PJ (wife) and the Jonas 8 (the kids). They are all involved in some aspect of the business, from milking the goats the filling the orders. There are tons of pictures and videos on the site showing the family in action as well as the goats. It really makes you feel good about doing business with Goat Milk Stuff. They let you look into their lives, It's almost like you become an exstended part of their family. The treatment the goats receive are amazing! All the kids have their own blogs on the page to share theis experiences as well as Jim and PJ. They just lure you in their hospitality and make you want ot be part of it all not to mention the incredible quality of the products!

I was really excited to try this soap out. I must admit I have never liked bar soap, I have always found it to dry my skin out. I have always been more partial to body wash but after seeing the hundreds of amazing reviews I was ready to give the bar soap another shot. Of course, this isn't just any bar soap. It is made with only natural fats an oils that produce a long lasting, moisturizing bar. The colors are all natural too, never from dyes or synthetic colors and they only use high quality essential or fragrance oils to scent the goat milk soaps.

I decided to go with Luv SpellOMH Scrub, and of course Lavender soap. I was so shocked at how super fast the shipping was...When the mail man brought my package to the door, He said" I don't know what you have in this one but it has my whole jeep smelling so good" I couldn't wait to get into it and OMG!! You could immediately smell the heavenly scents coming from these soaps. The scents are not overpowering or artificial. Here is a picture of what I got:

As you can see they use these 4x6 cotton bags instead of plastic to package the soaps as they are better for the planet and they help the soap breath. The soaps come in three different sizes-  Regular bar, half bar and travel size. The regular bar is extremely generous and the half bar is probably about the same size of a traditional bar of soap.

This is the first one I tried. This is Luv Spell, It is their version of Victoria Secret's Love Spell. I love the scent it is amazing and smells just like Victoria Secrets but the version of Goat Milk Stuff is much, much better! The scent last all day..Oh, and this is like no other bar soap I have ever used! My skin felt so moisturized, I didn't even have to use lotion and it didn't leave that yucky film that most bar soaps leave.

***This is a full size bar 4.5-5.5 oz ( $6 )

This was the second one I used, It is OMH Scrub, It has a warm, sweet and comforting scent. t is made with rolled oats..hence the scrub part, and it is excellent for exfoliating! My skin felt so refreshed and energized after using this one! I do believe this one is my favorite so far, although that is very hard to say because they are all soooo good! I don't think you could go wrong with any of them!! The scent of this one reminds me of  the warm vanilla sugar scent from bath and body works but better. These scents are very long lasting. I can't wait to try the lotion bar from Goat Milk Stuff, I can only imagine how amazing these products work together!!

*** This is a half bar 2-3 oz ( $ 3.70 )

Finally this is the last one I tried. This is the Lavender. Anyone that knows me knows I love the scent of Lavender and this one was probably the best lavender scent I have ever smelled before! It wasn't as loud as alot of them are, it was more of a natural lavender scent. It is amazing. Lavender is known to be very calming and relaxing and has been a very useful tool for many to help with difficulty sleeping, anxiety, stree, nervous tension, emotional stress and even mild cases of depression. The relaxing componets of Lavender oil are known to possibly alleviate the all too common tension headache so many of us are familiar with, also Chest and sinus congestion can also be relieved with steam therapy using Lavender Essential oil. Lavender oil may also help alleviate acne, psoriasis, skin inflammations, and even wrinkles. I have a hard time sleeping, it has been along time battle for me and I don't like nor do I want to take meds to make me sleep so I have found that lavender works wonders. I use lavender scented lotion, armotheraphy with lavender scented oils at night and I even put a satchet with the scent inside my pillow case. I sleep like a baby and it is so relaxing!

*** This is a half bar- 2-3 oz ( $3.70 )

Verdict: I love Goat Milk Stuff, I am sold on their bar soaps  and will never used anything else. They moisturized my skin better than any bodywash I have ever used and I have tried many! The scents last longer than any other's I have ever tried. I hope they come out with a solid perfume soon!! They do have many other items I am dying to try too, some of which are: Sugar ScrubsBath BombsLotion, and Soy Candles just to name a few! However there are many other item that I know you guys will love they even have Laundry Soap and  a Dog Bar. Yes, they even have a bar for your dog...It has received rave reviews and alot of people, after using this on there dog, have no longer had to use flea sprays or treatments. It has natural oils that work as natural insect and flea repellents! I am defintely getting this for my little fur baby!!

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  1. Now this sounds like something exciting to try! As you know, us Floridians have lots of exposure to sun, along with other harmful elements. Out skin is always in need of help from as many good products as we can get our hands a hold of. I'll be watching for this one. Thanks for the info on this product. Natural products are so much better for us and the environment. Great Job Amanda!