Monday, December 31, 2012

Amazing Deal with ELF Cosmetics!!

This brush set sells for $30 and is an awesome brush set! I have this one! ELF cosmetics are very high quality products that fits every fashionista's budget...Some of my favorite products are from ELF...You'll be amazed at how much stuff you can get fro $20.13 and that's all you have to spend to get this amazing brush set for $2.13...That's right! only $2.13 for a $30 brush set BUT you have to hurry because this deal will expire on 1/7/13....Just click on the link below!!

New Year Resolution Surprise Giveaway!!

Tell me what your New Years Resolution is for 2013, This is a surprise giveaway! The prize will not be announced until the giveaway is over....The rules are: You MUST be following The Fashion Bug In Florida through Google Friend Connect, which you will see on the left side bar! That gets you 1 entry and that one is mandatory!! You can follow me through Networked Blogs, which you can find on the left sidebar, That will get you a 2nd entry into the giveaway and finally if you are a fan of my Facebook page that will get you a 3rd entry! In the comment section, you should put your resolution, what name you used to follow me through GFC....If you decide to go for the other 2 entries than also put that you are following through Networked Blogs and the name you used as well as if you liked my facebook page and the name you used there! These will be verified so please, If you say you done it...Make sure you did! Stay tuned for more fun giveaways coming your way!! Thank You and Good luck!!

***This is open to all my fans...regardless where you live!! This giveaway will run until 01/10/13...Then a winner will be picked using on the amount of entries more than one winner may be picked!!

Happy New Year To All Of My Fashion Bug Beauties!!

Birchbox Review- December 2012- Monthly Women's Beauty and Lifestyle Box!!

The Box: Birchbox

The Products: 4-5 Deluxe and Full Size beauty and Lifestyle samples delivered to your door every month!

The Cost: $10 ( includes shipping)

Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo- 1.7 oz- Value- $7

I was happy to see this in my box this month, I have been wanting to try it for a while and I really liked it! My hair was very shiny and soft!

The Balm- Hot Mama Shadow & Blush All-In-One- Value- $10

Mox Botanicals Lip Butter - 0.1 oz- Value- $8

I love The Balm Cosmetics and I have been wanting to try Hot Mama...I was getting so frustrated because month after month I saw others getting it and I never did...but, finally..It was my turn and of course...I love it!! The same thing with the Mox lip butter...Kept seeing everyone else getting it but never me until now that is! I really like it a lot!! I received the Pomegranate & Fig...and it is awesome!!

Cartier Perfume Sample- Value- ?

Cartier cologne sample- Value- ?

Unlike alot of other people I actually enjoy getting fragrance samples. Perfume is very expensive and not everybody can wear the same scent. What might smell good on one person...might not mix well with another's body chemistry. They also are perfect to keep in your case you see a cutie and need a little extra boost of somethin somethin..wink wink.. BUT I DO NOT LIKE GETTING A MANS COLOGNE! I get these boxes for me! Ok...I gave the sample to my dad..he acted like he really appreciated it...being the awesome man he is BUT he probably will never use it! This is about the 5th time I have received a mans cologne...They say it's an "extra" It doesn't count towards your regular box but I really don't see how giving me a sample a clearly can't use is an "extra" for me. Ok..enough...I'll move on! Oh..and The Cartier for women is THE BOMB! L-O-V-E...IT !!

AHAVA Dermud Foot Cream- Value- $ ?

Ok so I was happy when I first saw I would be getting this in my box because I love AHAVA Products and I thought this was suppose to be the 1 oz travel size, which would've been big enough to actually try it out and see If I like it but to my surprise it was this small foil packet...There was only enough to use on ONE foot!! So, One foot seemed really soft and nice while the other remained shot out! Not Happy about this at all...but again...They call this an "extra" and it does not count towards your regular box! Don't understand the point...If they would have included two packets of this I would have been least I would've had enough for both feet!

As you can see I also received a coupon for $50 towards a dress rental at Rent The Runway...I do love the concept however, I won't be using this anytime soon...If any of you guys want it..Just let me know and it's yours!

And lastly they included a cute little gift tag to use...I did like it!

Verdict: I paid $10 and received $25 worth of products! Not a bad value but I would have really like to have seen the AHAVA as the 1 oz travel version rather than this foil packet. However, Birchbox was the first box I ever subscribed to and I do feel a sense of loyalty to them. They have given me some incredible boxes in the past so..I'm not given up on them...I have always been happy with Birchbox but the last few months have not been their best, in my opinion! There were 4 products I really liked, 3 of which I felt were good sizes. I do not like getting samples for men! I buy these boxes for me selfish but thats how I feel!! I do really like the fact that I get points for every product I review that can be used to buy full size products with and I have got some really nice products for free because of them. AND If you look it at like this.. I will get back $6 dollars for reviewing these products so the box is really only costing me $4 and for $4 I received $25 worth of products SO....Thats pretty good...Can't really complain about that!! Overall....I love Birchbox and would Highly recommend it to everyone....I think it is the perfect "Newbie" box for sure! What I mean is if your new to the subscription box world....Birchbox Is a really good one to start with!

So, What did you guys think of this box? Do you subscribe to Birchbox? Are you going to subscribe? Let me know what you think!!

Beauty Army Box Review- December 2012- Women's Monthly Beauty Box!!

I love my Beauty Army boxes! They are a little different than the others. With Beauty Army, You are in control! No hoping you get the samples you want, You get to pick what you want! That's right...YOU CHOOSE! It is very easy to sign up with Beauty Army, All you do is click on any of the links in this post or just click here. Then you enter in a little info, take a very short style quiz and then your selection window appears. You then choose the 8 products you want and then enter your billing info..voila!! Your box is on the way! BUT What if you don't like the products in your selection window? No problem...just keep re-taking the quiz until the products you want pops up. The quiz takes less than 60, no biggie! Another thing I love about Beauty Army is they send the products in these awesome re-usable boxes and they change up the colors of them every month also! L-O-V-E!!

The Box: Beauty Army

The products: 6 deluxe and Full Size beauty products delivered to your door every month!!

The Cost: $12 monthly ( includes shipping )

Not Your Mothers (She's A Tease) Hairspray - 2 oz- Value- $3

Macadamia Deep Repair Mask- 0.5 oz- Value- $2.06

I love all the Macadamia products I've tried in the past so when I saw this I had to pick it and I am so glad I did! I love it! It is a hair mask so it's not something most would want to use daily but I think it would make an amazing once a week treatment! It smells really good and made my hair super soft! Highly recommend it! The Not your Mothers Hairspray in She's a tease rocked my world!! It is made with Apple blossom and Bamboo....The scent is amazing and I loved the results! It held great but without feeling like crunchy know what I mean..right? I mean you could still run your hands through your hair without messing it up and the volume my hair had was  just amazing!! Everyone you should try this!!

Jonathon-Dirt Texturizing Paste- Mini 1.7 oz- Value- $14

Whip Hand-Camo Collection (Limited edition) - Value- $7

I love this hair paste! It lift and separates perfectly! The scent is very nice also and much bigger sample than I thought it would be! Love the Whip Hand loose eye shadow!! This is a limited edition set of 4 colors exclusively for Beauty Army  . They release a new color each month for 4 months....This is my second one and I will be getting the other two! I love it the brand and the colors are incredible! This is "green beret"  It is the perfect green....Perfect for a green smokey eye...very sexy color! Highly pigmented and the application is amazing...Last all day with no need for touch ups! So excited about this one and would love try some of their other products!

Bath and Body Works- Japanese Cherry Blossom- Travel size 3oz- Value $5

Well, It's Bath & Body Works...Need I say more? Probably not, but you know, I will! I LOVE Bath & Body Works so I had to pick this! Last month I picked this in Twilight Woods (Amazing!) This month I had to go with one of my faves...Japanese Cherry Blossom! It smells sooo good! I am dying to try "Forever Red" If any of you guys have tried that one..let me know what you think! another one of my faves is Country Chic...and Warm Vanilla Sugar...( I have a lot of faves!!) They are having their big sale right can score 3 of minis for $10 and full size are Buy 3 get 2 free...Oh yeah! Click Here if you want to check it out!

Mark Hook Up Lip Gloss- Value- $6.50 ( They also included a Hook-up connector)

Ok...I love Mark products and I have a good bit of their products, These hook up products are really can get it in mascara too...Not sure what others beside the mascara and lip gloss but I love it. I already had one of these lip glosses in Pink Crush, the one I got in this box is Blow kisses. I love both of these colors and I love the gloss itself...Not real sticky like a lot of others and they last pretty long! Look at the next picture to see why these hook up products are so cool!

Oh...Yes.. You can hook up any two products you like together! I love it!

Verdict: I paid $12 and received $ 37.56!! The value of the Beauty Army boxes are always very good! I really liked all the products I received and I love being able to pick my own products! Don't get me wrong I do like the surprise factor of the other boxes but If you are already signed up for at least one other box then you get the surprise with that one so it really doesn't matter! If you like being in control of what you get and want to make sure that you are getting the products you really want....This is the box for you! They always have full size and deluxe products also...rarely any foil packets! Another thing I really like about Beauty Army is, If your running a little short one month or don't like the products they have to offer for that month then no problem...You can skip the month anytime you want to and as many time as you want to! Like I said, You have full control with Beauty Army!

So, What did you guys think about the box this month? Do you like Beauty Army? Are you going to sign up? Let me know what you think! Don't forget....You never know which post is a prize, make you to comment on them all!

New Total Beauty Collection Available!!

Hey Chick-a-roos!!  Guess what? There is a New Total Beauty Collection available!! The best part....You can score 30% off right now....YES! That means you get the sample collection for only $10 and that includes shipping but you have to act now because the 30% won't last much longer!

Shop Now: save 30% on Total Beauty Collection

Hurry, They only have limited quantities available!! I love when a new Total Beauty Collection goes on sale and you know I already got mine!

Click here  to get yours now!

Did you get yours? If not, why? Let me know what you guys are thinking!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Beauty Box 5 Review- December 2012- Monthly Women's Box

The Box: Beauty Box 5

The products: 4-5 Deluxe and Full size beauty products delivered to your door every month!

The Cost: $12 monthly ( includes shipping )

MaskerAide Hydrating Facial Mask- Full Size! Value- $4.99

This is the first time I heard of or used this and OMG....It is heaven!! You just take the full sheet mask out of the package, adjust it for your eyes and mouth and then just lay back and relax for about 20 mins...Your face will look amazing...refreshed and renewed! I had the most fabulous glow afterwords and my skin felt so soft! I am definitely getting some more of these...I would like to do it once a week but at least every other week for sure! They have several different kinds of Mask also.

**Use the code "BB5"  by  01/15 and get 20% off your order!

Jean Pierre Exfoliating Facial Cleaning Pads- 16 pads (refill pack) Value- $1.99

This too was a new brand to me, I really like the pads. They do a great job but they are not anything special...The same as all the other facial cleaning pads like this.

Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush- Full size! Value- $12.99

I really like this brush alot!  The quality of it is very nice! Good make-up brushed are essential and definitely make a difference in the application and appearance of your make-up. This is one thing everyone should invest in, a good set of brushes and this is actually the second brush I have in this brand. I have the concealer brush from Everyday Minerals and it is really good! You don't often get make-up brushes in these boxes so I was very happy to this included in my box!

OFRA Cosmetics- 3D Loose Eye Shadow- Full Size! Value- $19

This is also a new brand and I love it! I have never seen another eye shadow like this...It is amazing! It gives a multi color effect from different angles. It gives a 3D effect due to the multi combination of color pearls. I have never used anything like this...I want every color!! It is incredible...seriously, If you love make-up, you need to try this...You will love it! You can use it wet or dry... very rich pigmentation also!!

 Demeter Fragrance Library- Apple Blossom Roll-On Perfume- 0.29 oz- Value- $10

I had heard of Demeter before but never tried it, I like it. I'm not crazy about roll-on perfume but I do like the scent and a little goes along way with this. I think I will use this mostly for when I get out of the shower at night and days when I just want a little scent. They have 300 different scents. They do have it in the spray, I really like the scent so I may get the spray in it.

Verdict: I paid $12 for this box and received $48.97 worth of products! I really enjoy getting my Beauty Box 5 boxes! The cost vs value is always really good and I can always count on Beauty Box 5 to introduce me to new brands, most of which I really love! I think this box is very understated, you don't hear alot about it like you do BB, Glossy Box, Ipsy etc... but It is an amazing box with awesome products, a good price and incredible value. I am always excited to see whats next in my Beauty Box 5!!

So, What do you guys think of this one? What products do you think you would like the best? Are you going to sign up for this one? Let me know what you think!!

Ipsy ( My Glam) Review- December 2012- Monthly Women's Beauty Box

Ipsy is an awesome box! It is probably my all-time favorite especially when you look at cost vs value and they always include the most desired products and the best colors....not the colors that nobody can or would wear, like some of them do. It's very easy to sign up...You just click Here and then click on the button that says "Subscribe" You will than take a very short beauty quiz so they can learn more about your style, skin tone etc... Then you will enter your payment info and voila....Set back and wait for your awesome bag to arrive...oh yea, your kit includes a different, totally cute, make-up make-up bag every month instead of a card board box you toss in the trash!

The box: Ipsy ( Formally known as My Glam)

The Products- 5-6 Deluxe and Full Size beauty products delivered to your door every month!

The Cost: $10 ( includes shipping)

Mirabella Primer for face and eyes- Full Size! Value- $29

This was the first time I have tried any products from Mirabella and I love it! Looking forward to trying out some more of their products!!

MAI Couture- Deluxe Size (25 sheets) Value- $14

NYX Loose Pearl Eye Shadow- Full Size!! Value- $3

This is the first time I have heard of or used Mai Couture, I wasn't sure how well this highlighter was going to work on paper but WOW!! It is amazing, I actually like it better than applying with a brush. To say I was surprised at how easy it is to apply and how well I liked it is an understatement! They also have blush ( which is their best seller) foundation and many other products...I am very interested in trying some of the other products they carry. As always the NYX Eye shadow is fabulous! I love all their products and like e.l.f. they are super affordable and the quality is amazing!

Be a Bombshell- Lipgloss- Full Size! Value- $14

I was very happy to see a product from Be a Bombshell in this bag, I have received a couple other products in other boxes before and loved them! One of them was an eye liner...It was incredible...I am still using it almost on a daily basis....I am in love with this lip gloss! I love the color, which is "Hot Mess" I'm usually not crazy about reds however this color is awesome! It's not sticky at all, it doesn't bleed and it's long lasting!

Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil- Deluxe 0.03(Full size is 0.04) Value- $14.25

I love Urban Decay products and this eyeliner is no exception!! It is so creamy and silky, it last all day and does not smudge....Everybody needs at least one of these eye liner pencils...I mean it should be a requirement.... Really!! It's that good! The color I received it "Zero" it's black but I want them all! They have a set that comes with six of the best colors for only $38...That's awesome! and just a little heads up....the Deluxe Shadow Box is on sale for $19.....better jump on that before there all gone and if you place an order before the 31st you get a awesome goodie bag with three amazing products included...No matter how much you spend and the free shipping starts at $35 instead of $50 right now so they have all kinds of awesomeness going on right now!!

Urban Decay Naked Skin BB Cream, this was not in everyone's bag. This was a special gift that was included in the most active Ipsters bag....So I got one...Yay for me! This will not be available until January 8th 2013, exclusively online. I was very excited to get to try this out and it is FABULOUS!! I like BB creams and have tried a few different ones but this is definitely my all time favorite!! I can't wait to buy it when it comes out and I highly recommend this to everybody regardless of your skin tone, complexion or anything else....This is definitely one of those products that will work for everybody!!


Verdict: I paid $10 for this box and received $74.25 worth of products, not including the value for the make-up bag or the Urban Decay BB Cream. As always, I loved this bag! The quality of the products they included are always higher end and the value vs cost is incredible! Ipsy  (unlike Birchbox lately) knows what "Deluxe Samples" mean. They always include full size and/or Deluxe samples...You never get those freaking foil packets with Ipsy but it seems like here lately anyways, that Birchbox has forgot what Deluxe samples are...They put these little foil packets, that you can get from anywhere for free, in the box. You  may get 1 or 2 actual deluxe size but very seldom do you ever get a full size! They say all their samples are deluxe but then when you question them they come back with....well, everyone has their own interpretation of what "deluxe samples" are .... ummm...hello, are you kidding me?!?! Anyways.... You never have that problem with Ipsy! If I could only keep one of my boxes, This one would definitely be it!! 

So....What do you guys think about this one? Are you going to sign up or are you already signed up? If your already getting this one...tell me what you  think about it, Are you loving it as much as I am? Let me know what you all think!

Starbox by Starlook's Review- December 2012- Monthly Women's Beauty Box

First, a little recap about Starlook's Starbox. Starlook's is a line of professional make-up used by a lot of Professional Make-up Artist and was created by a Professional Make-up Artist. The quality of these cosmetics are unsurpassed, they are incredible! These cosmetics are by far, some of my favorites! Starlooks created the Starbox, which is a monthly subscription box that contains 3-4 full size products every month that are delivered to your door. This way you can quickly obtain the whole collection and save hundreds of dollar's while doing so. I love this box and it quickly became one of my favorites! You can check out some of my prior reviews by searching "Starlooks" on my blog or click Here to see Novembers review. So, without further ado....

The box: Starbox

The Products: 3-4 full size Cosmetic products delivered to your door every month!

The Cost: $15 monthly + 1.98 for shipping

I was really excited to get the December box, I knew it was going to be special! They already informed us that there would only be 1 product in the December box but that it's value was $99 so I had a good idea what  it was going to be and I have been wanting it so bad!! we go!

15 Shade Eye Shadow - Full Size- Value $99

They have 8 color combination's you can choose from. I really like this one though because I am trying to experiment more with the brighter colors and get out of my comfort zone some. These are highly pigmented, very blend-able and build-able...goes on smooth and last all day! The picture really doesn't do them justice but you can get a good idea from them. I love Starlooks make-up!! The quality of these are just amazing...especially for $!!

 As you can see each of the five colors across the top has three variations of that color going down under each color....I love it!!

Verdict- I paid $15 and received $99 worth of products. The value vs cost is amazing and so are their products!! This is my 3rd box from Starlooks, Starbox and I have been absolutely in love with them all! The quality of this make-up is outstanding and as good, if not better, than any I have tried! I urge all my make-up lovers to just try one box...I promise you will be hooked and if you don't love it as much as I do you can cancel it anytime and I will buy your box from you ( provided it's not used, I know you have to try it but you should be able to tell after one use if you love it or not and of course, I can't buy used lipstick but anything else that I can use my own make-up brushes with, I will buy from you) So, You have NOTHING to lose!! Try it out, You will not regret it!!

What do you guys think about Starbox? Did you like the December box? Are you thinking about signing up? Let me know!! Remember....You never know when your comment could win you an awesome prize!

Friday, December 28, 2012

6 super-weird beauty tricks that work wonders!!

I stumbled upon an awesome blog, The Beauty Gypsy! She was previously a beauty editor for Cosmo, Marie Claire, Vogue etc...Now she's decided to write her own blog, Dishing about the best kept "secret'"  beauty tips from the celebs.... Now we can all look like we were made for the "Big Screen" !!

pepto, pepto-bismol, flax seed oil, visine, acne, pores, beauty, skin, weird, lashes, bath, makeup
(Have you ever tried a Pepto Facial ?  Just click the link below and The Beauty Gypsy will tell you how!) 

These are amazing tips and super easy as well as extremely inexpensive! For example,  Did you know you can boost your lashes by simply using flax seed oil? or Erase acne with visine? or even get rid of all that excess water weight using Apple cider?.....Just click on the link below to find out the simple tricks to alleviate these problems and other's that we all commonly fight against!

pepto, pepto-bismol, flax seed oil, visine, acne, pores, beauty, skin, weird, lashes, bath, makeup
(Ever heard of taking a hot bubble bath AFTER applying your make-up? Click on the link below to find out why all the celebs do it!!)

6 super-weird beauty tricks that work wonders

 After you check out these awesome tips, come back and let me know what you think about them and If you plan on trying any of them out for yourself. Maybe you have some of your own tips....Comment below about them so we can all try them out!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ditsies Review- December 2012- Monthly Women's Luxury Underwear box

I first mentioned this new Kid on the block last month. I will do a little recap then on with the review! So, What is Ditsie's and why are they taking the underwear world by storm?  Ditsies is a luxury underwear club, tailored to your taste and delivered for only $12 month a month. These are quality undies that would normally run you $36 + a pair but because Ditsies  cut out the middle man and the retail stores they are able to price these quality underwear so that they fit in every fashionistas budget! It is super easy to get started, there are 5 easy steps...First Go Here and click on "Get started" #1 Select your cut #2 Select your size #3 Select your colors ( you can go with classics, brights, mix it up etc...) #4 Choose your charity ( Yes, 10% of the proceeds go to the charity you choose...How awesome is that?!?!) #5 Create your acct and pay...That's it! Then sit back, relax and let Ditsies Rock your underworld! Ok....Now on to the review!

This box: Ditsies

The Cost: $12 monthly ( includes shipping )

The Products: 1 Pair of luxurious panties delivered to your door every month!

OK....So, How cute is this packaging?!?!  I love when a company puts a little extra thought and care in the packaging, It just makes it more exciting! The cute bags they come in are reusable.. my wheels are already turning...I was thinking they would make perfect goodie bags for Valentines Day!

Now....Drum Roll Please.........

 Oh Yea....Sexy mama! I love these and trust me, you can immediately feel the quality! They are super soft and comfortable...I love them and they fit perfectly!! I opted for the choose to "mix it up" because I always go for the classic colors when I shop for these and I thought this would be a really good way to...well...Mix it up! I really like this color. Victoria Secret doesn't have anything on Ditsies, matter of fact most of my undies come from VS and the sexy lace ones I have from there are not any where near as comfortable as these. I am very happy with these, I can't find one thing negative to say ..Oh, and did I mention that these are made right the good ole US of A!!  Ditsies definitely hit a home run!!

Verdict: I love Ditsies!! These are the most comfortable pair of panties I have worn in a long time...Maybe ever! The quality is impeccable, they are very sexy and luxurious but most importantly they are super comfortable and extremely affordable! Ditsies may be the new kid on the block but with quality, value and their stellar customer service...They are definitely here to stay!!  

Make sure you guys like them on Facebook Here and Follow them on Twitter Here so you can be the first to know of their promos, contest, giveaways, specials, etc...

OK...So what do you guys think about this one? Are you going to sign up? Come on let me know what you think!

Lip Factory Inc. Review- December 2012- Monthly Women's Beauty Box

Ok girls, I posted a new box alert back in November on Lip Factory Inc. , I told you at that time that it wasn't actually a brand new box but that I had never heard of it. I was very excited about the reviews I read and pictures of previous month's boxes and told you guys I would have a review very soon....So, guess what? Yes mam' I received the awesome December box and I am in L-O-V-E!! Ok...I know, you want me to shut up and show you the pics already...Well, here we go....

The Box: Lip Factory Inc.

The Products: up to 10 deluxe and full size samples of beauty products with a focus on lips delivered to your door every month! Also, there will be surprise products included in some or all boxes!

The Cost: $22 monthly (shipping to U.S. , Canada & Puerto Rico included in monthly price)

Lip Factory bag with clip, Nail file/buffer and Compact mirror.- Value-$ ?

I thought this was a very nice gift that was included in the Dec. box! All 3 pieces are made of good quality and will fit in your handbag or you can clip it on the outside of your handbag...I love it!!

L'Oreal Hip Eye Shadow Duo- Full Size! Value- $8.49

Ada Lip Gloss Pot-  Full Size! Value- $7.45

I have the L'Oreal Hip Eye Shadow Duo in a different color combo and love it so I was very happy to see this in the box and I love this color combo....Perfect for a purple smokey eye! I also have a loose mineral eye shadow from Ada Cosmetics, which I received from another box and love it very much...So, again I was very happy to see this in the box...This is their best selling color as well which I really like. A lot of boxes out there will throw some color in that nobody would wear so for them to include the number 1 best seller, I thought was pretty cool and I really like the color!

Fashion Fair Lipstick- Full Size! Value- $14.50

Victoria Secret Shiny Kiss Flavored Gloss- Full Size! Value- $9

I had never heard of Fashion Fair Cosmetics until I received the lipstick in this box. I love discovering new brands and this one did not disappoint! I really love the quality of this lipstick and the color is very nice! So, who doesn't love VS, whether it's their lingerie, perfume, lotions, hair care products or make-up...Right? I was happy to see this lip gloss in the box...I have had many of their lip glosses and love them! The last one I bought is just about empty so this arrived just in time!

Befine Food Skin Care Exfoliating Cleanser Packette - 1 Full Size Packette- Value $2

Avon Glaze Wear Lip Gloss- Sample Size (1 use)- Value- ?

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer- .053 oz- Value- ?

I love Befine Skincare products so I was very happy to see this in this box. This exfoliating cleanser was amazing!! My skin feels so soft and glowed when I got done using this. I am going to buy several packs and use this as weekly treatment. The other two...I usually don't like to see tiny sample packets, However There are a lot of full size and deluxe samples so it didn't bother me at all for them to throw these in and I have been wanting to try the Smashbox primer and it is awesome...definitely going to buy a full size bottle and the Avon Lip gloss was big enough for at least one use and I think I can probably get about 3 out of it. I had never tried this lip gloss before and ended up really liking it so I was happy to have these and I do feel like they added some value to the box!

Essie Nail Polish- Full Size! Value- $8

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss- Full Size! Value- $5.50

On the card it showed that you would either receive Essie or Urban Decay Nail Polish. I love Essie Nail Polish and I am absolutely in love with this color!! I would've liked to have tried the Urban Decay Nail polish, I have tried many Urban Decay products and love them all but I have never tried the polish before...However, I am not disappointed at all and this color Of Essie is in Peoples Magazine as the color of the season....So, again they included a top shelf color in this box...I really love that! I have never received a product from NYX that I didn't love, so I was very happy to see this included in my box and I love the color!

Glo Minerals Powder Foundation- Deluxe Mini Pressed Base- Value- $10.50

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Lip Gloss- Deluxe Sample- Value- $4.50

I have not tried the pressed foundation yet from Glo Minerals however, when I went on their site to look up the info on this there was a lot of incredible reviews on it so I can't wait to try it out... I have used other products from Glo Minerals, so I know the quality is outstanding and the other products were amazing! I love every product I have ever tried from Smashbox so I was very happy to get this lip gloss. I am in love with it...It's not sticky at all like most lip glosses and it doesn't bleed, glides on well, very smooth and makes my lips look Fabulous!

La Fresh Make Up Remover Wipes- 1 pack- Value- $.50

Korres Mascara- Deluxe Travel Size- Value- Value $9

I love all the La Fresh Products and they have so many different types of wipes/cloths, it's amazing! They even carry all different kinds for your pets. I love Korres and had never tried the Mascara so I was very glad to get this. The Mascara is amazing!! Highly recommend everyone try this mascara!!

Verdict: The cost of this box is $22 and I received $79.44 worth of products! ( I didn't add anything for the value of the Bag with the nail file & compact mirror, it's worth a minimum of $5 so if you add that your looking at a value of $84.44) I am absolutely in L-O-V-E with this box!! I think it's a wonderful mix of products and the cost vs value is exceptional! This box was a mix of some of their favorite products from this  year but their regular monthly boxes are curated with how to's and instructions....I hope to have a review of the January Box to show you guys also....I really can't say enough good about the Lip Factory box....I am so glad I found it and I am dying to see what's next! This is definitely my favorite new find in a long time!

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