Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Goodies Co. Box Review- November 2012- Monthly Taster's Box

This Is The Goodies Co. debut box. This is actually a new subscription box from wal-mart. The goodies Co is packed with high quality goodies every month.  This is a fun and exciting way to discover new foods and snacks that you other wise may have ever never found anywhere else. The prices for the full size items are super affordable and the monthly price for the subscription is absolutely amazing!!

The Box: The Goodies Co.

The Cost- $7 monthly (includes shipping) the price will increase but if you subscribe now while it is in beta, you will lock in the $7 for as long as you are a subscriber

The Products- 5-8 healthy food products from healthy, organic, artisan,  and international brands

Bobby Sue's Nuts- 1 oz- Value $1.50

Alter Ego Dark Quinoa Bar- Full Size! Value- $4

The Bobby Sue nuts were amazing! I am ordering a big Jar of these..Highly recommend! The Chocolate bar was pretty good however I am a milk chocolate kinda girl but this was very good to be dark chocolate!

Oogie's Gourmet Popcorn White Cheddar- 1 oz- Value- $ 1

OMG....These are so good. They do not have that artificial or stale taste like a lot of the bag popcorn like this does...This was the best I have ever tasted and sooo wanted more after I ate them all!

Lotus Bakeries Smooth Biscoff Spread- 0.7 oz- Value $ .50

Bigelow Pumpkin Spice Tea- 1 tea bag- Value- $ .20

The Biscoff spread is a wonderful, healthy, great tasting alternative to peanut butter! I had it on some toast and really liked it! The Pumpkin tea was surprisingly good...It's not one I could drink all the time but it is a vary good seasonal treat, especially on a cold night!

American Vintage Wine Biscuits ( White Wine, Shallot & Cayenne)- Value- $2.75

Flourless Bliss Chocolate Souffle Mix- Value- $ 2.75

The American Wine crackers were really good...I treated myself one night and bought a bottle of wine and a few different types of cheese spreads and loved it..These would be an incredible add to a cocktail party/Holiday Party! The Flourless Souffle I must admit I was a little scared to taste. I assumed it wouldn't really taste all that good but I was pleasantly surprised! It is actually really good!

This Goodies Co. Farmer's  Market Tote was a special gift included for the 1st subscribers. It is made from 100% Organic Cotton, It is very thick and very well made. I have seem other totes of this same quality cost as much as $20. I really like this and definitely think it adds a lot of value to this box! I was very happy to have received it.

I paid $7 for this box and received $ 12.70 + the farmers market tote which is at the very least worth $5 so this box was a total value of $17.70. I am very happy with the value of the items I received but most importantly to me, I discovered several new foods that I absolutely love and they are all healthy alternatives, so that added a lot more value to me. This is the best food box I have ever received and the value far exceeds the $7 It cost monthly. I would highly recommend this one to everyone, not only does the monthly cost fit everyone's budget but the full size price's of the items included are super affordable!! I love it and can't wait to see what the December box will bring!!

What do you think of this one? Is this one you are going t sign up for? Let me now what you think!

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