Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ditsies Review- December 2012- Monthly Women's Luxury Underwear box

I first mentioned this new Kid on the block last month. I will do a little recap then on with the review! So, What is Ditsie's and why are they taking the underwear world by storm?  Ditsies is a luxury underwear club, tailored to your taste and delivered for only $12 month a month. These are quality undies that would normally run you $36 + a pair but because Ditsies  cut out the middle man and the retail stores they are able to price these quality underwear so that they fit in every fashionistas budget! It is super easy to get started, there are 5 easy steps...First Go Here and click on "Get started" #1 Select your cut #2 Select your size #3 Select your colors ( you can go with classics, brights, mix it up etc...) #4 Choose your charity ( Yes, 10% of the proceeds go to the charity you choose...How awesome is that?!?!) #5 Create your acct and pay...That's it! Then sit back, relax and let Ditsies Rock your underworld! Ok....Now on to the review!

This box: Ditsies

The Cost: $12 monthly ( includes shipping )

The Products: 1 Pair of luxurious panties delivered to your door every month!

OK....So, How cute is this packaging?!?!  I love when a company puts a little extra thought and care in the packaging, It just makes it more exciting! The cute bags they come in are reusable.. my wheels are already turning...I was thinking they would make perfect goodie bags for Valentines Day!

Now....Drum Roll Please.........

 Oh Yea....Sexy mama! I love these and trust me, you can immediately feel the quality! They are super soft and comfortable...I love them and they fit perfectly!! I opted for the choose to "mix it up" because I always go for the classic colors when I shop for these and I thought this would be a really good way to...well...Mix it up! I really like this color. Victoria Secret doesn't have anything on Ditsies, matter of fact most of my undies come from VS and the sexy lace ones I have from there are not any where near as comfortable as these. I am very happy with these, I can't find one thing negative to say ..Oh, and did I mention that these are made right the good ole US of A!!  Ditsies definitely hit a home run!!

Verdict: I love Ditsies!! These are the most comfortable pair of panties I have worn in a long time...Maybe ever! The quality is impeccable, they are very sexy and luxurious but most importantly they are super comfortable and extremely affordable! Ditsies may be the new kid on the block but with quality, value and their stellar customer service...They are definitely here to stay!!  

Make sure you guys like them on Facebook Here and Follow them on Twitter Here so you can be the first to know of their promos, contest, giveaways, specials, etc...

OK...So what do you guys think about this one? Are you going to sign up? Come on let me know what you think!


  1. Very interesting. Still not one hundred percent on if I would be willing to be sent one pair as month. But maybe who knows! Very interesting though would've never know about them if out was not for your blog!

  2. Interesting! I may just have to try it.

  3. Oh, I would loooove a red, purple und black pair! But wouldn't be able to afford. :3

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