Sunday, December 23, 2012

Active Accessories On-The-Go Hairbands Review/Giveaway

Hello Fashion Bugs! I have another wonderful product for you from Active Accessories, The innovative company that brought you the On-Go-Accessory Pouch , Which just do happens to be one of the best new products I have found in a long time! Designed for people of all ages who are always "On-the-go" It was designed to fill the reoccurring need of a "fun and athletic looking" accessory holder to put jewelry in when going from work to the gym or running outside. Never lose an earring again! However there are many great uses for it, as can be seen in my previous review as well as more info. Click here to read my review on the On-the-go Accessory pouch. Here is a little picture to refresh your memory:

 Active Accessories On-The-Go Accessory Pouch

OK....Now on to the On-The-Go Hairbands....

My hair is very long, down to my waist. I love long hair but it can be very frustrating at times, especially if your doing anything active or with me living in the south it gets very hot and in the summer it is a must to wear your hair up off your neck. Now, we all remember the days of the hair scrunchy. Easy to wear, enough styles to match any outfit and they slid comfortably on your wrist between wearings. However, as style evolved our beloved scrunchy became a fashion "Don't" creating the need for a new breed of hair accessories. The elastic bands tug on your hair, cause headaches and leave dents in your hair when you take it down But these awesome hair bands have changed all that....

On-The-Go Hair Bands- ( 6 included in the package)- price $ 9.99

The On-The-Go Hair Bands are ponybands made of elastic trim. They stretch to support any hairstyle, yet are slim and sleek enough to wear on your wrist when you want to let your hair down. On-The-Go Hair Bands  are available in a variety of colors and patterns to compliment any style and with the price at only $9.99 for a package of six, you can get all 5 sets and have a color to match any outfit, any time! Girls young and old will also love wearing these as bracelets!

Most of you guys know of another brand that carries the same type of Hair bands but trust me....They are not created equal. I bought some of the other ones before finding out about the On-The-Go brand and I was very disappointed in the quality....

In this picture the one on the left is the other brand and on the right the On-The-Go band. You may first notice that the one on the left is a bit smaller but most importantly, if you look closely at the one on the left the edges are frayed where the one on the right ( On-The-Go band) is not, it has a clean smooth edge. I mean the "other brand" already comes frayed and after just a couple uses it looks so bad you have to just throw it away and the "other brand" cost twice as much, at $11 for just 3 hairbands. Also, the "other brand" (on the left) loses it's shape after just a couple uses where the On-The-Go brand does not!  I have been wearing the same On-The-Go hairband everyday for a week now and it has not frayed at all nor has it lost it's shape! It leaves no dent at all in my hair and although I have long hair, it's rather thin and fine so it's hard to find hair ties, bands etc... that will keep my hair up with falling but with the On-The-Go Hairbands I don't have that problem anymore!

  Here is a close up to better show you the difference. On the left you see the brand new, never worn "other brand"  end is frayed where the On-The-Go Hairband has no fraying at all after wearing for a week!

You can click Here now to buy a set ( or 2 or 3) for yourself! Also, Like their facebook page here and follow them on twitter Here to keep up with all their promos, contest and specials.

Active Accessories has generously offered up a pack of these awesome hairbands to one of my lucky readers...Just follow the directions on the rafflecopter below to enter! ***This giveaway is for US only! Sorry international fans....I have some awesome giveaways coming up for you guys....So, stay tuned!

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  1. I like the ones in your picture, on their site from what I saw, I love their polka dots set! :D

  2. I'd like to win the pouch! It's super cute!

  3. I would love to try the On The Go Hairbands!! I was sent one in a Birchbox recently, and I loved it....for the day or so that it held its shape. My hair is super long as well, and I can get headaches from ponytails. The "other" hairband felt nice, and it held my hair securely, but it stretched out in less than a day. Thank you for this giveaway!!

  4. These would be so cool to win. My daughter's hair is so thick and long, a normal scrunchie or pony tail holder won't hold her hair. This would be great for her. I love them too. My hair is long too, about mid back. My daughter's is past her rear end, where she sits on it. These are really pretty too. Thanks for introducing us to a cool product. Oh, Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Amanda!

  5. I love the elegant set! They are the perfect colors and patterns :) The other sets are adorable too, but I can see the elegant set being worn more often :)

  6. I like all of them. Doesn't matter :) Thank you for the chance to win some. :)

  7. I have four daughters and that would work amazing and be fun for them