Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Box Alert!! Kona Kase- Healthy Snacks, Supplements, and Fitness Subscription boxes

The Kona Kase is a monthly health and Fitness box. It appears as though this one has been out for a couple of months but I just discovered it. Once you sign up you will receive 8-10 premium endurance and nutrition samples delivered to your door every month for only $15 a month, which includes shipping. You do not have the option to skip a month with this box but you can cancel at anytime!

There is a very good special going on right now, You can score your first box at 50% off !! Just click Here sign up and enter the promo code "KKDEC" at checkout.

So, What do you guys think about this one? Are you gonna get in on the special promo deal? If you don't like it, you can cancel after the first box so you don't have anything to lose! I am hoping to have a review on this one for you guys soon! Let me know what you think about this one!

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