Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SquareHue Review- December 2012- Monthly Nail Polish box.

I told you guys about a brand new monthly nail polish box on the scene a couple of weeks ago, Squarehue. Well, guess what? Yes! I have their debut box to show you. Although it is too late to get the December box they are now taking orders for the January box. However, You don't want to wait to sign up because right now,  if you sign up Here you can still lock in the special holiday price, $14.99 for the life of your subscription.  This Holiday pricing will come to an end on December 8th and the regular monthly subscription price will be $21. Both the holiday and regular price includes shipping, Please go sign up before the 8th because I promise you are going to L-O-V-E this box and who wants to miss out on substantial savings like that? Not me, and I know my Fashion bugs don't either! OK...First let me tell you a little about these fabulous polishes and then we will move on to the fun stuff...Pictures!!  Squarehue nail polishes are all "3-free" Clean formula, Does not contain DBP, Formaldehyde, or Toluene. For an extra clean polish there is no Camphor either! They do not test on animals and are proudly made in the good ole U S of A!!  The really cool part is with every box sold, a portion of the proceeds go to help organizations that are deep in the trenches assisting and caring for those hurting and in need, with their current focus on Human Trafficking. So you get marvelous nail polish and SquareHue  gives to organizations dedicated to helping others.... Win-Win for everyone!!

Now, You're probably wanting to know what exactly you'll be getting every month... As a subscriber, You'll receive 3 fabulous pre-selected nail colors delivered monthly. You will enjoy a full size, .50oz bottle of luscious SquareHue Nail Polish. No micro, trial, only-enough-for-nine-finger-nails size! Always fresh colors making it easy for all us fashionistas to stay in season. Say " Goodbye! " to last minute runs to the inconvenience store and " Hello! " to the you're-gonna-love-it-quality of SquareHue . No more being stuck with the same old boring nail color all month long!

Ok..Now, It's time for the fun part.... ***Drum roll please***

The Box: SquareHue

The Cost: $14.99 monthly (inc. shipping) until Dec 8th, It will then be the regular rate of $21 monthly but If you sign up by the 8th, you lock in the holiday price for the life of your subscription!

The Products:  3 pre-selected nail colors delivered to your door monthly

WOW... just looking at the picture of these polishes and even with them still  in the box, you can already tell how amazing they look!! I was so surprised at the quality of these polishes, I'm in complete and everlasting love with SquareHue nail polish! In my initial " new box alert" post I compared SquareHue to Julep. Now, I'm sorry and I know I have a lot of Julep fans here, I have been a Julep fan for a long time myself,  but make no mistake...There is NO comparison between SquareHue and Julep....SquareHue rocks Julep out of the water in many ways!! First of all the size of the bottle is twice that of Julep, The bottle is square as you can see and is a lot more stable and easier to use, The  handles are round and fat and the brush itself is shorter and fat which I love because it is so much easier for me to use, it seems like you have a lot more control. The polish itself is truly amazing!! Very Luxurious formula, They go on very smooth in thin coats and covers evenly. I was also surprised at how fast this polish dries. I really like this polish better than Julep's and it is definitely a much better deal. You get 3 polishes every month, the polishes are twice the size of Julep's and if you break down the price it equals out to $ 4.99 a bottle vs Julep at $14 a bottle.

This is Sugar Plum, There is no pictures that could ever do these polishes justice! This is a very shiny, deep metallicy (I know that isn't a real word but I think you know what I mean) purple with shimmers of silver micro-glitter....It is stunning!! I of course, immediately tested out all the colors very quickly when I took them out of the box and I couldn't believe how shiny and awesome they looked without a topcoat !! (I will have a follow up post wearing all the colors but I wanted to hurry and get this up so you guys wouldn't miss out on the special promo pricing)

OMG...This is the most beautiful gold color I have ever seen....I have never liked wearing gold polish because I could never find the right color... they were all either way to light or way to dark....I could never find that happy medium, until now that is! The name of this beauty is Champagne Toast and I think that is the perfect name for this one...It is so fabulous!!

Now, This is probably my favorite! This is Holly Berry and this picture sucks!!  I wish you guys could see how amazing this is up close and personal, Oh man...I can't really think of the right words to describe this one. It's like a deep, shiny crimson with a hint of a metallic effect to it....It's just the perfect fall/winter color...It is sooo fabulously stunning!

Verdict: I think you guessed it....I am in love with SquareHue! The polishes are amazing, the formula, the quality, the colors, the price...everything about them are incredible!! I mean the regular price at $21 monthly (inc. shipping) is an amazing deal but the special promo price at $14.99 monthly (inc. shipping) is just insane for this kind of quality nail polish! The good things is If you sign up and for some reason you don't like it or you can no longer afford it, you cancel at any time...There is no long term commitment! You can also pause or suspend your account and for this special price I would highly recommend that you sign up now!! You have nothing at all to lose! So click HERE to get started!

Don't forget to follow SquareHue on Facebook Here and Twitter Here so you can be the first to know of all their promo's, specials, contest etc... Also follow their Pinterest boards Here to see tutorials, get ideas and just check out the awesome colors!

So what do you guys think? Are you going to sign up? Are you excited to see a new monthly nail polish box on the scene? Tell me what you think!



  1. Oooooo I am so in for this box! I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award!