Friday, December 14, 2012

My Fabulous Old Navy In-Store sampling party through Crowd Tap

Hello Fashion Bugs,

I did a post last month , Which you can see Here, about some of my favorite sites that I get free, full size products from that everyone can sign up for. One of them was Crowd Tap, which is probably my favorite one. Again you can read more about  Crowd Tap and what they offer in my Nov post Here. I was recently picked for an Old Navy, In-Store sampling party with one friend. This is the second time I have been picked for an Old Navy Party, last time it was for me and 4 friends and we all got to pick out a cardigan, skirt, and scarf! This time it was for their sweater event. So, I got to choose one friend to take with me and we got to try on all the sweaters, take photo's, and then each of us got to pick out one sweater of our choice to keep. It was amazing! First of all, I love Old Navy for many reasons but first and for most the incredible value they offer. Secondly, all of their clothes are stylish, on trend and fashion forward. They have clothes for everyone! Women men, Girl's and Boy's, Toddler girl's, Toddler boy's, babies and they even have an incredible maternity dept.. Also, they have a wonderful plus size dept.exclusively for online shoppers. So you don't have to go to 5 different stores when shopping for the family, they have styles for everybody no matter the age or size! You can't beat the amazing value either, their prices are insane and the quality is unsurpassed!
Last but not least is the customer service at the Old Navy stores. I have lived all over the place and shopped at at least 6 different Old Navy store in 6 different states and I found the same outstanding customer service at then all. The employee's are always very eager to assist you and the super friendly atmosphere definitely makes your shopping experience fun and inviting! This time was no different, everyone was extremely friendly and helpful, which sadly is not the case at a lot of places. Customer service or the lack there of seems to be a problem fro many companies and when people are spending their hard earned money, they want to feel appreciated not like a burden. They all need to take a Que from Old Navy, they seem to know the importance of good customer service and This time was no exception!  Me and my friend found many wonderful styles of sweaters,  in any color you could want! Everything from solids and stripes to Color block and animal print! The easy part was finding many of the sweaters that we wanted, the hard part was having to choose just one! Some of my favorites were:

Women's Patterned Crew-Neck Sweaters Women's Softest Sweater CardisWomen's V-Neck Softest Sweaters

But there are many, many more which you can check out Here. We had a lot of fun and found a lot of really cute styles, fabrics, patterns, and colors. Most of all their stuff are on sale right now, so this is the perfect time to check them out and pick up a few things. I highly recommend Old Navy  to everybody!  Old Navy will fit in any fashionitas budget and there is something to please any and everyone's style! I myself decided to go with the v-neck, Solid black sweater. It is versatile, great for layering, matches everything,  can be dressed up or down, and is flattering for every figure!

Check out Old Navy Here

Sign up for Crowd Tap Here so you can be picked for all these awesome opportunities. They have sampling events available in every brand and you can apply for products to be sent to your home to sample and give feed back as well as in-store opportunities like this one!

Tell me what you think! Do you shop at Old Navy? Do you love them as much as I do? Are you signed up with Crowd Tap? Are you going to sign up with Crowd Tap?

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