Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Box Alert!!! Popbasic...Monthly Women's Clothing and Accessory box!!

New Subscription Box Alert! Popbasic - Women's Monthly Clothing and Accessory Subscription Service

Popbasic is a new kid on the block of the ever popular monthly subscription boxes. Each month Popbasic will launch a micro collection that can be purchased as a parcel ( Which includes one basic and two trend items) Or if you would prefer to,  you can purchase any of the items individually. Popbeauty  is also partnering with US and Australian companies to include a beauty or lifestyle surprise. ( yay..I love surprises...especially beauty surprises!!) The price range of this fabulous new creation will range from $50-$100 for the three items including free shipping for US, Canadian, and Australian customers. Popbeauty's first parcel will be available in December! 

OK Fashionbugs...This is our kind of Subscription box!! I am super excited about this one! I can't wait to see what kind of items will be included. You can go Here to their Facebook page and look at some the amazing jewelry they have pictured....It is mouthwatering! Also, don't forget to like their page while your there and click Here to follow them on twitter so you can keep up with sneak peeks, promos, contest etc... I will keep you posted on when the debut box will be available! I also hope to have a review of the first parcel very soon for you guys....I know you like to see a review first, especially when your talking $50-$100 bucks, So...I am working on it! In the mean time, What do you guys think about Popbasic? Are you as excited as I am? Are you going to sign up? Come on...Time for some girl talk!! Let me know what you think!

*****Oh yeah, almost forgot.... Click Here and enter your email address then share it on FB or Twitter and you will get $10 credit towards your first shipment! 


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