Sunday, December 9, 2012

Candle Voyage Review- November 2012- Monthly Candle Subscription Box

This is my first Candle Voyage Box and I am in love!! Candle Voyage takes you on a fragrant journey to discover unique artisan candles. They carefully select their favorites from hundreds of candles made by hand by passionate small producers across America, and ship their selection to your door. Every month  you will receive a new shipment!

The Box: Candle Voyage

The products: 5 or more hand made artisan candles- at least 3 full size and 2 mini's in every box!

The Cost: $25 + $4.95 shipping  ( there are also several different options available- bi-monthly, quarterly Here to learn about them all ) 

They come beautifully packaged, now I dug around in mine before I took the pictures...I was sooo Also, I thought this was an incredible gesture, One of the candles that was suppose to make it in to the Nov. boxes were seriously delayed due to Hurricane Sandy and didn't make it in time so they went ahead and included the 4 that were ready and to make it up to their customers they also included 2 more full size candles from the Oct. box AND refunded their members $10 from the $25 cost. Talk about going over and beyond for your customers!! I was super impressed by how Candle Voyage handled this is proved to me, No matter what, they do appreciate their customers and will always make sure they are satisfied and taken care of! I love it!!

Jumbo Strawberry Cupcake scented Cupcake candle- Value- $15

OMG...It is amazing how real this candle looks like a cupcake....I swear when I first took it out of the box, I thought it was a real and how wonderful it smells!!  You will NOT find candles like this at wal-mart or any other retailer like that...It is incredible!!

Macintosh Apple Candle- Value- $5.50

Again, This looks just like a real apple and it smells Delicious....Just like a freshly sliced Macintosh Apple!! I love it...and how awesome would this be as a gift for a teacher!!

Aromatherapy "Love" Candle- Value- $13

This is my favorite!! The scent is Amazing!! It is a 100% soy candle!

As you can see it  has a wooden wick, which crackles as it burns...I love it, It sounds like the crackle you hear coming from a fire place...very relaxing!! I want to try several other scents from this shop!!

Set of red and green beeswax candle sticks- Value- $6.50

These are not scented but they are beautifully made and I love them!!

1 set of 2 brandied pear tea light candles- Value- $1

1 set of 2 Mango grapefruit tea light candles- Value- $1

1 set of 2 Maine Balsam tea light candles- Value- 1$

 I was so surprised at how much scent these little tea light candles put off, I lit one in my living room yesterday and it covered the whole room and they smell soooo good!! I used the brandied pear and I think it is probably my favorite. I couldn't find anymore tea light candles in her store so I had to guess the value based on other prices in her store...I definitely will be ordering some full size candles from this store...If that little thing can fill up the whole living room, I can't wait to see what a full size one will do!!

Verdict: The cost of this box is $25 and I received $43 worth of candles, so the value is definitely there!! I discovered several new shops to buy good quality candles at incredibly affordable prices. You get a surprise sent to your door every month and who doesn't love scented candles? I love this box, I highly recommend this one and It's one that everyone would love!! It would also make a wonderful gift for any one!! I love it, there is nothing at all the least bit negative I could say about this one!!

What do you think about Candle Voyage? Are you going to sign up?  Let me know what you think about this one!!

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