Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Glossy Box Review- November 2012- Monthly Beauty Box

Yes....I could not fight the beauty beast anymore! I tried really hard because I already have so many subscriptions but I had a moment of weakness and caved,  Although....I'm really glad I did!!! For those of you that don't know...This is the coveted GlossyBox. It is a monthly beauty box that delivers full size and deluxe, High end beauty samples.  You can review each product in your box and get "Glossy Dots" which can then be cashed in for a free box, every 1000 glossy dots =  free box! You also get glossy dots for referring friends, family etc... to sign up! You don't choose your samples are anything like that, It is a surprise...It's like Christmas every month and it is highly addictive!! I an in love with these monthly subscription boxes. They are a great value, you get a lot than your money's worth and you get try out products before you buy them as well as get introduced to new products and brands you may otherwise have never known or tried. It will come in this nice pink, reusable box every month ( they are some really cool DIY projects for these boxes on Pinterest ...I  will post several of them some time this week)

I love when a company put's that extra effort into the packaging like this, it makes the whole experience more exciting!

The Box: Glossy Box

The Cost: $21 monthly ( inc. shipping)

The Products: 5 or more deluxe and full size beauty products for you to lather, blend, soak, spray, and groom... delivered every month!

Kryolan Blush- Full Size!! - Value $9 (this is a professional make-up brand, the blush was created by Kryolan exclusively for Glossy box)

Illamasqua LTD Eyeliner - Full Size!! - Value- $20

I really like both of these products, the pencil is very smooth and doesn't pull the sensitive skin around your eyes like a lot of them do. Now, when I first saw the color of the eyeliner I thought what in the heck am I gonna do with this but it is actually a really pretty color and a nice alternative to the white pencil used to brighten your eye's and highlight. I really like it!

Incoco Nail Polish Applique- Full Size!! Value- $8

Nume Argan Oil- 0.34 oz- Value- $5

I love the Incoco nail strips, they are made with real nail polish and the color is perfect for fall/winter. You guys know I love Argan oil, I swear by it!! It is the single most important beauty product to me, it's excellent for your skin, hair and nails! This is the first time trying the Nume brand Argan Oil and I really love it!

Epionce Hand Cream- Full Size!! Value- $19

Oatmeal and Honey Loofa Soap- Full Size!!- Value- $8

OMG...I am in love with both of these products!! They were both new to me. The hand cream is amazing! My skin has NEVER been softer. This is the best hand cream I have ever used!! It has a very nice, light citrus like scent. The Loofa soap is the best creation ever!! I highly recommend you all try this one out...I am really at a lost for words ( I know..hard to believe) for how good this soap is and the smell is amazing! ( I am going to reach out to this company and try my best to score a full review and giveaway for you guys..it's that good and I so badly want to guys to experience this...perhaps I can score a discount for you as well...I'll keep you posted!)

Skin & Co Roma
I was not suppose to get this in my box although it was a product being sampled in some boxes this month. There was a card included in the box with a code to get a free sample pack from Skin & Co...I got in on it in enough time but many other's didn't. I really wanted to try this truffle serum badly well, as luck would have it someone offered to trade me this for my sample pack....I don't know why but hey...I felt like the clear winner here since the sample pack was a few foil packs. Anyways, I love this product, it is truly amazing!! They have many other products I am dying to try out also!

ModelCo. Lip Duo with Mirror- Full Size!! Value- $36

I signed up for this box under with a promo code "KISS" (Not sure if it still works...Click on the link in this post or on the right sidebar and enter this code when you check out) which entitles you top a free lipstick, I fully expected it to be a Glossybox branded lipstick that I got for free, not an expensive name brand like this...Imagine my surprise to see this baby was the free gift...I love ModelCo products! They are incredible professional quality beauty products and not cheap by any means....This was the first lip duo I have tried from them and it's awesome! I love that they come with a mirror on them.

Verdict: I LOVE GLOSSY BOX!! I paid $21 and received $105 worth of products!! They are products I can and will use everyday! They introduced me to some new products and all but 1 product was full size...What more can you ask for?!?! Yes, I do believe this will be one of my favorites! This one has been hyped up for so long and I am here to tell you...BELIEVE THE HYPE!!

What do you think about this box and Glossy Box overall? Are you going to sign up? Are you already signed up? Let me know what you think....You never know....this might just be the lucky prize post...So make sure to comment!!!

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