Saturday, December 29, 2012

Starbox by Starlook's Review- December 2012- Monthly Women's Beauty Box

First, a little recap about Starlook's Starbox. Starlook's is a line of professional make-up used by a lot of Professional Make-up Artist and was created by a Professional Make-up Artist. The quality of these cosmetics are unsurpassed, they are incredible! These cosmetics are by far, some of my favorites! Starlooks created the Starbox, which is a monthly subscription box that contains 3-4 full size products every month that are delivered to your door. This way you can quickly obtain the whole collection and save hundreds of dollar's while doing so. I love this box and it quickly became one of my favorites! You can check out some of my prior reviews by searching "Starlooks" on my blog or click Here to see Novembers review. So, without further ado....

The box: Starbox

The Products: 3-4 full size Cosmetic products delivered to your door every month!

The Cost: $15 monthly + 1.98 for shipping

I was really excited to get the December box, I knew it was going to be special! They already informed us that there would only be 1 product in the December box but that it's value was $99 so I had a good idea what  it was going to be and I have been wanting it so bad!! we go!

15 Shade Eye Shadow - Full Size- Value $99

They have 8 color combination's you can choose from. I really like this one though because I am trying to experiment more with the brighter colors and get out of my comfort zone some. These are highly pigmented, very blend-able and build-able...goes on smooth and last all day! The picture really doesn't do them justice but you can get a good idea from them. I love Starlooks make-up!! The quality of these are just amazing...especially for $!!

 As you can see each of the five colors across the top has three variations of that color going down under each color....I love it!!

Verdict- I paid $15 and received $99 worth of products. The value vs cost is amazing and so are their products!! This is my 3rd box from Starlooks, Starbox and I have been absolutely in love with them all! The quality of this make-up is outstanding and as good, if not better, than any I have tried! I urge all my make-up lovers to just try one box...I promise you will be hooked and if you don't love it as much as I do you can cancel it anytime and I will buy your box from you ( provided it's not used, I know you have to try it but you should be able to tell after one use if you love it or not and of course, I can't buy used lipstick but anything else that I can use my own make-up brushes with, I will buy from you) So, You have NOTHING to lose!! Try it out, You will not regret it!!

What do you guys think about Starbox? Did you like the December box? Are you thinking about signing up? Let me know!! Remember....You never know when your comment could win you an awesome prize!

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