Thursday, December 20, 2012

pvBody Affordable Fitness gear delivered Every Month- Freebie and Discount

So, as most of you know I have just begun a sponsored, 90 day weight loss challenge. In my journey to prepare for this I have become aware that I need the right clothes and of course, me being a fashionista at heart they still have to be stylish and fashionable, However I am working with a limited budget and $200 + every month on workout gear just doesn't fit in that budget! The good news...Thanks to pvBody I can still have the $200 + in workout gear every month without the $200 + price tag! Ok...Ok... I know what your thinking... Who Is pvBody and how in the world is that possible? Well, It's simple! First thing first, pvBody is on a mission to forever change the way women buy active wear...Their motto is...Why should you pay $130 + for a pair of yoga pants when it cost a fraction of that to make? Well, you shouldn't and you don't have to anymore!


The process is very easy and simple and you can do it from the comfort of your own home! First, you click Here and complete your style profile which will tell them what your personal preference is...Like are you a runner, do you love the gym, are you a yogi, or maybe your just more into being comfy...What ever your style may be, they have the perfect outfits, just for you! My personal style profile was dead on...I am a fit fashionista...What are you? Click here now to find out...It's fast and free and when you connect with your facebook ( it will direct you to sign in with your facebook at the end) you get a free epic racer back top with your first order...But read on because that's not all your getting...

As you can see, pvBody does the hard work for you. At a super low price every month, you get hand selected pieces created just for you based on your own style profile...Every box is valued at over $150. So what does all this cost? For only $49.99 a month ( your's will be less because your a Fashion Bug In Florida keep reading) you get a personal stylist that hand selects the perfect, name brand, work out gear and delivers it directly to your door and they even cover the shipping! Now the really good news...YOU will NOT pay $49.99 like everybody else will...No, You will get a 20% discount but not just on your first box....on EVERY box!! You will only pay $39.96 for all of this!! To get this amazing discount you must subscribe through one of my links, that is the only way the discount will be applied!

So..Look at the image above and tell me why you would choose anything other than pvBody? Same clothes, same brands, over half the price....Looks like a no brainer to me! Just click Here, take your free style profile, sign up and get a 20% discount on the already crazy low price, get a free tank and get over $150 worth of workout gear delivered every month!! pvBody is not just another clothing company, It's a way of life! Everyone wants to get in shape, stay in shape, and live a healthier lifestyle...There is no better time...You deserve the body of your dreams...Now get it and look great doing to with pvBody!! pvBody has some new, exciting things for you in the coming new year also...Including new Fabulous brands which I will have an exclusive preview of  for you in January!!  Now, to make this already sweet deal even sweeter...Sign up now and get a special surprise package from me...(I will give you a little hint...It includes Julep!!) Just let me know once you get signed up and I will get your surprise package shipped asap!!

Click Here to like and follow them on Facebook and Click Here to follow them on twitter so you can keep up with all their special promos and awesome giveaways...They have an incredible 12 days of giveaways going on right hurry before it's too late!!

So what do you guys think about pvBody? Are you excited to get signed up? Let me know your thoughts, You never know this may be a prize post so make sure to comment because you may be the lucky one!

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