Monday, December 17, 2012

The Look Bag Review- November 2012- Monthly Beauty and Skincare Box

November's Look Bag was very late getting here ( pretty much all the boxes were due to Sandy) and then 2 of my products were missing which The Look bag ( Sarah...The best Customer Service Rep EVER) quickly took care of that and then I have been soooo sick this past week....So, now you all know why this review is so late...Now, on with the show!

The Box- The Look Bag

The products- At least 2 full size and 3 deluxe samples every month

The Cost- $12.95 monthly

Marc Jacobs- Lola- Value- $1.75

Sally Hansen Tweezers-Value- $1

A lot of people hate getting fragrance samples, I love them. It's a good way to test them out on you, I mean you can smell them in the magazines but as we all know they do change depending on your own body chemistry! You need to wear it for a day to tell if it's a good mix with your chemistry plus they are perfect to keep in your purse! The Marc Jacobs, Lola is amazing!

June Jacobs Spa Collection- Green Tea & Cucumber bar- Value- $5

This cleansing body bar smells soooo good!! The minute I opened the Look Bag you could smell it...L-O-V-E it!!

Scarlett and Greene- Value- ?

Pixi Lip & Line color- Value- $18

The Scarlett & Greene package has 3 foil packs in it so I really couldn't put a value on it. Typically, I hate foil packs however, This is a new brand to me, I have never tried it and the samples were good enough for at least one use each. I really liked the samples so I was glad to see this included. It introduced me to a new brand I really like so it did add some value to the bag. Anytime Pixi is included....I'm a very happy girl! Last month they included a full size lip & line primer, this is the lip & line color...I was very happy to see this!

Korres Liquid Lipstick- Red- Value- $22

POP Beauty Eye Magnet-Shade- Value- $14

I love Korres and PopBeauty! all their products are awesome and these two were no exception! ( Wouldn't you know it...These are the two they forgot to put in my bag...but they quickly sent them to me...No problems! They even added a little gift since I had to wait....

Naked Princess Lip Gloss Set- Value- $10

I love the Naked Princess lip Glosses, They plump up your lips amazingly and look fabulous! This little extra gift made the wait worth while!

Verdict- I paid $12.95, I received $61.75 worth of products ( $71.75 including the extra gift for my having to wait on the products that were left out of my bag)  I love The Look Bag!! They have not disappointed me yet! I love all the products they include...I mean a box that has Korres, POPbeauty, and Pixi...Full size and only Cost $12.95...hmmm...Can you say Beauty Heaven!! Each bag from them has left me super excited to see what the next one has to offer, This is what a monthly beauty box is suppose to do...This is what a monthly beauty box is suppose to be!! a box with 5-6 foil samples...NO!! I wish they would all take notes from The Look Bag!!

What do you think? Are you loving The Look Bag? Are you going to sign up? Are you already signed up? Let me know what you think about the November Look Bag!


  1. I didn't get the Pixi!! (and of course I didn't get Naked Princess either....) I think you got a better bag!

  2. email them about not getting the Pixi primer, and maybe u will also get the naked princess, that was the only reason she got the gloss.