Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kara's Way Monthly Subscription Box Is Back!!!

Hello Fashion Bugs, Good news...Kara's Way is back and the November Boxes will be shipping soon!! I went ahead and signed up for this and can't wait, everyone is raving about them being back in action!

Kara's Way is Back! Natural and Organic Beauty and Makeup Subscription Boxes

Kara's Way is back!! Yay, I am so excited!! Kara's Way is a natural beauty subscription box that took a little break but has now returned!! The box is $15 a month and you will receive 5-10 eco friendly deluxe and full size samples every month. They gave a little secret away on Facebook, There will be 2 full size makeup items in the November Box!! Don't wait around on this one though they are flying away and I am sure will sell out!!

What do you think about this one? Did you subscribe to it before? If so, What did you think of it? Are you planning on signing up?

My New Obsession...Sole Society!!!

Oh My....I have fallen in love...Have you guys heard of Sole Society? Have any of you purchased from them yet? They have the most stylish and fashion forward shoes and the best part....They are at prices any Fashionista can afford!! These are the ones I am lusting after right now!!

Maxwell Oh Yeah Baby!!! They have them in black too...Oh I am dying over here!!

They have soooo many more that are causing  me to have heart palpitations!! just go to  Sole Society and if you register (this is not a monthly subscription service but you can register when you order your first pair and receive emails for special sales and promos) enter "SSNEW20" and get $20 off your first pair!! They range from $49-$89 and you will never find any more fashionable shoes anywhere at these prices. So go check them out and let me know which pair is your favorite!!

****Stay tuned I have some really awesome reviews coming up, one being my first Juniper box and It is more than I ever imagined!!

Sparkle and Dash....My new favorite jewelry site!!

Hello Fashion Bugs!! I have a wonderful new favorite find for you guys. Sparkle and Dash Jewelry! I was lucky enough to win a $15 gift certificate to this wonderful online jewelry boutique and I am in love!! First, I was thinking well, What kind of jewelry can I really get for $15....Boy, was I surprised. Their jewelry was stunning and I couldn't believe the prices of these magnificent pieces. I chose a pair of earrings, they were really pretty in the picture but I was totally blown away when I saw them in real life. The pictures did not do these babies justice and the quality is just Amazing!! I could not believe that you could really get wonderful jewelry with the quality of these pieces at that kind of price...It's crazy!! You guys have got to check this site out but before you do let me show you what I got!

These are stunning and there is just No way to take a picture of these beauties and do them justice but I have had sooo many compliments on them already, they are incredible!! I love them!!

You girls need to check this site out, You will fall in love! I have added so many of these items to my Christmas list...Santa is probably going to cut me!!

So, If you want quality jewelry at prices any budget can handle them go to Sparkle and Dash now!!

Check out the green Mermaid earrings and the Meli Coral Bracelet...two of my favorites Oh, and each piece is under $20....Can you believe it?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Starlooks Box Review- October 2012 - Monthly Makeup Subscription Box

Ok, So I know many of you have been looking for a monthly subscription beauty box that is MAKEUP ONLY.....Well, I found it!! It is Amazing!! Here is a little information from their site.

Starlooks believes that licensed makeup artists shouldn't be the only ones with access to high-endaffordable makeup products. We believe every makeup lover is a pro, and deserves a chance to purchase artist quality makeup at pro prices! Shop through an ever-expanding variety of color selections and product choices that are all of M.A.C® quality (or better)! You're guaranteed to be blown away by not only our prices, but also the lasting wear, the vibrance, the creamy and smooth application, and the light-weight feel of all Starlooks makeup products.
Starlooks Makeup Line is entirely *Lead Free, *Emollient Free, and *Cruelty Free.
Let me tell you, This is very "high-end" makeup. You can tell the difference immediately!! When I opened the box and started testing everything out, I couldn't believe you could get this kind of quality for only $15...It is truly amazing!! Oh Yes...You heard me right..only $15 and No, It is not one product, you are going to get 3-4 FULL SIZE products every month!! Ok, so now for the fun part....

The Cost: $15
The Products: 3-4 Full Size High-End Makeup products

Pigment Luster - Full Size!! - Value $12
This is amazing!! The feel of it, The color...It's just incredible!!
Gold Dust

Eye Pencil- Full Size- Value $8

I love this, It is amazing how easy this glides on and the color is beautiful!!


Lip Stick- Full Size- Value $11
This is the most amazing color, It is blood-orange with a hint of orange shimmer and the way it feels is just so awesome!!

Eye Rock- Full Size- Value- $5.99
This was a little surprise included in the box and I think it is awesome!! It is eye tattoos and just perfect for Halloween!!

This is a mystic quartz crystal, They are included in every box . These crystal's attract energy, help maintain focus and are the ultimate symbol of beauty! It states on the card : "We hope you collect them in a glass jar to create a brush holder for your Starlooks Brushes"  How cool is that!
I am telling you guys I can not believe the quality of this makeup and there is NO WAY it should only cost $15. You have got to sign up for this incredible box, This box was provided to me for free to review and give my honest opinion on and I promise I thought I would like it, I mean the way I was thinking is any box with 3-4 full size products is worth$15 and makeup is makeup right? Well, Let me tell you all makeup IS NOT created equal, This is truly Amazing!! I was so surprised by the quality and then the price is just unbelieveable!! I know most of my girls on here love makeup as much as I do and I want you to experience this and see for yourself what I am talking about so I am going to do something I have never done before because I really believe in these products and this incredible value so much and I want my fellow fashionistas to try this with no worries...You go sign up and get your first box, If you do not love this as much as I do....I will buy your box from you!!  That's how amazing this really is, I know you will fall in love as much as I have and I am signing up too!!

Verdict: The cost of the box is $15 and I received $37 worth of products!! I think I have already made it clear how I feel about this but just incase...I LOVE IT!! The products are amazing and the quality is just unreal!! This is a really amazing value!!
What do you guys think? Are any of you already signed up? Are you going to go sign up? If you do sign up for this box I would appreciate it if you let them know that I sent you!! Thanks!

New Subscription Box Alert!!! JuliBox....

JuliBox....A Cocktail Party in a Box!!

New Subscription Box Alert - Julibox! A Cocktail Party in a Box!

Info From Site:

What Is Julibox?
Julibox is your passport to cocktail discovery.  Each month, you will discover two great cocktails, curated by our world class mixologists and designed especially for easy home preparation. You'll get enough ingredients to make two of each cocktail; four cocktails in sum.  And you get all of the spirits and mixers you'll need to make 'em.

The Box: Julibox

The Cost: $40

What will you get?
Immediate gratification and pure pleasure. Each Julibox features two cocktail recipes that have been hand selected by our curators for your enjoyment. You will receive all of the spirits and mixers required to make two of each said cocktail. Before your Julibox ships, we'll send you an email notifying you of any additional items you may need, typically lemons or limes. That way you can enjoy your cocktails as soon as you get your box. 

So, What do you guys think of this?  Are you ready to sign up?

***Hopefully I will have a review on this box for you guys soon!!

I'm Back!!!!

I am so sorry things have been quiet the last few days but my service had been out. I have Dish and they kept coming out trying to figure out what was wrong. Every time they tried to replace the equipment, thinking  the issue could be there, the new equipment would malfunction. Well, after numerous technicians working on it and the last one staying until 10pm on a sunday night, They finally figured out what the problems was. I have a surround sound home theater system ( like most people do) well, It has a big sub-woofer that goes to it and they kept sitting the equipment on it and come to find out it has a big magnet in it and that is what caused all the equipment to malfunction! So, beware of this because it can also damage televisions and other electronics!!

So, now that all that is behind me, I am back and have several product reviews coming up. Also, Keep your eyes open. I have a BIG Christmas Giveaway coming up and another blogger will be co-hosting it with me. She is Awesome and I have no doubt, you all will love her and her blog! I want to give you guys what you want so....I need some ideas. We already have a makeup prizes and I know I had one suggestion for jewelry so I am working on that. I am planning on several different winners, so give me some more ideas of things that you guys would like to have. There is no wrong answers or ideas...It can be anything...just throw it out there and you never know....It just may be one of the prizes!!

Ok, Well I am have several post coming up for product reviews...So, until then.... Bye, Bye Fashion bugs

God Bless You All!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Freebies scored on posted deals from last 2 weeks.....

Hello again to all my beautiful peeps..... I am going to list the items I received from three different deals. These are all from the same deals I posted here for you guys, I just got them today. Ok, First up:

 This is what I scored from with my $15 credit, I love it!!  I colors of these polishes look really pretty in the picture, to me, but they are much prettier in person and I got to pick 3 free samples too so this was a really awesome freebie!!

Did any of you get in on this deal? If so, What did you get? Comment or post a picture, I would love to see them!!

Ok, Next up:

This is what I got from TopFloor. I received a $20 credit for signing up and then they posted a promo code for another $10 on their facebook page. I really love the scarf, The picture doesn't do it justice, they did send me the wrong color, but I may just keep this one instead of sending it back because it is really pretty too.

Did any of you get in on this one? If so, either leave a comment on what you got or post a picture!

Ok, now last but not least :

This is what I got with the $10 Cabela's credit. It is a pair of socks but they are really cute and kinda thick so   I thought I would wear them with my P.J.'s on cold nights.

Did any of you get in on this deal? If so, What did you get?

Oh...One more thing. This was not a freebie but it is a really good deal I got from Groupon. I saw these sun glasses and could not resist the deal. I thought if I didn't like them it would make a good Christmas Gift but I actually love them!! Here it is :

I really ended up liking these a lot and the pictures on these really do not do them justice!! I have worn them for 2 days and received a lot of
compliments on them and for $16, You can't beat it!!

Well, Thats all for today....If you guys have any incredible deals that you've scored lately, feel free to share them with us. In this day and age, with this economy I know we all can appreciate a good deal!! Thank you guys for following my blog and I will go ahead and fill you in on a little surprise.....I have a really big giveaway, with multiple winners coming up in be on the look out for that but don't worry, you won't have to wait until December for a giveaway.....I also have a really good one coming up very soon for surpassing 200 awesome followers!! Thanks again, You guys rock!!

Beauty Army Box- October 2012 Review- Monthly Beauty Subscription Box

This Is my first Beauty Army Box. When you sign up you will complete your beauty profile and then 9 products will be chosen based on your answers you gave. At that time you get to choose the 6 items you want. Don't like any of the items? That's ok too, you can retake the beauty profile as many times as you want   until you get the items you like in your selection window. The profile questions are very short so it's no big deal to re take. What happens if you forget to go pick your items? No problem, the stylist will pick them for you based upon your answers in the profile. What if you don't like any of the products at all or you cash flow is short from time to time? No problem, You can skip the month anytime at all!! Every month on the 1st your selection window opens up and you have until the 5th to pick your items or cancel, they ship within 8-10 days of your selection. You also will have a shop button in your account, thats where all the items from your box will be so if you fall in love with one of your samples you just go right there and buy it. You can also click on full shop and shop all the items they carry. So, what are you waiting for girls? Oh yeah, Sorry on with the review!

As you can see all the items come in a super cute reusable box. Solid pink on the outside and very cute pink and white camo on the inside...

The Box: Beauty Army

The Cost: $12 ( Inc. Shipping )

The Products: 6 Deluxe and Full size beauty and Skincare Products.

Skinn Cosmetics in Coral Poppy- Full size!! Value- $ 18.50

Lipsi Cosmetics/Aphrodite Powder- 5ml Value- $ 5

I love both of these items and both were totally new to me. The lip gloss is really cool, it has lip gloss on one end and a moisturizing lip stick on the other end...It also has a built in mirror and I love the color. When I checked on it I found that it also had amazing reviews as well as the Lipsi Powder!!

Suntegrity BB Cream- .25oz Value- $ 10

Emani Minerals Primer -  Value- $ 1.50

I was glad to see both of these in y selection window. Suntegrity, I am familiar with and love, it's always good to have a travel size of products you love. The Emani Primer has incredible reviews and I have been dying to try it out!!

You Da Balm Coconut Lip balm - Full Size!! Value- $ 3

INEKE-Hothouse flower perfume- .05oz Value- $ 5

Both of these products were new to me. I really like the Lip balm, I love getting lip balm in sample boxes anyways but this is a really good one!! The INEKE Perfume has a really nice floral scent, very long lasting so a little goes along way!! Everything I got has really awesome reviews and I was ve happy with them all!!

Verdict: I paid $12 and got $43 worth of products so it is a very good value and I really liked all the products. I found several products that were totally new to me that I think are going to become some of my favorites!! I like the fact that you get to choose your products so you won't wind up with items that you won't use but it does take the surprise element out of it but If you are subscribed to other boxes than thats not a big deal at all because those are going to be surprises and a lot of people don't really care about being surprised they just want product they are going to use.

Do you subscribe to Beauty Army? If so do you like it and what products did you get this month? If you don't do you think you would be interested in getting this box?

Here is the link to subscribe Beauty Army or if you want to check it out and get more info

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My New Obsession........Little Black Bag!!!

Ok, So have you guys heard of the latest addiction....Little Black Bag? Well, If you haven't get prepared to fall in love and find yourself totally obsessed!! I have been checking it out for several weeks now, trying to resist the urge to sign up but.....Finally I caved and Oh my gosh, It has totally consumed me!! So, You may be asking " What in the heck is Little Black Bag?" Well, First you decide if you want the $49 or $29 choice. No matter which one you pick you get to choose your first item and then they will pick anywhere from 1-3 more depending on your bag price and style. Then thats when the fun begins!! You don't get to see the items they pick until you check out and then you get to start trading. People will send you trade offers on your stuff and you can send people offers on their stuff, It is sooo fun and addicting. The trading stays open for 7 days from the day you check out. Now, If you like all your items and don't want to trade you can go ahead and have your bag shipped also you can close your bag at anytime during the 7 day period and go ahead and have it shipped. I just opened my first bag tonight and I am already hooked and have already traded. When I get my bag I will do a review and show you guys what all I got....Oh and for every friend you bring in you get a $25 bonus item added in your next bag!! So, do you think this is something you would be interested in? Are you ready to go ahead and check it out or just want to get more info? Click on the following link!!

Little Black Bag

If you sign up or just go and check it out, Let me know what you think!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Another HOTT Deal for you guys...Get free items or very very cheap!!


You can click the link below and sign up (very easy signup...just enter email and password) You will get a $20 credit, You can enter the promo code FREESHIP and if you get 6 people to sign up under your referral link you will get another $20 credit. I just scored this Stila Bronze set (both items fullsize) :

I only had to pay $2....I got the $20 credit for signing up and another $20 for signing up 6 people under referral link and used promo code to get free shipping. There are many other items but hurry because items are selling out!!

TIP******* If you have more than one email acct. send referral link to those address ( I have 3 others) all you have to do when you sign up is enter email and password...Then I had 3 family member sign up or give me their email and whatever password they wanted and signed up for them...Very easy to get 6 signups for the add. $20 credit!!



Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pink Rack Project...Click on link and then share to win!!

Pink Rack Project

BeautyBox5- October Review- Monthly Beauty and Skincare box

The Box: BeautyBox 5

The Products: Get 4-5 Full size and deluxe Makeup and Skincare products

The Cost: $12 monthly, Sign up for 6 month sub and save $6, Sign up for yearly and get two free months

City Lips- .05oz- Value- $ 13.33

Show Stoppers-  2 strips- Value- $ .50

I was excited to see both of these products in my box. The city lips I have been wanting to try, It has amazing reviews! The Show Stopper I have used before and I love them!! I have umm bigger boobs so I have a problem with my button up shirt's gapping open across the breast and these work great to keep that gap closed!! They can also be used to hem pants, fix low-cut dress etc..

Lash Card- Value- $ 1.40

Margania Argan Oil- Value $ 5

I was also glad to see both of these products. I have been wanting to try the Lash Card and Argan Oil is amazing, I love it and I always use it. It is incredible for your skin and hair and having a travel size bottle is always great. A little of this stuff goes along ways so This small bottle will last a long time!!

Furlesse Elevens- 3 patches- Value $ 1.50

Goat Haus Dairy- Full Size!! Value- $2.50

Again, I loved seeing these products in my box. The Furlesse Elevens are frown line reducing patches, I've never heard of these but I am very excited to try them out and when I this product up it has very good reviews, also they have a whole line of patches for different problems...crows feet, lip lines etc...
The lip balm..I always love getting lip balm in my boxes because I use them all the time and have a habit of losing them so this will definitely go to good use also I received a product last month from this brand and it was awesome so I am excited to try out another one of their products!!

Verdict- I paid $12 and received $24.23 worth of products so that's double what I paid...I am very happy there also I loved and will use all the products. One thing I love about Beauty Box 5 is they always send promo codes for all the products in the box to help out with full size products. Also, I have never received a foil pack from them, all the products are either full size or actual deluxe samples so you always get several uses out of a product. More than enough to tell if the product is for you and that is what a sample box is suppose to do!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Cabela' Homepage

Click the link below, You will enter your email address and it will give you a set of codes to use at checkout. Then start can get a free dog toy, socks etc. Just get something that doesn't exceed $4.05 and you won't even have to pay shipping..But hurry..this will not last long!!

Cabela's: Rebate Offer

Friday, October 19, 2012

Beauty Tip Of The Day...The perfect winged liner...Super easy!!

Heavy Metal

Learn how to get the perfect winged liner in six easy steps!!

The Look Bag - October 2012 Review and code for first box- Monthly beauty and Makeup Subscription Box

This is my first bag from The Look Bag, From what I can tell they came out for several months and had some issues or something so they stopped shipping for awhile and now they just had their official re-launch. I don't know what happened before but all I can say, after receiving my first bag, is WOW!! They certainly don't have any issues now. They guarantee at least 2 out of the 5 products will be full size and the others deluxe. Now, I'm happy if I get at least one full size item in my boxes, so when I read that..Oh yeah..It was on, I ordered immediately. Shipping was really fast also. Ok..on to the good stuff... The package comes in this cute pink bubble wrap....

The Box: The Look Bag

The Cost: $12.95 (+ tax in CA) Use code TLB to get 25% off your first bag which makes it $9.71

The Products: 5 deluxe and full size beauty and skin care products ( They guarantee at least 2 full size products in every box)

Pop Beauty nail polish - Full size!! Value- $10

Stila eyeshadow pan- Full size!! Value $18

Pixi lip & line primer- Full size!! Value- $18

I love this so much! No more bleeding or feathering!! This brand is amazing also!

York Peppermint patty SPF15 lip balm- Full size!! Value - $3

Freeman Body wash- 1oz -Value- $1.30

Verdict: I paid 9.71 ( w/ promo code) and I received $50.30 worth of products. I love this box and I hope it is an example of things to come. I love and will use all the products and I think this was a good mix of items. I am tired of all the skincare products in my other products, I have been wanting one with more makeup and this one sure delivered on that. 4 out of 5 products were full size which is incredible and the brands are amazing. I can't think of anything at all negative about this box. The value is amazing, the shipping was fast, the products are insanely good and the customer service is wonderful, I mean what more could you ask for..right? I will definitely be keeping this subscription!! 

I have a feeling this one is going to fill up fast, so if you guys are interested I would say...Do NOT waste any time on this, Hurry and sign up now!!

So, What did you guys think about this one? Anyone else here subscribed? How many of you guys are going to subscribe?   Come on...Time for some girl talk!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Love With Food - October 2012 review. Monthly Food Subscription Boxes and code for free box!!


This is a monthly food box. You will get 8 + gourmet goodies in your box every month, also my favorite part of this service is each box that is sold every month, they will donate a  meal to a hungry child...This is amazing, I love it!!

The Box: Love With Food

The Cost: $ 10 monthly + $ 2 shipping,  sign up for 6 months and pay only $1 shipping or annual and get free shipping-  use code LWFVIP to get first box free!

The Products : 8 + gourmet foods and snacks

Snikiddy Baked Fries- 1 oz  Value $ .61

Natasha's health nut cookies Value $ 3.50

These were actually not bad but wish I could've tried the Vanilla & Chocolate Chip...I bet those are really good!!

Numi organic tea- mini sampler- Value $ 3

Natures Kick blackberry blossom honey sticks- (3)  Value $ .80

Mrs. May's White Sesame strips- Value $ 1

GoGo SqueeZ Applesauce- Value $ .71

Enjoy Life Not Nuts Seed and Fruit- Value $ 1.39

Verdict- The cost inc. shipping is $12 and I got about $ 11 worth of products, so I got what I paid for but I learned about a lot of new brands. All in all I would say this is a good value and you learn about a lot of new, healthy foods. You also provided a meal to a hungry child and thats priceless. I'm not sure If I will keep this box as these type of foods are not really my cup of tea...I think I go for one more box and see whats its like. I definitely think this box offers a good variety. Will see what next month brings!

Did you guys like this box? Are you going to subscribe and try it out?  Let me know what you think!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ipsy (formally My glam) October 2012-Monthly Beauty Subscription Box Reviews

This Is my first Ispy ( formally MyGlam) package. As you can see instead of a box they put the products in a  cute makeup bag which changes monthly.

Like BirchBox you start off by taking a beauty quiz which will help to insure you get products that fit your needs.  Then set back and wait for your awesome Glam bag to arrive!!

The Box: ispy  ( formally MyGlam)

The cost: $10 monthly (inc. shipping)

The products: 4-5 deluxe and full size beauty and skin care items

Couture Color Pequi Oil Treatment- 0.5 oz- Value $12

Coastal Scents Eye Shadow Palette-.07 oz Value $ 2
I am very excited to try the Couture Color Pequi oil treatment, It has really good reviews and this brand of eye shadow is new to me so I am also excited to try it out. I love when these boxes introduces me to new products!

Be a Bombshell Mascara- Full size! Value $14

The Balm Mascara- 0.11 oz- Value $ 9


Mirenesse Lip bomb- Mirror Me  Full size! Value $ 39

****There was a bonus included with this. It came with a code and if you were on of the 500 to enter it you get a full size Instant Lip Transplant which is valued at $90...I don't know if I am getting it yet, they said you would be notified by email but I sure hope I get it!! I will let you guys know.

This is amazing!! It is a combination of gloss, lacquer, and stain. It does not bleed, It stays until your ready to take it off, It is not sticky....It is just a whole lot of AWESOME!! This is my new BFF!!!

Verdict- I love it!! I like that you get a different makeup bag every month instead of a box and I think it is a good variety of products. It is products I will definitely use and best of all.....I paid $10 and got $76 worth of products and if you add the value of the bag your over $80....Awesome bag, This definitely has me dying to see what's coming in November!!

Do you get this box? Did you get the same products? Do you wish I would shut up now so you can go sign up for this amazing box?  Let me know what you think!!