Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Freebies scored on posted deals from last 2 weeks.....

Hello again to all my beautiful peeps..... I am going to list the items I received from three different deals. These are all from the same deals I posted here for you guys, I just got them today. Ok, First up:

 This is what I scored from with my $15 credit, I love it!!  I colors of these polishes look really pretty in the picture, to me, but they are much prettier in person and I got to pick 3 free samples too so this was a really awesome freebie!!

Did any of you get in on this deal? If so, What did you get? Comment or post a picture, I would love to see them!!

Ok, Next up:

This is what I got from TopFloor. I received a $20 credit for signing up and then they posted a promo code for another $10 on their facebook page. I really love the scarf, The picture doesn't do it justice, they did send me the wrong color, but I may just keep this one instead of sending it back because it is really pretty too.

Did any of you get in on this one? If so, either leave a comment on what you got or post a picture!

Ok, now last but not least :

This is what I got with the $10 Cabela's credit. It is a pair of socks but they are really cute and kinda thick so   I thought I would wear them with my P.J.'s on cold nights.

Did any of you get in on this deal? If so, What did you get?

Oh...One more thing. This was not a freebie but it is a really good deal I got from Groupon. I saw these sun glasses and could not resist the deal. I thought if I didn't like them it would make a good Christmas Gift but I actually love them!! Here it is :

I really ended up liking these a lot and the pictures on these really do not do them justice!! I have worn them for 2 days and received a lot of
compliments on them and for $16, You can't beat it!!

Well, Thats all for today....If you guys have any incredible deals that you've scored lately, feel free to share them with us. In this day and age, with this economy I know we all can appreciate a good deal!! Thank you guys for following my blog and I will go ahead and fill you in on a little surprise.....I have a really big giveaway, with multiple winners coming up in be on the look out for that but don't worry, you won't have to wait until December for a giveaway.....I also have a really good one coming up very soon for surpassing 200 awesome followers!! Thanks again, You guys rock!!

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