Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gamma Labs "G Fuel" Review

I received a sample of G Fuel by Gamma Labs in the mail from a promo they had on facebook. When I got it I thought well, I try it but it's probably like most of the others of tried..(taste bad and has no effect)Well, Let me tell you guys, I was sooo wrong!! This actually has a pleasant taste (I got fruit punch) and does exactly what they claim. It gave me Mega energy and without the jitters, Super focus and incredible endurance!! I really love this product and one of the best things about it...It is sugar free!! It is convient and very easy to use. Just tear open the package, pour it in a bottled water(of course you can pour in a glass of water..10-12 ounces) shake it up and drink..How much easier can you get, right?? Here is a pic of what I got.

I highly recommend this to anyone that needs to increase their energy, focus, and endurance!! This is one of my favorite new finds!!


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