Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beauty Army Box- October 2012 Review- Monthly Beauty Subscription Box

This Is my first Beauty Army Box. When you sign up you will complete your beauty profile and then 9 products will be chosen based on your answers you gave. At that time you get to choose the 6 items you want. Don't like any of the items? That's ok too, you can retake the beauty profile as many times as you want   until you get the items you like in your selection window. The profile questions are very short so it's no big deal to re take. What happens if you forget to go pick your items? No problem, the stylist will pick them for you based upon your answers in the profile. What if you don't like any of the products at all or you cash flow is short from time to time? No problem, You can skip the month anytime at all!! Every month on the 1st your selection window opens up and you have until the 5th to pick your items or cancel, they ship within 8-10 days of your selection. You also will have a shop button in your account, thats where all the items from your box will be so if you fall in love with one of your samples you just go right there and buy it. You can also click on full shop and shop all the items they carry. So, what are you waiting for girls? Oh yeah, Sorry on with the review!

As you can see all the items come in a super cute reusable box. Solid pink on the outside and very cute pink and white camo on the inside...

The Box: Beauty Army

The Cost: $12 ( Inc. Shipping )

The Products: 6 Deluxe and Full size beauty and Skincare Products.

Skinn Cosmetics in Coral Poppy- Full size!! Value- $ 18.50

Lipsi Cosmetics/Aphrodite Powder- 5ml Value- $ 5

I love both of these items and both were totally new to me. The lip gloss is really cool, it has lip gloss on one end and a moisturizing lip stick on the other end...It also has a built in mirror and I love the color. When I checked on it I found that it also had amazing reviews as well as the Lipsi Powder!!

Suntegrity BB Cream- .25oz Value- $ 10

Emani Minerals Primer -  Value- $ 1.50

I was glad to see both of these in y selection window. Suntegrity, I am familiar with and love, it's always good to have a travel size of products you love. The Emani Primer has incredible reviews and I have been dying to try it out!!

You Da Balm Coconut Lip balm - Full Size!! Value- $ 3

INEKE-Hothouse flower perfume- .05oz Value- $ 5

Both of these products were new to me. I really like the Lip balm, I love getting lip balm in sample boxes anyways but this is a really good one!! The INEKE Perfume has a really nice floral scent, very long lasting so a little goes along way!! Everything I got has really awesome reviews and I was ve happy with them all!!

Verdict: I paid $12 and got $43 worth of products so it is a very good value and I really liked all the products. I found several products that were totally new to me that I think are going to become some of my favorites!! I like the fact that you get to choose your products so you won't wind up with items that you won't use but it does take the surprise element out of it but If you are subscribed to other boxes than thats not a big deal at all because those are going to be surprises and a lot of people don't really care about being surprised they just want product they are going to use.

Do you subscribe to Beauty Army? If so do you like it and what products did you get this month? If you don't do you think you would be interested in getting this box?

Here is the link to subscribe Beauty Army or if you want to check it out and get more info

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