Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BirchBox Review-October 2012-Monthly Beauty Subscription Box Reviews

This month BirchBox offered the option of receiving a regular BirchBox or a curated Box with Goop. I opted for the Goop BirchBox.

The box: BirchBox

The cost: $10 monthly (inc. shipping) Annual subscription available $110 (get a free month)

The products: Deluxe and full size beauty and skincare products

DDF Brightening Cleanser- 2oz Value- $17

I really love the size of this cleanser, This will last at least 30 days and it is an awesome cleanser. This product alone is valued at more than the cost of the box....Gotta love when that happens!!

Luna Bar (Chocolate Raspberry) - 1.41oz  Value- $2

Mighty Leaf Teas- 3 bags Value $2

Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum 2ml Value $ 6

Perfekt lip perfection gel  .05ml Value $ .50

Miracle Skin Transformer ( 2 )- 0.2 oz Value $.50

Verdict- I love BirchBox, However this was not my favorite box but technically it was curated by Goop so I will blame this one on them. Did anyone else find it odd that this was a Goop box but there was not any Goop products in it? I don't really understand that but all in all it was still a good value. I paid $10 and I got  $ 28 worth of products. Plus I will review these products and get $6.00 in points to spend on full size products...so can't really complain about that!!

Did you get the Goop box or the regular BirchBox?  Let me know what you got in your box, specially if you opted for the regular one!

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  1. I opted for the regular box, since I figured even if I did like the goop stuff I could never actually afford it...although I'm not exactly thrilled about the regular box either! You can see what I got here: http://ms-pocket.blogspot.com/2012/10/october-2012-birchbox-review.html