Thursday, October 4, 2012

Update to the Julep giveaway.....

Ok...Because I hit 200 facebook followers I am adding more to this incredible Julep Giveaway!!
I am adding two more Julep polishes...Parker and Morgan ( This is a beautiful deep this one!!)
I am also adding two Julep glitter pots....So we currently have a total of 7 polishes, A Julep tote, 2 glitter pots, crystal nail file, cuticle oil and  Facial for hands- hand scrub and brightener 1oz...Thats over $100 worth of Julep products!! Just click on the link following the picture!!

( All products included in this giveaway are Julep products)

Update to the Julep Giveaway, I am adding the Julep essential cuticle oil, Julep Facial for hands (1oz hand scrub) and The Julep glow on (1oz Age defying hand brightener) so thats 3 more products. After 10 more people enter I will add the Julep (award winning) Best pedi prep ever and a Julep Foot File. Don't forget the one who refers the most people to sign up for this giveaway gets a special surprise , all you have to do is tell them to leave your name in the comments section after the enter the giveaway....So, thats could be two possible winners. Come on and refer your friends...the more people who enter the more I add and I have a lot more really cool stuff to add!! So come on my little fashion bugs and lets get busy!!   

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