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Fit Fashionista Club by Ellie Review- February 2013- Monthly Fitness and Exercise Clothing box

I have my first review for you guys today from the Fit Fashionista Club by Ellie ( Formally known as pv.Body)  Ellie  is where fashion meets fitness! They believe that the highest quality activewear should no longer be an overpriced luxury item! They are the only activewear brand that is designed for women who care as much about style as they do their workout, with exclusive monthly changing collections made with the highest-quality material's, at a price that will make you wonder why you ever paid more.

At Ellie, they know busy life gets and when your an active girl on the go, the last thing you have time for is having to worry about you wardrobe. At Ellie, they create unique, on trend pieces that you can wear whether your working out or out on the town. Their industry recognized designers spend hours sifting through the latest on-trend styles to curate the best activewear styles modern fashion has to offer, and because they only use the highest quality fabrics, their collections are designed to keep you looking fabulous no matter what you do!

Ellie knows when you look good, you feel good, so they design every piece to make sure that when you put it on, you feel amazing! Paying attention to details like seam placement, waistband size, and silhouette are what make our pieces perfect.  Each piece is designed by women, for women, so it's made to flatter all body  types. Using pop stitching on a tank to imitate a smaller waist, creating side panels on a legging to accentuate a lean shape, or adding style lines on their paints to that give that perky butt look that all women crave are just some of the ways that Ellie has perfected the fit of their workout/fitness pieces.  Also, with the tru fit technology they've developed, you'll never have to worry about sizing, all of their piece's run true to size. Ellie, uses the highest quality that hold your shape and fit like a glove so they stretch and move with you.

Everyone wants to live an active and healthy life and the best way to stay motivated comes from feeling good about how you look. That;s why their pieces are designed to be functional and fashionable, so whether you wear them to the gym or just around town , you'll always look great!! The bottom line, Ellie is constantly looking for ways to mix fashion and function so you'll always look fabulous!!

For the perfect fit, it all comes down to this. How you feel in your clothes during your workout can certainly make a big difference. That's why Ellie, developed their own line of high-performing material to make sure you get the best work out possible. Whether your a runner, yogi, or cardio queen, they design their pieces to withstand a full range of fitness activities. Each piece uses high-tech fabrics that are ever-so-essential for your Tru-fit experience. They guarantee to never use cheap cotton or jersey spun fabrics. Unlike those plain fabrics,  which are used with lower-end activewear brands, Ellie's 4-way stretch technology will never shrink and will always flatter!!

OK, Now that I have told you about the company, let's move on to the fun part.....the review!!

The box: The Fit Fashionista by Ellie

The products: 2 fitness/workout clothing pieces by Ellie of your choice from the current collection available for that month delivered to your door as a monthly subscription service.

The Cost: $49.95 monthly, includes shipping ( My readers won't pay this price. If you sign up through my link you will get an exclusive discount of 20%, which applies to your account each and every month, not just your first month!!)

I was so excited to try the Fit Fashionista Club out! Their first 12 piece collection was launched this month. I was able to pick out any 2 pieces I wanted. I must admit, the choice was not an easy one as the whole  collection is Fabulous! When my package arrived, I couldn't have been happier! The pieces are amazing and the fit is perfect. It was very clear the minute I saw and touched the pieces for the first time that they were of the highest quality! I was so extremely impressed when I put the 2 pieces on, they actually fit like a glove!! As though they were specially made just for me! They were so comfortable and felt so good against my skin, unlike a lot of the workout clothes I currently have and have tried out in the past.  The pieces I choose.....

My 1st Piece- Value- $39.95

This is the shirt I choose, this is called "Catch me if you can".  As I stated above I love the fit! It's absolutely perfect! I love the little details. There is a logo, which you can't really see in this photo, down at the bottom that is done in the reflective fabric so when light hits it, it glows. This is an awesome safety feature when your out walking or running in the evening. There is also the same reflective logo on the back so that cars will be able to see you whether they are coming up from the back of you or the front. One of my favorite features of this shirt is definitely the sleeves. It's made so that you can wear it as a regular long sleeve shirt or it has the thumb hole openings, as you can see above, to keep your shirt in place on those intense runs and workouts and fold over hand covers which will save your fingers on those chilly mornings! They really thought of everything!  Besides the actual purpose of that detail, it also makes it look really awesome! This shirt is very lightweight and durable! I am in love with it!

My 2nd piece - Value- $69.95

This is the pants I picked, keep in my mid though you do not have to pick a shirt and a pair of paints. You can mix it up how ever you want to, You could go with 2 shirts or 2 pair of pants if you wanted. I personally like to pick a complete outfit, however, as I build my collection up I may decide to change that and go with 2 shirts or 2 pants. But, back to the pants. These are the " Love Struck Legging's"  These have a solid black, wide waist, solid grey legs and then a wide black stripe going down each side of the leggings. These have a low-rise waist and they are designed with micro-mesh panels down the sides which keep you well ventilated and stylish! The heather fabric has a subtle sheen to it, which I really like! These also have the reflective logo, as you can see above, below the waist, right above the top of the thigh and then another on the back of the pants, around the back of the knee area. This is so that if your running or walking in the evening or really early morning, cars will be able to clearly see you. I love how they corporate safety in a fashionable way! Again, these fit perfectly! They are super comfortable...I could live in them! These are by far the best workout/fitness clothing I have ever put on! I can't wait for next month's shipment. The collection for March is called " The Little Black Collection, which will launch March 1st! This chic collection is inspired by the sophistication and sexiness of the french Woman, Oh man....I can't wait to see this collection and choose my 2 pieces! However, they did say because the February collection was so popular that you would still get to choose from it as well. So, if you sign up you will get to choose between February's Collection and March's Collection....How awesome is that! Then starting in April, they will launch their full 24 piece collection each month, so you get twice as much to choose from!! So exciting!!

Verdict:  This cost of this monthly subscription box is $49.95 and I received $109.99 worth of fitness/workout clothes! The value is amazing as well is the quality if these incredible pieces! I couldn't be happier. Thanks to the Tru-fit technology, both of the pieces fit perfectly and are super comfortable! You don't sweat in these like you do in other's also. They are very well ventilated, lightweight and durable! This subscription also gives me the incentive and motivation to stay on track with my goals of living a healthier lifestyle, working out and getting fit! The customer service is incredible as well. I mean this is everything you could ask for and I am very excited to be getting in on this amazing program now because they have so many amazing things in store with this company and for their customers, I definitely want to be a part of it! I highly recommend the Fit Fashionista Club by Ellie to any and everyone! I know you will be as happy as I am! Also, they are offering my readers an amazing opportunity. As long as you sign up through my link you will not only get 20% off your first box, but you will get 20% off of every box as long as you are subscribed!! That means you will only pay $39.96 monthly (shipping is included) instead of the regular $49.95 monthly price that everyone else will be paying....Now, you don't want to miss out on this amazing opportunity!
Don't worry, if for some reason you are not satisfied, you can cancel anytime! So, you have nothing at all to lose and everything to gain....Go ahead and try it out!

*****Make sure to like their facebook and follow them on twitter so you can keep up with all their exciting giveaways, promos, specials etc... They have an amazing giveaway right now on facebook, 1 lucky fan will win the entire March collection!! You don't want to miss out on that!

So, what do you guys think about this subscription service? Are you going to sign up? Let me know if you do, so I can make sure you get your 20% for your entire subscription period!

Color Me Monthly Review- February 2013- Monthly Nail Polish Subscription!!

Color Me Monthly

I have my first review of Color Me Monthly , a new exciting monthly nail polish subscription box that delivers a new beautiful, boutique-quality, non-toxic nail polish to your door every month. They do not charge you a bunch of money for a box full of pretty tissue paper and pretty packaging. No, they rather save you the money other companies charge for that and just simply deliver what you really want, pretty, quality nail polish at a fraction of the cost!! I appreciate a company realizing that in this economy we are all struggling. However, we are fashionista's and we still want to look fabulous! If I can save money by taking away all the pink boxes and bows....I say, let's do it!! All I want is the product, the rest is going in the trash anyways...right?!?!  Well, I am happy to report, and you will soon see for yourself, that Color Me Monthly has done just what they promised! They took away the little bows and the pretty packaging, cut their price down to a fraction of the other's and sent me one of the best nail polishes I have ever used!!

The box: Color Me Monthly 

The Product: 1 full size boutique quality nail polish delivered to your door every month!

The Cost: $7 monthly plus FREE Shipping!!

I Love how they include a card with a poem that goes along of the polish. Each month their is a different poem based on the name of that month's featured polish. This months polish is "Forbidden Crush", very fitting for Valentines!

This polish is a beautiful pink duochrome, the picture could never do this color justice! It is absolutely stunning! I was so impressed by the quality of this polish. I have purchased many different types of nail polish at various price points and I must say, this is definitely hands down, One of the best polishes I have ever used. I was amazed at how smooth the application was. The consistency of this formula is just perfect as well as the durability is incredible. This polish is non-toxic and Carcinogen-free, eco-friendly, never tested on animals and It' made in the good ole US of A....What more could you want?!?!

Verdict: I pretty much think what's printed on the inside of the box say's it all!! This is definitely pretty polish at an awesome price! I am extremely impressed with the quality and at such an amazing price!! I highly recommend this to everyone, If you love nail polish then you will love Color Me Monthly !! The insanely low price to sure to fit in any fashionista's budget, I mean $7 a month, including shipping is amazing especially for this quality of nail polish! They also have longer term options available, you can get a 6 month subscription for only $40 monthly or 12 months for only $75! This would make a perfect gift!! I love this polish and the whole concept. I can't wait to see what the awesome color is going to be next month!

Make sure to like Color Me Monthly on Facebook and follow them on Twitter  so you will be the first to know about their awesome giveaway's ( they just recently gave away a years subscription!) promo's and specials!

**** Make sure to stop by their facebook page and tell them The Fashion Bug In Florida sent you and one of you may be very happy you did! 

So, what did you guys think about this box? Are you going to sign up? Are you already signed up? Let me know!

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Free Suave Moroccan Infusion Sample + Instant Win!!!

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil

Hello Fashion Bugs! You can score some free samples of Suave's New Moroccan Infusion products. You will also automatically be entered into their weekly and grand prize giveaways. They also have an instant win giveaway you can play every day! The more tips and secrets you unlock, by browsing through the special Shine Sweeps Suite, the more entries you receive into both the weekly and grand prize drawings!! It's fun and you can learn some new beauty tips and tricks of the trade from the experts, Plus win some fabulous prizes while your there! Just click Here to score your free sample and register for all of the other awesome prizes!!

****Be sure to let us know if you win a prize from the instant win game or the other giveaways...Good Luck!! I would love to see one of my bugs win!!

HOTT!! Ole Henriksen Special 48hr Promo on Starter Kit!!

african red tea starter kit

This is an amazing deal on Ole Henriksen's African Red Tea Starter Kit!! This is one of my favorite skincare line's and this starter kit is perfect for anyone!! This typically sells for $68 but for 48hrs only you can score this awesome kit for only $48!! They hardly ever offer promos or special pricing so this is really incredible and the perfect time to try it out!  All you have to do to snag this deal is click Here and enter the promo code "WEBEXCLUSIVE" at checkout!! This comes with some of their best products!  ( My B-day is coming up so feel free to score an extra one for me.. hehehe)

Glossy Box Review- January 2013- Monthly Women's Beauty Box

Some of you already know, I'm sure, but the January Glossy box was extremely late so that is why I am just now doing the review. I will actually be reviewing two boxes from January. One that I purchased and 1 that they sent me to review. There are some of the same products but they are awesome....Look for some of them in a future giveaway!! Ok, without further ado...

The Box: Glossy Box

The Products: 5 or more full size and deluxe beauty products delivered to your door every month!

The Cost: $21 Monthly ( includes shipping)

January's Box was a special curated box with the Man Repeller which is a very popular blog, forgive me if I don't understand why. All she talks about, as far as beauty goes is to stay away from it...pretty much! She talks about not shaving her legs, not painting her finger and toe nails and makes it sound like people that do just have no life! Pretty much she try's to make sound like good personal hygiene is a bad thing and something only middle aged women worry about....or has time for. Sorry, but I don't agree! I think good personal Hygiene is a "must" and should shave your legs and nasty does it look to see a woman raise her arm's up  and  it looks like she has Don King in the head lock?!?! No thank you! I take pride in my appearance, I shave my legs and arm pits, I paint my nails, I wear makeup and I fix my hair...AND I love being a girl! Why in the world would the curate a box with someone who clearly doesn't really care about beauty products or anything like it!! Ok...I am done with my rant! this box did turn out to be a pretty good one!!

Sebastian Potion 9- 1.7 oz  Value- $10

I like this, This was my first time using this product and I did really like it!

Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying serum- 5 ml-Value- $5.95

I was happy this was included I love Fresh skincare products and this one was no exception!

Estee Lauder Mascara- .1 oz- Value- $9.25

This was ok but definitely not my favorite!

Opi Liquid Sand Nail Lacquer in Can't Let Go- Full Size! Value- $9

One of my favorite products in the box! Mariah Carey by OPI Liquid Sand Collection is amazing and the color I received, Can't let go, is incredible!!

Tarte Achiote Blush- Full Size! Value- $26

This is amazing!! My other favorite product in this box! This is actually a pre-release, it won't be available to purchase until March!! How Awesome is that? I am in love with this is incredible and would be perfect for everyone!

Just wanted to show you the inside also! How awesome is that color!!! I love it!!

Le Letier De Beaute Replenishing Daily Soluton- 3 ml- Value- $30

Narciso Rodriguez Perfume- 1 ml- Value- $1.50

YES! This tiny sample is worth $30!!! 1 oz of this sells for $285.00 it the holy grail to numerous celebrities and models and I must admit, when I used it, it was amazing! I can't tell anything about results but it was like silk, my face was so soft and glowed....I would totally buy this $285.00 just for the way it makes my face feel...A lot of people swear by this stuff. It must be the fountain of youth in a bottle!!

I liked the perfume. It smells really good but it's different. I have never smelled another perfume with a scent even close to it. I would love to have this in a full size bottle!

Verdict: I paid $21 for this box and received $91.70 worth of products! I really loved this box and the products I received. I think it is a very good mix of products and very desirable at that. One of the items is not even available to the public until March and another one, the polish, was just released. Thy are all good sizes and you never get little foil packets for your regular products. They do on occasion include 1 as an extra and in this case the one they included was worth $30. The customer service is excellent! I love Glossy Box and I think is perfect for any body whether you a re a beauty guru or a beginner, it really would be perfect for anyone and it would also make the perfect gift!!

What did you think about this box? Which products did you get in your box? Are you thinking about signing up for this one? If so, just click Here!!

Klutch Club Box Review- February 2013- Monthly Women's Health and Wellness Subscription Box

Hello Fashion Bugs! I have a new review on a subscription box for you today. First let me say that I had the best experience in regards to customer service, that I have ever had with any other company! Klutch Club cares about not only their current members/customers, but also their potential members/customers a great deal. I was even more blown away once I saw the box!! I actually have two reviews for this box. This will be for a regular monthly box and then I have another amazing review coming up for the Valentine's Best Of Box!

The Box: Klutch Club 

The Products: Health and Wellness products delivered right to your door every month! You can choose either the Woman's Box or the Man's Box. You will receive a min. of $50 worth of products every month.

The Cost: $10 monthly + $8 shipping. ( The longer the commitment, the more substantial the savings)

C. Booth Honey & Almond Body Butter- Full Size! Value- $7

Giovanni 2 Chic Shampoo & Conditioner- 1.5 oz ( each) Value- $2.10

I love that Klutch Club includes beauty products in their boxes! Both of these products are amazing! The body butter is just simply "Heaven" it smells so good and moisturizes very well! I highly recommend this to everyone and you can't beat the price! The Shampoo & Conditioner is incredible! I am really glad they introduced me to this. The price for the full size bottles as only$8.99 each!! Highly recommend these as well!

Jaali Bean Lentil & Rice Kit - Full Size! ( serves 4) Value- $5.42

I have not tried this yet but I am really glad this was added. I am excited about trying it and will update you when I do!

Zevia Natural Cola- (1) 12 oz can- Value- $1

I have not tried this yet but this is one of the products I am most excited to try. I have a severe addiction to Mountain Dew, They also have a flavor that is suppose to taste like Mountain Dew and If it does...I will be in heaven! They actually have flavors that are suppose to taste like all the popular flavors on the market. I recommend checking it out. I will for sure update you guys once I try this one!

Soy Joy Cranberry- Full Size! Value- $1.08

Soy Joy Dark Chocolate Cherry- Full size! Value- $1.08

I have not tried either one of these yet either but I am looking forward to trying them out as I have heard so much about them! I will update you guys as soon as I do!

Funky Monkey Pineapple with lime- Full Size! Value- $2.22

Lush Gourmet Nuts- 0.8 oz- Value- $.75

I loved both of these products! The funky Monkey fruit snacks are really good but I think the Lush Nuts were my favorite! I am a sucker for chocolate!

KT Tape-  2 Strips- Value- $2

Berry Plus Laundry Soap- 10 Loads- Value- $4

I was very excited to see both of these products! I have been wanting to try them both out they are both awesome! The KT Tape is one of my favorite new finds! This is not just for people that work out, if you have Carpal Tunnel, Lower Back Pin, Wrist Pain, Shoulder Pain, Ankle Strain, Golfer's elbow, tennis elbow, etc...This is perfect for you and I would highly recommend checking this out, It works great, sticks well...Perfect! The Berry Plus Laundry Soap is fantastic! I have tried the whole dried berry nuts and loved it but had been wanting to try the liquid version, I have read so many amazing reviews...This did not disappoint! I love it! These little micro doses ( see photo below for a picture of the actual micro dose liquid inside of package) clean so well, it's amazing that it only takes such a small amount! I highly recommend this and it is perfect if you need to pack it up!! Both of these are awesome!!

I wanted to show you guys a picture of the inside of this package. These are the little micro doses that you use for the laundry! I LOVE this!!

This also came with coupons and promo codes on some of the items. There is a gift card for $10 to Seer outfitters and it is an actual gift card, it's not $10 off a $50 purchase or not of that crap...I actually scored a cool canvas tote bag with my gift card...just had to pay small shipping fee! Coupon for $1 off  a 6 pk of Zevia, a $25 coupon code to Stream Fir, good for 2 months of unlimited membership! A special promo for lush nuts, buy one get one free....I will probably be taking advantage on that one for sure!!

Verdict: This cost of this box was $10 plus $8 shipping for a total of $18 and I received $ 61.65 worth of products and services (This includes the 2 month membership to streamline and $10 gift card to Seer Outfitters) The value is awesome and I loved the products that were included! I love that they do not just send supplements and protein Bars, they send beauty products ( you now that's my favorite) laundry soap, and they include free services and gift cards on top of the other amazing products included! This is by far my favorite Health/Fitness box, They have an amazing amount of variety and awesome, desirable products! The boxes are full of full size and true deluxe samples not a few foil packets that you could score anywhere for free. I am definitely subscribing to this one and can't wait to see what's next! I also love that they offer a box for women and a different one for men. We have different needs! I highly recommend this box to any and everyone!!

What did you think about this box? Are you ready to sign up?

If you are ready to start receiving all this awesomeness that is Klutch Club, just click Here and sign up and then sit back, relax and wait for your awesome box full of goodies to arrive!

****Stay tuned for the review on the  Valentine's Best Of Box!! It is really amazing!!! Over $100 worth of products!

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New Subscription Box Alert!! Standard Cocoa Box- Monthly Artisan Chocolate Subscription Box

New Subscription Box Alert! Standard Cocoa - Gourmet Chocolate Bars Delivered Monthly!

Oh My Gosh....My chocolate prayers have been answered! A new subscription box that is everything chocolate! Standard Cocoa is a monthly gourmet chocolate subscription box! Every month you will receive 3 unique craft chocolate bars from their featured chocolate maker, as well as a write-up of what your enjoying and where you can find more! What's even better? They often include promo codes for additional savings!

So, what do you guys think about this one? I am super excited about this and hope to have a review on this one for you guys very soon!!

HOTT!!!Amazing Hello Kitty Jewelry Deal!! $1.92 SHIPPED!!!

hello kitty jewelry set PRICE DROP! Hello Kitty 4 piece Rhinestone Jewelry Set $2 SHIPPED (great gift)!

Check this amazing deal out! This would be awesome for the little fashionista in your life....Daughter, sister, Niece, yourself...anybody!! Think Christmas Gifts, B-Day, Easter, just because you love them!!

You can score this amazing set for only $1.92 shipped!!! How incredible is that?!?! Hurry up and snag this before it's gone!! Click HERE now!!! Let me know if you snagged one!

Promo code for the Total Beauty Resolution Solution Collection

Resolution Solution - Buy Now 10% Off!

Hello Fashion Bugs! Get 10% off this awesome collection!! I already have this one and it is awesome!! The regular price is $15 which includes shipping but get it now using the promo code above for 10% the already low price, which will make it $13.50! The value of the shampoo & conditioner from Evolve ( which is incredible) is worth more than that!

Just click HERE now to order! There are also 3 other collections available, check them all out!

Glitter Guilty Pleasure's Box Review/Giveaway- February Box- Monthly Indie Nail Polish Subscription Box

Hello Fashion Bugs! I am so happy to introduce the 1st Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box. Since the release of their first box, the one that will be reviewed today, there has been some exciting changes that will benefit you, the subscriber. So, What I am going to do is first is tell you about Glitter Guilty and what you can expect starting with the March Glitter Guilty box and then I will go to the review of the February box that I received, which does not represent the changes or what will go out starting in March and then You will see the rafflecopter at the end of the review where you can register to win the March Glitter Guilty Box, graciously sponsored by Glitter Guilty!

Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box- Indie Glitter Nail Polish and Chocolate- One Month with FREE SHIPPING

Glitter Guilty is super excited to introduce their new Guilty Glitter Pleasures Subscription Box. You can order one, three, or a six month subscription, Of course, the longer sub you order, the greater your savings will be. For every month you purchase a box you will receive a full size surprise polish from Glitter Guilty. It could be a polish listed in their shop or it may be a custom polish designed just for this program and for you! It could be a glitter, or a pigment polish. You will also receive a mini polish that will go to all subscribers! Along with the two polishes you will also receive an artisan chocolate. In summer months, when chocolate doesn't travel well, you will receive another one of their favorite Guilty Pleasures! There is also a chance that you will see a "Golden Ticket" in your box, which is good for more chocolate ( or whatever the guilty pleasure for that month is) a free polish of your choice or other fun surprises!!

So, how much is this, you ask? Brace yourself....It is only $15.99 which includes shipping to the US. Canada subscribers will add $4 for shipping and everywhere else, add $9 for shipping! How amazingly awesome if that!! I love this new Indie polish box and can't wait for you guys to sign up and start getting all this awesomeness!! Now...On to my box and review!

The Box: Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box

The products: ( Starting In March)- Two indie Nail polishes- 1 full size and 1 Mini and a artisan chocolate or other guilty pleasure in summer months!

The Price: $15.99 includes shipping-US, Add $4 for Canada and $9 everywhere else! ( Also, the longer the commitment, the more you save!)

As you guys know, I love the little touches, like this. with packaging! It always makes it more special and fun. Also, typically when a company goes the extra mile and adds little special touches, you count on excellent customer service! This is how the nail polish came packaged, I had to show you how cute and fab this was!

Love Letter Nail Polish- Full Size!! Value- $10.50 ( Polish is $8 with $2.50 shipping in their shop)

OMG!!! I love this polish!! This color was a specialty, created just for this program! I love it! I love the way it goes on, love the formula and consistency!! She puts a lot of glitter in her polish so you get glitter in every swipe! I am so in love with this! This was perfect for Valentines as well as anytime! It looks great alone or for a extra pop, I recommend putting it on over a white polish. All these polishes are 3 free also! Click on the link to read more about the polishes and see all of the colors she carries in her shop! Check out " Sharp as a tack" I sooo want that one!

Just another shot of this awesome polish!! Check out all that glitter!!

Please excuse my nails, I just cut them all off and I am in the process of shaping them up etc... I had just put Juleps Oxygen treatment on them, I took the treatment off of my thumb nail and painted it with this polish. I quickly swiped this on my thumb nail to show you how it looks, I did it soooo fast just for the pic. But look how amazing the polish is. This was one very fast coat and look at the glitter, it is on the whole nail unlike a lot of these kind of polishes where you have to place it perfectly to get it to cover the whole nail!! This is very easy to build on with more coats....I think it would look awesome over white polish as well!!

This is the yummy chocolate included this month! It was quickly eaten as soon as I took the pick and was amazingly good!!!

****Starting next month look for artisan chocolates from independent chocolatiers!!

Verdict: I I loved this box and I am super impressed with the polish!!! It is amazing! I am so glad someone decided to start a box with indie polishes and I am in love with this one! I highly recommend it and can't wait to see what next month will bring, remember next month starts the new box which will include 2 polishes! I love Indie polish and have several but I must admit this is my favorite on out of the bunch....I love the consistency of this polish and they do not skimp on the glitter at all! Also, the price is awesome! I can not think of anything negative at all to say about this box...It is fabulous!

What do you guys think about this one? Are you going to sign up? Let me know!!

Now, it's time for the giveaway! One of you lucky Fashion Bugs is going to win March's Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box! ( Remember, March starts the new box which includes 2 polishes) Just follow the directions on the rafflecopter below to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Monika Chiang Logo Leash Necklace Giveaway

monika chiang

This week She Finds is giving away 100 Monkia Chiang Logo Leash Necklace, I am loving it!! The most awesome part....You get to choose which one you want if you win, the gold or silver....Or you can choose to be surprised ( editor's pick) All you have to do is click Here and fill out your info to be entered to win! Make sure to like She Finds on Facebook, you must be a fan to win! Good Luck!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ruffles With Love Review, Giveaway AND Promo Code!

Hello Fashion Bugs!! I have something very special for you guys today! As you all know I am in the process of trying to get back into shape, lose some weight and live a healthier lifestyle so, I have been looking for products to help me with this journey. The most important step in this journey is working out and exercising! No matter how much I decrease my appetite or how healthy I eat, without the exercising I am only doing half the job and therefore I will only see half the results! Well, of course, you gotta have the right duds. You can't workout in jeans and stilettos...although....Hmm....Nope, forget about, Back to what I was saying, you have to the right clothes, they need to be comfortable, lose fitting, and functional,  However, who say's you can't have all that and look super cute?!?! NOBODY! So, In my search for comfortable, functional and fabulous workout clothes, I came across a shop on Etsy by the name of Ruffles With Love! They create the most Fabulous workout shirts ever!!   Oh man...I was instantly in love when I saw everything that was in this store! Super Cute and fun, the only problem is, you will want them all! Their work out tanks  are just a whole lotta awsomeness! They also have the ever popular and fabulous off-the-shoulder sweatshirts ( my personal favorite)  as well as Yoga pants and hoodies! Well, I decided to reached out to Ruffles with love and see if they were interested in a review and a giveaway for my  fabulous fellow Fashion Bugs and spoke with Vanessa which is super sweet and Fab! She was so gracious to send me a sweatshirt and tank to review and sponsor a giveaway for you guys but that wasn't all..... She also gave me a special promo code that can be used by all my Fashion Bugs! The giveaway and promo code will, of course, be at the end of the review! Ok, now on to the shirts! Shirt # 1-


This is a eco fleece sweatshirt with an off-the-shoulder neckline and kangaroo front pocket. This is perfect to throw on as your leaving the gym, to start your run's in! These photo's do not do this shirt justice!! 
This is the most comfortable sweatshirt I have ever put on! I have literally been living in it since I got it! It hangs off the shoulder perfectly, it's extremely comfortable and it's loose fitting which is what you want when your working out or laying around ( I been doing a whole lot of that). I love the bow, just a little added detail that adds so much! The bow is also removable. So, if you get the shirt and decide you don't like the bow you can just take it off and when it's time to wash your sweatshirt your going to want to remove it. These can be made in black, turquoise, purple, blue, and gray and they come in sizes S-XL. These are women's also. I went up a size in mine because I wanted it to fit baggy and really have that deep off-the-shoulder look, it's perfect! I am not sure the brand of the sweatshirt but it's obvious that it's not cheap at all! The material is so soft and nice. I could wear this everyday....I have worn it more than I care to admit since I received it... I will definitely be buying some more of these! 

Now, on to shirt # 2

Workout Tank

This is a super fun and cute shirt to work out in! It fit's perfectly, I love the colors of this one and the Phrase on it....Perfect for any fashionista! There are so many different color chooses for the shirts as well as the lettering. There are also 2 different types of Tanks to choose from, regular tank top and the razorback. This one is a razor back. I liked the looks of the razor back and I like the fit of a razorback for working out in however, this is not your ordinary razorback.....this has some special touches to it as you will see in the next picture. She does amazing work and the back of this shirt is so awesome!

This is so beautiful and flattering the way that she gathers the back of the shirt and then twist it, creating the razor back! The added bow really sets it off too but not to worry, they thought of everything. The bow is removable so when your ready to throw the shirt in the wash, you just remove the bow which it attached to type of pin. I love that because I don't have to worry about trying to tie the bow back perfectly! I going to  try and show some more close up photos so you can really see the detail.

I love the way this is done! It is very unique and you will not find anything like this for sale at the mall! These come in sizes adult S-XXL. I would recommend going up a size in this one, specially if your more endowed up top because the way it is made and how it's gathered. It only fits a little snug around my breast area so if you don't have a big chest than you would probably be safe to stay with your regular size. It's not snug enough that I can't wear it nor is it bothersome. I personally like my workout clothes to fit baggy so if that isn't important to you, then again, stay with your normal size. I can't tell you anything about the fit for the regular tank as I did not get that one. Again, you can tell this is not a cheap brand. The material is very soft. This is so fabulous!!

I love both of these shirts very much! I think they are fabulous and functional! I highly recommend them to everyone. Whether your looking for something for yourself or a gift for your bff, you can not go wrong here! You are sure to find a color scheme and phrase to fit any mood or personality! These are both super affordable as well with the sweatshirt selling for $38 and the tanks selling for $22. I love them and I will be definitely be ordering more specially the tanks with spring and summer coming up!

Ok, now as promised Ruffles With Love has graciously offered to sponsor a giveaway for any tank of your choice! They also included a promo code for 10% any order. Just use " FASHIONBUG10" at check out!

Good News!! This giveaway IS open to international fans!! Follow the directions on the rafflecopter below to enter. All mandatory entries must be completed in order to win. If your name is picked and you have not completed the mandatory entries, you will be disqualified! If anyone unlike's my Facebook page or unfollows my blog after giveaway has ended, you will be disqualified from entering any further giveaways....and yes, I do check! These giveaways are to reward my followers!

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