Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Glossy Box Review- January 2013- Monthly Women's Beauty Box

Some of you already know, I'm sure, but the January Glossy box was extremely late so that is why I am just now doing the review. I will actually be reviewing two boxes from January. One that I purchased and 1 that they sent me to review. There are some of the same products but they are awesome....Look for some of them in a future giveaway!! Ok, without further ado...

The Box: Glossy Box

The Products: 5 or more full size and deluxe beauty products delivered to your door every month!

The Cost: $21 Monthly ( includes shipping)

January's Box was a special curated box with the Man Repeller which is a very popular blog, forgive me if I don't understand why. All she talks about, as far as beauty goes is to stay away from it...pretty much! She talks about not shaving her legs, not painting her finger and toe nails and makes it sound like people that do just have no life! Pretty much she try's to make sound like good personal hygiene is a bad thing and something only middle aged women worry about....or has time for. Sorry, but I don't agree! I think good personal Hygiene is a "must" and yes...you should shave your legs and underarms....how nasty does it look to see a woman raise her arm's up  and  it looks like she has Don King in the head lock?!?! No thank you! I take pride in my appearance, I shave my legs and arm pits, I paint my nails, I wear makeup and I fix my hair...AND I love being a girl! Why in the world would the curate a box with someone who clearly doesn't really care about beauty products or anything like it!! Ok...I am done with my rant! this box did turn out to be a pretty good one!!

Sebastian Potion 9- 1.7 oz  Value- $10

I like this, This was my first time using this product and I did really like it!

Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying serum- 5 ml-Value- $5.95

I was happy this was included I love Fresh skincare products and this one was no exception!

Estee Lauder Mascara- .1 oz- Value- $9.25

This was ok but definitely not my favorite!

Opi Liquid Sand Nail Lacquer in Can't Let Go- Full Size! Value- $9

One of my favorite products in the box! Mariah Carey by OPI Liquid Sand Collection is amazing and the color I received, Can't let go, is incredible!!

Tarte Achiote Blush- Full Size! Value- $26

This is amazing!! My other favorite product in this box! This is actually a pre-release, it won't be available to purchase until March!! How Awesome is that? I am in love with this blush...it is incredible and would be perfect for everyone!

Just wanted to show you the inside also! How awesome is that color!!! I love it!!

Le Letier De Beaute Replenishing Daily Soluton- 3 ml- Value- $30

Narciso Rodriguez Perfume- 1 ml- Value- $1.50

YES! This tiny sample is worth $30!!! 1 oz of this sells for $285.00 it the holy grail to numerous celebrities and models and I must admit, when I used it, it was amazing! I can't tell anything about results but it was like silk, my face was so soft and glowed....I would totally buy this $285.00 just for the way it makes my face feel...A lot of people swear by this stuff. It must be the fountain of youth in a bottle!!

I liked the perfume. It smells really good but it's different. I have never smelled another perfume with a scent even close to it. I would love to have this in a full size bottle!

Verdict: I paid $21 for this box and received $91.70 worth of products! I really loved this box and the products I received. I think it is a very good mix of products and very desirable at that. One of the items is not even available to the public until March and another one, the polish, was just released. Thy are all good sizes and you never get little foil packets for your regular products. They do on occasion include 1 as an extra and in this case the one they included was worth $30. The customer service is excellent! I love Glossy Box and I think is perfect for any body whether you a re a beauty guru or a beginner, it really would be perfect for anyone and it would also make the perfect gift!!

What did you think about this box? Which products did you get in your box? Are you thinking about signing up for this one? If so, just click Here!!


  1. Lol I love you, your are too cute! I love being a girl and taking pride in my appearance as well! I am loving the items you received in your box! I want to try the liquid sand nail polish so bad! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are too funny, Don King in a head lock! *GASP* Naked finger and toe nails, I couldnd't live in such a world, I'm pretty fond of the rest of my hygiene routine also! I would love to try the replenishing daily solution!