Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Subscription Box Alert!! Chic Shave!!

Make Shaving A Pleasure

Hey Ladies, finally it's here! We have monthly subscription box for our periods and now, thanks to Chic Shave we now have a monthly box for our shaving needs! With all these awesome subscription boxes coming out, we may never have to waste the time or gas at a local store again! I think this is an incredible idea and have been waiting to see a subscription company for this!

With Chic Shave, you will pick out the razor that fits your needs. They will send you out the handle and two refill cartridges in your first box, then every month you will receive fresh refill cartridges to fit that razor you chose. You can change your plan up anytime. So, If you pick The Sapphire Lady and don't like the shave you get then you can pick The Pink Lady the next time. You can also cancel anytime! For all this, you only pay $9 per month, shipping included!  That's less than you find in the store's, plus you save the time, the gas and the hassle!

So, what do you guys think about this one? I am excited about this one myself. This seems to be one thing I only remember after I go to shave my legs and realize that I have no more refills left! I hope to have a review of this one soon!

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  1. I might check this one out for $9 a month! Thanks for sharing and as always can't wait for your review!