Thursday, February 28, 2013

Color Me Monthly Review- February 2013- Monthly Nail Polish Subscription!!

Color Me Monthly

I have my first review of Color Me Monthly , a new exciting monthly nail polish subscription box that delivers a new beautiful, boutique-quality, non-toxic nail polish to your door every month. They do not charge you a bunch of money for a box full of pretty tissue paper and pretty packaging. No, they rather save you the money other companies charge for that and just simply deliver what you really want, pretty, quality nail polish at a fraction of the cost!! I appreciate a company realizing that in this economy we are all struggling. However, we are fashionista's and we still want to look fabulous! If I can save money by taking away all the pink boxes and bows....I say, let's do it!! All I want is the product, the rest is going in the trash anyways...right?!?!  Well, I am happy to report, and you will soon see for yourself, that Color Me Monthly has done just what they promised! They took away the little bows and the pretty packaging, cut their price down to a fraction of the other's and sent me one of the best nail polishes I have ever used!!

The box: Color Me Monthly 

The Product: 1 full size boutique quality nail polish delivered to your door every month!

The Cost: $7 monthly plus FREE Shipping!!

I Love how they include a card with a poem that goes along of the polish. Each month their is a different poem based on the name of that month's featured polish. This months polish is "Forbidden Crush", very fitting for Valentines!

This polish is a beautiful pink duochrome, the picture could never do this color justice! It is absolutely stunning! I was so impressed by the quality of this polish. I have purchased many different types of nail polish at various price points and I must say, this is definitely hands down, One of the best polishes I have ever used. I was amazed at how smooth the application was. The consistency of this formula is just perfect as well as the durability is incredible. This polish is non-toxic and Carcinogen-free, eco-friendly, never tested on animals and It' made in the good ole US of A....What more could you want?!?!

Verdict: I pretty much think what's printed on the inside of the box say's it all!! This is definitely pretty polish at an awesome price! I am extremely impressed with the quality and at such an amazing price!! I highly recommend this to everyone, If you love nail polish then you will love Color Me Monthly !! The insanely low price to sure to fit in any fashionista's budget, I mean $7 a month, including shipping is amazing especially for this quality of nail polish! They also have longer term options available, you can get a 6 month subscription for only $40 monthly or 12 months for only $75! This would make a perfect gift!! I love this polish and the whole concept. I can't wait to see what the awesome color is going to be next month!

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**** Make sure to stop by their facebook page and tell them The Fashion Bug In Florida sent you and one of you may be very happy you did! 

So, what did you guys think about this box? Are you going to sign up? Are you already signed up? Let me know!


  1. Love the color and the poem! I agree who really cares about a fancy box and packaging! I have nail art society now and have not been happy I only received February but I might switch to this one!

  2. I agree...that color is awesome! I have also dropped my nail art society amd I'm thinking of replacing it with this one, what can i say, I'm a polish junkie!