Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lip Factory Review- February 2013- Monthly Beauty Box Subscription

The Box: Lip Factory

The products: up to 10 full size and deluxe beauty products ( makeup, skincare, nail polish etc..) delivered to your door every month!

The Cost: $22 monthly, includes shipping for U.S. and Puerto Rico ( Canada $26 monthly, includes shipping- for all other's $32 monthly,  includes shipping )

Stila Plumping Lip Glaze- Full Size! Value- $ 22

I love when 1 product is equal to or exceeds the cost of the whole box! I have a lot more products to go and  the value of this product is the same as the cost of the whole box! Oh, but this isn't just any product....This is one of my favorite lip glosses! I love Stila Plumping Lip Glaze, It is amazing and it smells and taste great also!
The one I got is Vanilla Mint....LOVE It!

Nabi Lip Liner Pencil- Full Size! Value- $2

I was very surprised to see how cheap this brand is, in cost only! The quality is amazing for the price! All the reviews I could find on this brand was all really good as well. I would love to try more of their products! If you want quality makeup that any budget can afford....Try this one!

 Mini Kabuki Brush- Value- Approx. $5

I am not sure the brand of this Kabuki brush, however comparing it online I would say that $5 would be a good estimate. I love that they included this, I needed one for travel and this one is perfect for that!

L.A Splash Loose Eye Shadow in Oyster Shell- Full Size! Value- $6.99

L.A. Splash Loose Eye Shadow in Black Sea- Full Size- Value- $6.99

L.A Splash Loose Eye Shadow in Hula Hula- Full Size- Value- $6.99

29 Cosmetics Lip Therapy in Hint Of Honey- Full Size! Value- $24

OMG! I love 29 Cosmetics, everything I have ever tried from this brand has been beyond amazing!! This is the first time I have ever tried this product and I am so in love!! It's so soft and smooth when you out it on...My lips feel so moisturized! I am so glad this was included, it's like heaven for your lips! I will never be without this again! They also have another lip therapy called Wine Blot, that is definitely on my wishlist! I highly recommend this to any and everyone! It is a "Must Have"

29 Cosmetics Reserves Moisturizing Lipstick in Napa Juice- Full Size! Value- $25

WOW! Another amazing lip product from 29 Cosmetics. The name for this color fits it perfect! It's like the most perfect deep wine color, it is incredible!  All of 29 Cosmetics lip products are made with long lasting grape seed anti-oxidants that helps to protect against aging while keeping your lips moisturized and they all have SPF 20. Again, I was so excited and happy to see this was included!

29 Cosmetics Reserves Moisturizing Lipstick in Stompin Grapes- Full Size! Value- $25

NO.....Your eyes are not deceiving you! This is another fabulous lip stick from 29 Cosmetics! This is another perfect color! I love it...It reminds me of a deep red wine! Both of the colors I received fits my complexion perfectly and I love how my lips feel after applying this lipstick, It doesn't dry my lips out at all and makes them feel super soft! I Love this!

29 Cosmetics Leather Lip Stick Holder- Value-  Approx. $ 15

I could not find this on their site but looking at some of their other accessories and comparing it online I came up with an approx. value which is the bare min. this should cost. I love this lipstick case and love, love, love that Lip Factory hooked us up with it! It is a very nice leather case with a mirror and has the 29 cosmetics logo on the front. You can also attach this to your key ring, I love it!

29 Cosmetics skincare sampler-  value- ?

It's really hard to put a value on this. It contains a sample of the cream cleanser, serum extract, eye emulsion, and night moisture.  There is enough for 1 use of each. I used them all the first day I got it after I got out of the shower and then the night moisture right before I went to bed. I loved them all. Of course, as far as results, I can't tell you anything but I would love to get the full size of all 4 products. My face was very soft after using them. I am glad this was included in with the box. I wasn't familiar with their skincare products until now so It definitely added value to the box!

Verdict: The cost of this box was $22 and I received $138.97 worth of products. I am very happy with the products and the value! You guys have heard me say this several times that Lip Factory is my favorite subscription box and I am saying it again, Lip Factory is definitely my favorite and that's not easy to say because I get a lot of good ones but Lip Factory always includes a lot of products every month, most of which are full size! They always include colors that everybody wants not some off the wall discounted color that no one would buy. They are always on trend and curated to fit my complexion. The shipping is super fast, never any delays. The products always arrive in perfect condition and you never see any complaints or negative comments on their facebook page. Their customer service is the best I have experienced! I couldn't be happier and I can't think of one negative thing to say about Lip Factory. If I could only have one subscription box, this would definitely be the one I would keep! I highly recommend this to company to everyone! You can cancel anytime. Sign up and if you don't like your first box, cancel your subscription and I will buy your box from you....That's how sure I am that you will love it!!

What do you think about this box? Are you going to sign up? Do you already get this box? Let me know!

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  1. Wish the beauty boxes here were half as good xo

    1. Hi, Thanks for commenting! Where are you at? Lip Factory ships there boxes everywhere!!

  2. Wow you got both the NAPA JUICE and STOMPIN GRAPES ! And the Stila Lip Gloss. Lucky you! =) Lip F is my favorite too!

    1. Hi Kris, Yes I know...I guess I got the "gold ticket' this month! I was extremely excited! I love everything I got and LOVE LOVE LOVE Lip Factory!! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Wow amazing sub box! I am seriously considering this one! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sheena..If I could recommend one box to you, it would definitely be this one! Lip Factory is amazing, you know they are awesome when you go to their facebook page and never see the first negative comment! I highly recommend this one...full of full size products month after month!Thanks for commenting!