Monday, February 11, 2013

Bulu Box Review- January 2013- Monthly Supplement and Fitness Box + Free Box!!!

Bulu Box

Hello to all my Fabulous Fashion Bugs! I have a special box for you today and it's completely different than your typical beauty and food boxes! As most of you know, one of my New Year's Resolution's was to not only lose a few pounds but to start living a healthier lifestyle altogether. In my search for different ways to help me on this path, I discovered  the Bulu Box!

Bulu Box is the first vitamin, supplement, and general health subscription box designed to help you feel your best. Every month, you'll get a box filled with 4-5 premium, curated samples from top brands. Look forward to a new mix of products for both women and men, including vitamins, weight loss, sports nutrition, protein, diet, energy, detox, digestion, sexual health, herbs, natural remedies, endurance, and more. They'll make sure you get enough to decide if the products are right for you. No shipping or shady fees. Depending on your plan, you can cancel anytime. Get ready for a healthy discovery!

The Box: Bulu Box

The Products: 4-5 Premium samples of vitamins and supplements delivered to your door every month

The Cost: $10 monthly ( includes shipping! )

Immuno Gum-  Full Size! Value $3.50

This is a simple, highly effective chewing gum that administers immune-boosting ingredients in an instant. Immuno Gum comes in mixed berry flavor and supplies your daily immunity boost with Zinc, Vitamin C, enchinacea, elderberry, and more! I was very pleasantly surprised when I popped a piece of this delicious gum, it taste great and knowing that it's helping boost my immunity with every piece makes me feel awesome!

Dream Water- Full Size! Value- $3.75

First of all, I was extremely happy to see this in the box. I have been wanting to try it for awhile, I have a very, very hard time sleeping most nights so anything that can help me out, that is not a prescription sleep med is incredible! This worked very, very well! I did not really care for this flavor myself as I don't like most berry flavored liquids but it was not so bad that I couldn't drink it. However, I would love to try out a different flavor, I am definitely going to buy some more!

Washington Homeopathic Headache Relief- Full Size Blister Pack! Value- $3.50

This is another product I was very happy to see. I love finding homeopathic products like this. I do not like taking any kind of over-the-counter meds like Tylenol, Aspirin etc... because of the side effects and health risk. I especially do not like taking any prescription meds if I can help it! This company has over 500 different homeopathic products for any and every condition that you can think of. I used this product and was very surprised at it's effectiveness as well as how quickly it worked. I am going to place an order for more of this as well as a few other products that I found on their site.

Prefect Blocks- 1 Full Serving Packet- Value- $0.99

This is a meal replacement Shake mix. I haven't tried this yet but I am very excited to try it out!

Red Stinger- Black Label-  1 dose- Value- $0.60

This is awesome. It gave me mega energy and controlled my appetite all day! Very happy with these results and would highly recommend! Very glad this was included in the box!

Verdict- The cost of this box is $10 and the value of this month's box was $ 12.34. So the value exceeds the cost but beyond that all of these products were new to me and 4 of them I know I will buy more of. Bulu Box definitely introduced me to some amazing and exciting products that will help me on my path of living healthier while losing weight! I love that this box wasn't filled with little 1 use foil packets. There is actually enough to know if you want to buy the product or not! I Loved this box and have signed up for the 3 month subscription. I highly recommend this to everyone, regardless if your a man or woman, this is for everyone! You can't beat the price either, I mean $10 bucks...anyone can afford and you owe it to yourself! Everyone needs to live healthier and I know getting this every month will help motivate me to live healthier!!

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So, what do you guys think about this one? Are you going to take advantage of this special promo? Let me know!!

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