Wednesday, February 20, 2013

BirchBox Review- February 2013- Monthly beauty and Lifestyle Box

The Box: Birchbox

The Products: 4-5 deluxe beauty and lifestyle samples delivered to your door monthly

The Cost: $10 monthly including shipping ( you can score extra savings for more long term options..6 month, 12 month)

Vasanti Brighten Up- 20g- Value- $ 0.30

I was less than excited when I saw this sample because there was so many others one that other people got that I really wanted to try, however, I was very surprised at how much I actually loved this! It really makes your skin glow!

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara- Deluxe Sample- Value- $8

I like this mascara, It works really good. It doesn't clump and adds volume and length!

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint- 2.3 ml- Value- $1.75

Twistband Hairband- Value- $4

Verdict: I Paid $10 for this box and received $14.05 worth of products. I have been with Birchbox now for about 1 1/2 years and they have really gone down hill. I don't know what the problem is. My boxes use to be awesome! The samples were really good, the products was really good, desirable products. The boxes were exciting but for about the last 4 months it's really been pretty bad. They have like 40 different boxed they send out which is one of the problems because some of the boxes are awesome, some people are getting full size samples like, full size eye liners, nail polish, lip gloss and this month they had some awesome TIGI samples that were good size, I really wanted that, lancome make up remover, candles etc... You see boxes like that and then look at your pathetic box like the one I have and it makes it worse! I wish they only had a few different boxes and would really focus on making those good. Ipsy, is the same price every month but there bags are always awesome! They NEVER send foil packets out. All their samples are full size or true deluxe and travel size and it's products people really want! Why can't Birchbox do that? I don't know, I feel some since of loyalty to Birchbox. That was the first subscription I signed up with and they sent out a lot of amazing boxes before. I guess I am hoping they are going to step it up and start sending awesome boxes again. I am going to give them a couple more months and if nothing changes then I am going to have to cancel. I use to be so excited every month when my box came. I would be on pins and needles waiting for the mail man but It hasn't been that way for a while now!

What did you think about this box? Do you get Birchbox, if so, what did you get?


  1. I used to get BB but dropped them after 3 consecutive boxes of tiny samples and foil packets. Nothing deluxe, nothing full sized. If they had a polish, I never got it. I was sick of it so I dropped them.

  2. Wow, this IS a disappointing box... I'm still on the wait list, but now I'm not so sure I even want to try their subscription now :(

  3. I feel the same way. I got the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint too and it was smaller then the size of my thumb??!!! I also got the Vasani and ONE Ghirardelli chocolate square, ANOTHER Juicy perfume sample (also in my last box) and the only thing I was happy to see as the TIGI dry shampoo. But my boxes lately have been so disappointing :( it's a good thing their points system is good because its the only thing that is keeping me subscribed right now.

  4. I'm so jealous that you got the twist headband. It's super cute! I just posted my review of my February Birchbox on my blog. I received some amazing beauty products this month.

    - KW

  5. Seems like alot of people are not happy with Birchbox lately! I would be a bit dissappointed too!