Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sample Society Review- February 2013- Monthly Women's Beauty Box

I am absolutely in Love Sample Society! They are definitely one of my favorite beauty box subscriptions and this month's box completely blew me away! Every box I have received up to this point has always left me drooling and on pins and needles for the next one. They always have an awesome variety of items and they do not send you a box full of foil packets! All the items are full size, deluxe or travel size samples. If they do include a foil packet, it does not count as one your 5 products...It will be an extra, which I have received from them before but again, It was an added bonus on top of the regular 5 products you get every month. They also include other extra's sometimes that doesn't count as one of the 5 samples. For example, January we all received a big, deluxe sample of a new product Pantene was coming out with so we actually got 6 products that month. Sample Society is amazing and I highly recommend this one to any and everyone! OK...OK...Now for what you guys have all been waiting for....

The Box: Sample Society ( please use my referral code- Fashionbug, it will get you 20% off on your first purchase from all of their sites! )

The Products: 5 Full size and Deluxe beauty samples delivered to your door every month!

The Cost: $15 monthly- includes shipping! This also includes a subscription to Allure magazine which is one of my favorite fashion/beauty magazines!

Immunocologie Treatment Cream- 0.5 oz- Value- $80

WOW! This is amazing, which it should be...The full size is $275 but I do believe it just may be worth it! After using for a week I could already see results and most importantly others could too! I love this and may just have to splurge when my sample is gone. A little goes a long way, so I will be able to use this for a while!  I think if your going to splurge on a beauty product, skin care is definitely the one to do it with. A good skincare regimen is extremely important!

Maya Water Facial Mist in Organic Goji- Travel Size- Value- $20

This was a new product for me. I had never heard of it before but I love it! I am so glad Sample Society introduced me to it. It has been hailed as a " Miracle in a bottle" and it just may be! It contains anti-oxidants for the skin, prevents and repairs sun damage, and also helps to fight wrinkles and skin discoloration! It can be used on your bare skin or over makeup as a setting spray and it can also be used in your hair to prevent fly away's and static electricity we sometimes get in the winter months! I will definitely be buying more of this when my sample runs out, The full size can is $40

Exude Lipstick Gloss in Coral - Full Size! Value- $29

I love Exude lipstick! I was already familiar with the brand before this box but was extremely excited when I saw it, This is an amazing brand. It is different from any other lipstick out there. This is thicker than a typical lip gloss yet much smoother than a lipstick. It is not sticky at all and goes on very smooth! It also defends against signs of aging with an anti-aging complex of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essentail fatty acids, hydrates and fights oxidation! Love this and highly recommend it!

Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Thickening & Strengthening Mousse- 1 oz- Value- $4

I love Oscar Blandi Products! I have used several different products and loved them all, I haven't used this one yet but can't wait! I will update you guys on how well it works once I do use it. It states that it plumps and expands hair to make it look thicker and has a strong flexible hold. The reviews I have read on it has all been incredible!

LaRocca Hibiscus Cream Cleanser with AHA- 7ml- Value- .50

This was the first time I ever used this cleanser. I like it, it works, It does what it claims but it didn't wow me. It was nothing special or unique. I have used other cleansers I liked better for less money. The price for a full size bottle of  this is $36. I was glad that it was included in the box and that I got the chance to try it. I do like some of their other products a lot so may have spent the $36 to try it and although I would have used it, It wouldn't have been a favorite.

Verdict- I paid $15 for this box and I received $133.50 worth of products! That is an amazing value! I loved 4 out 5 of the products that were included and didn't hate the 5th one, It just wasn't one of my favorites. I also receive a subscription of Allure Magazine which is incredible and this little Allure booklet is included every month with helpful beauty tips and information on other products as well as a card listing the products included in the box and information on each product. You also get a $15 promo code to use towards the purchase of the full size products that was included in your box for that month. I have always been happy with my Sample Society boxes and was blown away by this one! I can't wait to see what next month will bring!

What did you think about this box? Do you get Sample Society? If so, what products did you get?

*** Don't forget, if you want to sign up for this box or if you just want to make a purchase on one of their sites, Please use my code " Fashionbug" which will save you 20% off your first purchase on each site!! Thanks!


  1. Wow, that Immunocologie sounds amazing!

  2. wow, what a great box! I may just sign up for this one.

  3. hmm this box definitely sounds appealing

  4. I am loving the products you received in this box! Not bad for the price! I love getting products at a value!