Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Klutch Club Box Review- February 2013- Monthly Women's Health and Wellness Subscription Box

Hello Fashion Bugs! I have a new review on a subscription box for you today. First let me say that I had the best experience in regards to customer service, that I have ever had with any other company! Klutch Club cares about not only their current members/customers, but also their potential members/customers a great deal. I was even more blown away once I saw the box!! I actually have two reviews for this box. This will be for a regular monthly box and then I have another amazing review coming up for the Valentine's Best Of Box!

The Box: Klutch Club 

The Products: Health and Wellness products delivered right to your door every month! You can choose either the Woman's Box or the Man's Box. You will receive a min. of $50 worth of products every month.

The Cost: $10 monthly + $8 shipping. ( The longer the commitment, the more substantial the savings)

C. Booth Honey & Almond Body Butter- Full Size! Value- $7

Giovanni 2 Chic Shampoo & Conditioner- 1.5 oz ( each) Value- $2.10

I love that Klutch Club includes beauty products in their boxes! Both of these products are amazing! The body butter is just simply "Heaven" it smells so good and moisturizes very well! I highly recommend this to everyone and you can't beat the price! The Shampoo & Conditioner is incredible! I am really glad they introduced me to this. The price for the full size bottles as only$8.99 each!! Highly recommend these as well!

Jaali Bean Lentil & Rice Kit - Full Size! ( serves 4) Value- $5.42

I have not tried this yet but I am really glad this was added. I am excited about trying it and will update you when I do!

Zevia Natural Cola- (1) 12 oz can- Value- $1

I have not tried this yet but this is one of the products I am most excited to try. I have a severe addiction to Mountain Dew, They also have a flavor that is suppose to taste like Mountain Dew and If it does...I will be in heaven! They actually have flavors that are suppose to taste like all the popular flavors on the market. I recommend checking it out. I will for sure update you guys once I try this one!

Soy Joy Cranberry- Full Size! Value- $1.08

Soy Joy Dark Chocolate Cherry- Full size! Value- $1.08

I have not tried either one of these yet either but I am looking forward to trying them out as I have heard so much about them! I will update you guys as soon as I do!

Funky Monkey Pineapple with lime- Full Size! Value- $2.22

Lush Gourmet Nuts- 0.8 oz- Value- $.75

I loved both of these products! The funky Monkey fruit snacks are really good but I think the Lush Nuts were my favorite! I am a sucker for chocolate!

KT Tape-  2 Strips- Value- $2

Berry Plus Laundry Soap- 10 Loads- Value- $4

I was very excited to see both of these products! I have been wanting to try them both out they are both awesome! The KT Tape is one of my favorite new finds! This is not just for people that work out, if you have Carpal Tunnel, Lower Back Pin, Wrist Pain, Shoulder Pain, Ankle Strain, Golfer's elbow, tennis elbow, etc...This is perfect for you and I would highly recommend checking this out, It works great, sticks well...Perfect! The Berry Plus Laundry Soap is fantastic! I have tried the whole dried berry nuts and loved it but had been wanting to try the liquid version, I have read so many amazing reviews...This did not disappoint! I love it! These little micro doses ( see photo below for a picture of the actual micro dose liquid inside of package) clean so well, it's amazing that it only takes such a small amount! I highly recommend this and it is perfect if you need to pack it up!! Both of these are awesome!!

I wanted to show you guys a picture of the inside of this package. These are the little micro doses that you use for the laundry! I LOVE this!!

This also came with coupons and promo codes on some of the items. There is a gift card for $10 to Seer outfitters and it is an actual gift card, it's not $10 off a $50 purchase or not of that crap...I actually scored a cool canvas tote bag with my gift card...just had to pay small shipping fee! Coupon for $1 off  a 6 pk of Zevia, a $25 coupon code to Stream Fir, good for 2 months of unlimited membership! A special promo for lush nuts, buy one get one free....I will probably be taking advantage on that one for sure!!

Verdict: This cost of this box was $10 plus $8 shipping for a total of $18 and I received $ 61.65 worth of products and services (This includes the 2 month membership to streamline and $10 gift card to Seer Outfitters) The value is awesome and I loved the products that were included! I love that they do not just send supplements and protein Bars, they send beauty products ( you now that's my favorite) laundry soap, and they include free services and gift cards on top of the other amazing products included! This is by far my favorite Health/Fitness box, They have an amazing amount of variety and awesome, desirable products! The boxes are full of full size and true deluxe samples not a few foil packets that you could score anywhere for free. I am definitely subscribing to this one and can't wait to see what's next! I also love that they offer a box for women and a different one for men. We have different needs! I highly recommend this box to any and everyone!!

What did you think about this box? Are you ready to sign up?

If you are ready to start receiving all this awesomeness that is Klutch Club, just click Here and sign up and then sit back, relax and wait for your awesome box full of goodies to arrive!

****Stay tuned for the review on the  Valentine's Best Of Box!! It is really amazing!!! Over $100 worth of products!


  1. Pretty interesting box! Not bad for $10 but the $8 shipping kinda kills it for me!

  2. Not bad, just don't think it's for me...can't wait to see the Valentine's Best Of Box!