Monday, February 18, 2013

Nail Art Society Review- February 2013- Monthly Nail Polish and Nail Accessory Subscription Box

The Box: Nail Art Society

The Products: Nail Polish and Nail art accessories/tools delivered to your door every month!

The Cost: $19.95

Finger Paints Nail Polish- Full Size! Value $5.49 ( Romanticism Ruby)

The picture of this polish really does not do it any justice at all, this is a deep sparkly Ruby color...Very pretty!

3D Nail Art Lace- 1 sheet-  Value- approx. $.80

Not sure about this. I saw some cute mani's using it but I don't know if I like it.

Chain Nail Decoration- 1 pack- Value- Approx. $ 1.05

Gold Love Decals- 12 decals- Value- Approx. $ 0.5

Dotting tool- Value-  Approx. $ 1

Nail Buffer Block- Value- Approx. $ 1

I already have a set of 10 dotting tools so this wasn't a big deal to me but It was nice to include. I love nail buffer blocks so I was glad this was included.

Verdict: I paid $9.95 ( I signed up in the very beginning so I got in under the intro. price which was locked in) and I received approx. $ 9.39 worth of products. Had I paid the $19.99 price, I would have been very upset!! When this subscription launched, it stated we would receive everything in a reusable cosmetic bag. We only received that the first month, every since then it's been put in this bubble wrap packaging. On the site it shows brands like Butter London, Essie, LVX, Zoya, China Glaze, & OPI. The first bag was the best. It came in a black sequin makeup bag and it included a full size LVX Polish with a few other nail art supplies. but since then, it's been cheap nail polish, old trends and cheap nail art supplies. If the polishes was the brands they promised then the rest wouldn't matter however it's not been at all what was promised. Then they went up from $9.95 to $19.95 ....none of this is worth $10 let alone $20!! However, when they went up on the price, they posted on facebook that is because they were making some changes and was going to have a lot more lux bags....Well, I haven't seen that yet! This is my 4th bag and I really only liked the 1st one. Also, there are so many talented nail artist out there that features beautiful work and tutorials...I don't knopw who they have curating there bags and nail art but it is completely tasteless and tacky! The look for this month looks just nasty! I have yet to see anyone do the look the featured but I have seen several nail art bloggers do looks with the supplies that was in the bag and it looked awesome! I was so excited when this bag came out because of the brands they showed would be included and because they included nail art but I have been very disappointed the last 3 bags. If they don't step it up and start doing what was promised, I will be canceling and I know a lot of others that will be too!

What did you think of this bag?


  1. How disappointing! I thought this was a great idea, but I didn't sign up for this simply because I know where to go and get these simple nail art tools without the wait of delivery. After seeing so many complaints about how cheap the polishes and supplies are I'm really glad I didn't. I agree that I'd be really upset. They better step up the game or they will be seeing a lot of people dropping the sub!

  2. I didn't know that all the sets they send out are different...I received a light pink polish(Finger Paints) and the other things you got. This is my first month receiving this and I also am very disappointed. I get it for the discounted price but I could go to my local store and get what they sent for under $10. I'm going to let it go for one more month and if it's as lame as this months I will be cancelling!!!

  3. I signed up because the first bag looked amazing from all the reviews and I haven't been thrilled with the bags so far, though I'm glad I'm paying the reduced price. I completely agree with you that the nail trends are tacky. Seriously, disgustingly tacky. Chains? Really? Who in the world thought that was a good idea?? The matte polishes chipped badly after less than 24 hours and I used a good top coat so that polish was awful. I'm giving it one more month and then I'm dropping if they don't wow me.

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