Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ole Henriksen Red Carpet Skin Giveaway!!

Hey Fashion Bugs! I have an awesome giveaway for you today! Very easy to enter, all you have to do is click Here to follow Old Henriksen on Pinterest and then re-pin any image from their Red Carpet Ready Skin board ( you should already be on that board when you click the link above) with the hashtags  #oldhenriken and #redcarpetskin.  Then click Here and hover over where it says "Complete Your Entry" that will bring up the short form where you will enter your email address, Pinterest user name, and zip code then just push enter and your all set! There are 3 winners, 1 Grand prize and 2 Runner Ups. All prizes are valued at $250  Good Luck!! I would to see one of my Fashion Bugs win this one! 


  1. Just an FYI, the user name is mistyped. It's Ole Henriksen, not old. Also, clicking the first 'here' link to follow them didn't work for me.

  2. Hi, Thank You for your comment. That was a typo, as you can see it Ole Henriksen was spelled correctly in the title for the post and I check all links before posting to make sure they work correctly but I just clicked on the link again and it worked also, nobody else has had any problems with the link so I am not sure what the problem is, or why it is not working for you. This is the link to follow them on pinterest.....

    Thank You!