Saturday, February 2, 2013

Julep Maven Box- February 2013- Monthly Nail Polish Box

The Box: Julep Maven

The Products: Full Size Nail polish, Nail products, and other Beauty surprises delivered to your door every month!

The Cost: $19.99 Monthly ( This includes shipping as well as other benefits for being a Maven. Some of which include special pricing for all products sold in the Julep shop and Free shipping for all orders placed.)

***The Maven Box for February is the A-List box, which features a limited edition collection of polishes inspired by famous Actresses.

I wanted to mention the packaging for the Maven boxes. I know some people do not care at all about packaging, However, I do. I think when a company takes the time to make sure the presentation is special, it shows that they care more than just the old mighty dollar. The little extra's and the special touches mean alot to me and I take that into consideration when figuring the value of something. If 2 companies offer the same item and one company goes out of their way with the presentation, while the other just throws the item in a box but offers a lesser price, I would definitely pay more and go with the first company. Chances are they also care more about making sure their customers are satisfied! Julep never fails to make sure the packaging and presentation is extra special. Like this box, for example, it is filled with black and gold tinsel along with gold tissue paper. Everything is perfectly wrapped, organized and looks incredible. It makes the whole experience more special. I love it!!

This is how the 2 nail polishes came packaged in the box this month, I love this! It makes it so much more exciting to me, just these little special touches!

***I received the American Beauty Box

Julep Nail Polish in Joan- Full Size! Value- $14 ($11.20 + free shipping, if you're a maven)

Julep Nail Polish in Sally- Full Size! Value- $14 ($11.20 + free shipping, if you're a maven)

I really love both of these colors a lot! Joan was inspires by Joan Crawford and has a shimmer finish. It is a beautiful deep burgundy with shimmer's of gold in it. All of these limited edition colors are labeled with a vintage number. Joan is 12, meaning their 12 color creation in 2013. Next is Sally, which was inspired by the Amazing Sally Field, who is one of my personal favorites. Sally has a creme finish and it is a very muted creamy gold. These would look incredible together in a color combo of some kind or amazing on their own. I am really excited to play around them!

Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment- Full Size! Value- $18 ( $14.40 + free shipping for mavens)

Julep Freedom Top Coat- Full Size! Value- $18 ( $14.40 + free shipping for mavens)

The Oxygen Nail Treatment is a brand new release and was the "product" for the February boxes. I am so very excited about this treatment and can't wait to start using it. I have thin, weak nails that tend to break and split due to years of abuse from artificial nails. Yes, that is very, very bad on your real nails, especially long-term use and I kept my nails done at all times, for years, not really knowing the damage I was doing. I will never do that again. That's why I started treating myself to these monthly maven boxes. I do my nails myself at home and I do not use artificial nails anymore. I am excited to see what results I get with this new nail treatment. It states is is "makeup for your nails" Click on the link above to read all the info. about it. The "Freedom" Top Coat was a special bonus in this months box. I was shocked that they included this in all the boxes. It too is a new release. I actually pre-ordered this and received it last month and it is amazing. It gives your nails the look and strength of a Gel polish but with this you don't have to use a curing light, special nail polish remover, etc... I Love It!!!

( Is it just me or do you really like that these two came in their own boxes? I don't know...Maybe I'm just silly about this stuff but these coming in their own boxes make them seen even more exciting to me...I like it!)

Julep Eye Lash Curler- Value?  This was a special bonus item, I couldn't find it in the Julep Shop so I don't know what the value is but I love it! It seems to be pretty good quality too. This is a perfect size for your handbag also. I love when they include extras like this. Like last month they included the neon twist ties. Love, Love, Love!!!

 In honor of Valentine's Day, they also included some milk chocolate hearts, I loved them...I only wish they would've included more of them :)

Julep Nail Polish in Laura- Full Size- Value- $ 14 ($11.20 + free shipping for mavens)                                  

I really liked this color when I saw it so I picked this for my add-on this month. It has a creme finish. It is a Olive khaki creme and looks better in person. For those of you that don't know Julep has several items every month that they add to the selection window at super special pricing. You can choose up to 3 to add on to your Maven box.

*** Because this was a special add-on I only had to pay the special pricing of $4.99

Verdict: I paid $19.99 ( $4.99 for the "add-on" polish) and I received $64 worth of products ($78 including my add-on and this price doesn't include the value for the eyelash curler. It's worth atleast $5 bucks so that would bring the value up to $83) This is an amazing value as are all of the Maven boxes. I really liked this box alot, it is probably my favorite one in a while, which Is not easy to say because they all have been so awesome!  I love the extra work Julep put's into the presentation of these boxes. I am very please with everything in this box and can't believe the extra's they included. I love getting my Julep Maven box every month and they always keep them Fresh and exciting! They are always coming up with new polishes, products, etc...for the maven boxes. I Love Julep! It was very hard for me this month because I wanted to upgrade to the big box and get all the polishes for this month but I ordered so much from Julep between December and January it's insane! So, I had to really use a lot of self control this month. I am going to post a picture of all the boxes and products I've ordered just since December to show you what I mean....I think I need professional help, all the items are still in the boxes...I haven't even used any of it yet...Yep, I definitely have a problem. Maybe I need to start a Julep help bet there would be a lot of members!! Julep has a very loyal following!!

So, What did you think of this month's box? Which box did you get? Do you want to join Julep? If so, let me know by commenting below and I will give you my referral link and a promo code to get your first box for a penny!!


  1. I signed up for Julep with the penny box promo a few months ago. Sadly, all three polishes I got were horrible quality. Super thick and likely old. I had to toss them, it was that bad. I did add their quick dry drops as an add-on and I love those!! I've skipped every month since my initial order. I'm staying a Maven though for access to the store so I can buy the drops again, from what I've heard from several people, the quality of their 'accessories' far surpasses quality of the polish.

    1. I have never had a problem with the quality of their polishes and I have never heard anyone else say anything about that. Their customer service is as good as it gets, If you call them and tell them about the polish you received I am sure they would send you out some new ones. Maybe it being the intro box or something, I don't know. I would definitely give one of the regular monthly boxes a shot and see if the polish is still the same as the first. I do love those drops also. I just recently placed a order for two more bottles when it was on sale. Have you tried the Argan Oil? It is great also!

  2. Ack! I forgot what colors I chose. It'll all be a double surprise now! I'm excited about that eyelash curler!

    Crymsyn--I <3 those quick dry drops. I had the drops from Zoya first and didn't like them nearly as much as the ones from Julep.

    1. Yes, I loved everything in this box! Let us know what colors you end up with and how well you like them!

  3. I can't wait to see how well the oxygen treatment and top coat work! :)

    1. I pre-ordered the top coat back in Dec. so I already know it is fabulous! You won't ever want to use another topcoat and I have had the Oxygen treatment on now for about a week and I am in love with it!! Let me know what you think!!