Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Original Finders Key Purse Review and Giveaway- Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2013

Well, This is the 3rd Gift in my Valentine's Day Gift Guide. I wanted to feature gift's for my first annual Valentine's Day 2013 Gift Guide that would be at different price points and that would be perfect for all the special people in your life, as well as yourself because if your like me....We always have to be a gift for ourselves as well! Today's gift has quickly become one of my favorites. This would be perfect to give to your BFF, Daughter, Sister, Mother, Pastor's wife or anyone. It is affordable enough that you can include several special people...including yourself, in your gift giving this Valentine's Day.

This is another amazing gift from Isnt This Clever, most of you will probably remember the Chic Sac by Isn't This Clever, I reviewed as well as held a giveaway for back during the "Getting Hott For The Holiday's" Giveaway. It is a favorite of mine as well. I never leave the house without it! Today I am introducing you to the Finder's Key Purse....

The Finders Key Purse is a unique, patented accessory that attaches to any key ring, eliminating the need to dig for keys. They currently have over 100 different designs to choose from. Everything from collegiate, cute and fashionable, to personalized Key Finders. Your sure to find one to fit your style!

As you can see it has a fashionable design which doubles has a hook and then a clip on the other end for you to clip your key's to. The one I received is from their newest collection, just in time for Valentine's Day, Queen Of Hearts.

It attaches to any key ring, no matter how many keys nor how many key rings. You clip it onto the key ring and your ready. Apart from the obvious aggravation of having to search for your keys, especially if your like me and love big, bottomless, handbags, It is dangerous to stand out by your car digging around for your keys. You never know who's watching you and may be waiting for an opportunity to sneak up on you. You need to be alert and focused while walking to your car.  Don't give some creep the opportunity to turn you into a victim!! Thankfully because of the Key Purse, you won't have to anymore...

It hooks onto any handbag, pocket, backpack etc... Just grab the Key Purse and your keys are right there, never to get lost again! With this, you will never get caught with your head in your purse, leaving yourself open to becoming a crime victim!  You can get the Key Purse for only $6.95. So get one for your daughter, sister, mother, friend, child's teacher etc... You won't only be giving them a fashionable, practical gift that everyone would love but also a gift that will help keep them safe and with all the different designs , you can find one to match all their different taste and personalities. Here are a few of my favorites....

For the Fashionista's....

Black Dress Finders Key Purse Key FinderBlack Polka Dot Purse Finders Key PurseLiz Shoe Finders Key Purse Key Finder

For the religious ladies...

Cross Finders Key Purse Key FinderWings & A Prayer Finders Key Purse Key Finder

For your child's favorite teacher....

Favorite Things

Your Daughter....

Girly Pirate Finders Key Purse Key FinderFido Finders Key Purse Key FinderSandy's Kitty Finders Key Purse Key Finder

Your BFF....

Two Kitties Finders Key Purse Key FinderBest Friends Finders Key Purse Key FinderHappy Hour Finders Key Purse Key Finder

Just because I am a hardcore GA. Fan....

Georgia Bulldogs Finders Key Purse

And finally you go with a more personal touch....

Silver Plain  Finders Key Purse Key Finder shown with engravingYou can engrave initials, # 1 mom, or maybe you and your girlfriend has a special saying or nicknames...the possibilities are endless!!

I love my Finder's Key Purse. As I stated before I hated having to hunt for my keys all the time in the bottom of my handbag and I don't have to worry any longer about someone coming up behind me, while I'm standing outside my car looking for my keys. I can stay alert and focused while walking to my car so I can keep an eye on my surroundings, which everyone needs to do. This is such a small price to pay for a fabulous little gift that will help to assure that special person you care for stay's safe!

Isn't this clever has many other practical, innovative products to choose from also, click here to check them all out. Also, they have a special going on right now. With any purchase you make, you get a free Finder's Key Purse. So, you can actually score 2 Key Finders for the price of 1!! Hurry though, you don't want to miss out on this incredible special!!

*** Isn't This Clever, has generously offered to give one of The Fashion Bug In Florida readers their very own Finder's Key Purse. Just follow the entries on the rafflecopter below for your chance to win!

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  1. Want the high heel adorable!!!! Pink & Black...Love the colors!!!! Carrie B from Beautybuzz!!!

  2. Animal Print Finders Key Purse Key Finder looks amazing! Thanks for hosting! <3

  3. I'd want the personalized one, and my first initial is actually K! That's a gorgeous font, I love it! That or the polka dot purse...I love them both. I have two sets of keys I think I'll have to have two eventually! haha

  4. I'd like to win the skull and cross bones one with a pink bandana! Too cute!

  5. I'd love to get the turquoise and silver or the symphony finders one! Both are beautiful.

  6. I can't decide between the purse and the high heel...definitely one of those two though :)

  7. I am digging the heart one you are sporting, or the purse!