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Ruffles With Love Review, Giveaway AND Promo Code!

Hello Fashion Bugs!! I have something very special for you guys today! As you all know I am in the process of trying to get back into shape, lose some weight and live a healthier lifestyle so, I have been looking for products to help me with this journey. The most important step in this journey is working out and exercising! No matter how much I decrease my appetite or how healthy I eat, without the exercising I am only doing half the job and therefore I will only see half the results! Well, of course, you gotta have the right duds. You can't workout in jeans and stilettos...although....Hmm....Nope, forget about, Back to what I was saying, you have to the right clothes, they need to be comfortable, lose fitting, and functional,  However, who say's you can't have all that and look super cute?!?! NOBODY! So, In my search for comfortable, functional and fabulous workout clothes, I came across a shop on Etsy by the name of Ruffles With Love! They create the most Fabulous workout shirts ever!!   Oh man...I was instantly in love when I saw everything that was in this store! Super Cute and fun, the only problem is, you will want them all! Their work out tanks  are just a whole lotta awsomeness! They also have the ever popular and fabulous off-the-shoulder sweatshirts ( my personal favorite)  as well as Yoga pants and hoodies! Well, I decided to reached out to Ruffles with love and see if they were interested in a review and a giveaway for my  fabulous fellow Fashion Bugs and spoke with Vanessa which is super sweet and Fab! She was so gracious to send me a sweatshirt and tank to review and sponsor a giveaway for you guys but that wasn't all..... She also gave me a special promo code that can be used by all my Fashion Bugs! The giveaway and promo code will, of course, be at the end of the review! Ok, now on to the shirts! Shirt # 1-


This is a eco fleece sweatshirt with an off-the-shoulder neckline and kangaroo front pocket. This is perfect to throw on as your leaving the gym, to start your run's in! These photo's do not do this shirt justice!! 
This is the most comfortable sweatshirt I have ever put on! I have literally been living in it since I got it! It hangs off the shoulder perfectly, it's extremely comfortable and it's loose fitting which is what you want when your working out or laying around ( I been doing a whole lot of that). I love the bow, just a little added detail that adds so much! The bow is also removable. So, if you get the shirt and decide you don't like the bow you can just take it off and when it's time to wash your sweatshirt your going to want to remove it. These can be made in black, turquoise, purple, blue, and gray and they come in sizes S-XL. These are women's also. I went up a size in mine because I wanted it to fit baggy and really have that deep off-the-shoulder look, it's perfect! I am not sure the brand of the sweatshirt but it's obvious that it's not cheap at all! The material is so soft and nice. I could wear this everyday....I have worn it more than I care to admit since I received it... I will definitely be buying some more of these! 

Now, on to shirt # 2

Workout Tank

This is a super fun and cute shirt to work out in! It fit's perfectly, I love the colors of this one and the Phrase on it....Perfect for any fashionista! There are so many different color chooses for the shirts as well as the lettering. There are also 2 different types of Tanks to choose from, regular tank top and the razorback. This one is a razor back. I liked the looks of the razor back and I like the fit of a razorback for working out in however, this is not your ordinary razorback.....this has some special touches to it as you will see in the next picture. She does amazing work and the back of this shirt is so awesome!

This is so beautiful and flattering the way that she gathers the back of the shirt and then twist it, creating the razor back! The added bow really sets it off too but not to worry, they thought of everything. The bow is removable so when your ready to throw the shirt in the wash, you just remove the bow which it attached to type of pin. I love that because I don't have to worry about trying to tie the bow back perfectly! I going to  try and show some more close up photos so you can really see the detail.

I love the way this is done! It is very unique and you will not find anything like this for sale at the mall! These come in sizes adult S-XXL. I would recommend going up a size in this one, specially if your more endowed up top because the way it is made and how it's gathered. It only fits a little snug around my breast area so if you don't have a big chest than you would probably be safe to stay with your regular size. It's not snug enough that I can't wear it nor is it bothersome. I personally like my workout clothes to fit baggy so if that isn't important to you, then again, stay with your normal size. I can't tell you anything about the fit for the regular tank as I did not get that one. Again, you can tell this is not a cheap brand. The material is very soft. This is so fabulous!!

I love both of these shirts very much! I think they are fabulous and functional! I highly recommend them to everyone. Whether your looking for something for yourself or a gift for your bff, you can not go wrong here! You are sure to find a color scheme and phrase to fit any mood or personality! These are both super affordable as well with the sweatshirt selling for $38 and the tanks selling for $22. I love them and I will be definitely be ordering more specially the tanks with spring and summer coming up!

Ok, now as promised Ruffles With Love has graciously offered to sponsor a giveaway for any tank of your choice! They also included a promo code for 10% any order. Just use " FASHIONBUG10" at check out!

Good News!! This giveaway IS open to international fans!! Follow the directions on the rafflecopter below to enter. All mandatory entries must be completed in order to win. If your name is picked and you have not completed the mandatory entries, you will be disqualified! If anyone unlike's my Facebook page or unfollows my blog after giveaway has ended, you will be disqualified from entering any further giveaways....and yes, I do check! These giveaways are to reward my followers!

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  1. I love the bombshell in progress tank! Thanks for the review and giveaway!