Monday, October 22, 2012

Another HOTT Deal for you guys...Get free items or very very cheap!!


You can click the link below and sign up (very easy signup...just enter email and password) You will get a $20 credit, You can enter the promo code FREESHIP and if you get 6 people to sign up under your referral link you will get another $20 credit. I just scored this Stila Bronze set (both items fullsize) :

I only had to pay $2....I got the $20 credit for signing up and another $20 for signing up 6 people under referral link and used promo code to get free shipping. There are many other items but hurry because items are selling out!!

TIP******* If you have more than one email acct. send referral link to those address ( I have 3 others) all you have to do when you sign up is enter email and password...Then I had 3 family member sign up or give me their email and whatever password they wanted and signed up for them...Very easy to get 6 signups for the add. $20 credit!!




  1. Just signed up, haven't seen a credit yet, but no biggie. However, it said, for every 10 friends that you get to sign up, you get $10. Where is the thing for the 6 for $20? Am I missing something here?

  2. Hey, I saw on their page that several people didn't get their credit. They said to send them a message and they would make sure that your credit showed up. But I didn't see my credit until I started to check out so try that too and at the top of the page where it says invite friends get rewards is where it stated that but I just noticed they changed it. It did say sign 6 people up and get $20 and when your friend makes their first purchase get $20 but now they changed it to sign 10 people up get $10 and when they make their first purchase get $10....I am going right now to their facebook page and ask them about this...thats bulls**t!!