Friday, October 19, 2012

The Look Bag - October 2012 Review and code for first box- Monthly beauty and Makeup Subscription Box

This is my first bag from The Look Bag, From what I can tell they came out for several months and had some issues or something so they stopped shipping for awhile and now they just had their official re-launch. I don't know what happened before but all I can say, after receiving my first bag, is WOW!! They certainly don't have any issues now. They guarantee at least 2 out of the 5 products will be full size and the others deluxe. Now, I'm happy if I get at least one full size item in my boxes, so when I read that..Oh yeah..It was on, I ordered immediately. Shipping was really fast also. Ok..on to the good stuff... The package comes in this cute pink bubble wrap....

The Box: The Look Bag

The Cost: $12.95 (+ tax in CA) Use code TLB to get 25% off your first bag which makes it $9.71

The Products: 5 deluxe and full size beauty and skin care products ( They guarantee at least 2 full size products in every box)

Pop Beauty nail polish - Full size!! Value- $10

Stila eyeshadow pan- Full size!! Value $18

Pixi lip & line primer- Full size!! Value- $18

I love this so much! No more bleeding or feathering!! This brand is amazing also!

York Peppermint patty SPF15 lip balm- Full size!! Value - $3

Freeman Body wash- 1oz -Value- $1.30

Verdict: I paid 9.71 ( w/ promo code) and I received $50.30 worth of products. I love this box and I hope it is an example of things to come. I love and will use all the products and I think this was a good mix of items. I am tired of all the skincare products in my other products, I have been wanting one with more makeup and this one sure delivered on that. 4 out of 5 products were full size which is incredible and the brands are amazing. I can't think of anything at all negative about this box. The value is amazing, the shipping was fast, the products are insanely good and the customer service is wonderful, I mean what more could you ask for..right? I will definitely be keeping this subscription!! 

I have a feeling this one is going to fill up fast, so if you guys are interested I would say...Do NOT waste any time on this, Hurry and sign up now!!

So, What did you guys think about this one? Anyone else here subscribed? How many of you guys are going to subscribe?   Come on...Time for some girl talk!!


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    1. Hi sweetie, The code is under the second picture, However it expired on Oct. 31st. I would highly recommend the bag as the value far exceeds the $12 cost... I haven't posted this yet but I recieved an email from TopFloor stating that new members can get a free trial for $4.95 shipping. You will get to choose an item for up to $25 plus they have Pureology bonus items so you should get the 2 items in your cart and then you get to go through the fun of trading...Beware though it is Highly Thank you!!