Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm Back!!!!

I am so sorry things have been quiet the last few days but my service had been out. I have Dish and they kept coming out trying to figure out what was wrong. Every time they tried to replace the equipment, thinking  the issue could be there, the new equipment would malfunction. Well, after numerous technicians working on it and the last one staying until 10pm on a sunday night, They finally figured out what the problems was. I have a surround sound home theater system ( like most people do) well, It has a big sub-woofer that goes to it and they kept sitting the equipment on it and come to find out it has a big magnet in it and that is what caused all the equipment to malfunction! So, beware of this because it can also damage televisions and other electronics!!

So, now that all that is behind me, I am back and have several product reviews coming up. Also, Keep your eyes open. I have a BIG Christmas Giveaway coming up and another blogger will be co-hosting it with me. She is Awesome and I have no doubt, you all will love her and her blog! I want to give you guys what you want so....I need some ideas. We already have a makeup prizes and I know I had one suggestion for jewelry so I am working on that. I am planning on several different winners, so give me some more ideas of things that you guys would like to have. There is no wrong answers or ideas...It can be anything...just throw it out there and you never know....It just may be one of the prizes!!

Ok, Well I am have several post coming up for product reviews...So, until then.... Bye, Bye Fashion bugs


  1. Purses, shoes, you already said makeup and jewelry, so that's all I can think of right now!! :) I love fun costume jewelry!!

    1. Sounds great, Thanks for the feedback!! I am working on some fun, awesome Jewelry giveaways for you guys right now and I am hoping to have all of these items in the Christmas giveaway!!