Monday, October 1, 2012

Rocks Box Review.....

So, I must admit something....I have an addiction to subscription sample boxes!! I love them, I love getting these little surprises through the mail all the time as well as I am addicted to giveaways, sweepstakes, contest etc and hunting down freebies but I will get into those addictions a little later. Today I am doing a review on the newest subscription service I have found, called Rocks Box. It is a jewelry subscription service but it's a little different than ones you may have heard of before, this one is somthing similar to" rent the runway". You do a style quiz and then they determine what jewelry to send you. You get three pieces and you can keep them as long as 60 days and then send them back, in the prepaid return packet and you get three more pieces. Now, if you don't like the styles they sent out you can return them as soon as you want and they will send you out new pieces right away!! You also have the option to buy them at a discounted member's price. The cost of the membership is 19.00 a month but they are sending you designer pieces that value at $250.00 and up. You can cancel at anytime but trust me, you won't want to cancel when you see these incredibles pieces. This is a really great way to try out new styles without the commitment or breaking the bank!! You also get credit for everyone you refer which will add up pretty quick when they see you rocking the same looks they see the celebrities rocking. Ok so I know you all are ready to see the good stuff..The pictures, so when it is delivered it will be in a white bubble envelope and then this beautiful little box is what you will pull out!!

When I saw this perfect little box I was already excited but then when I opened it...I was blown away!!

Each piece of jewelry is in a cute little baggy of their own...You can repurpose these!! Next is what you have been waiting for...

This is amazing, It is a charm necklace made by T.R.U, Which is a brand I know and love!! This picture does not do this justice but anyways, this is a very versitable necklace. You can dress it up or where it casual  I really love that because it gives you more options to wear with it!! This retails new for $108.00 but you can buy it at the discounted rate of $86.40

These babies are made by House Of Harlow..One of my all-time favorite designers for handbags and jewelry!! You also see alot of celebrities wearing this brand, one that come to mind is Nicole Richey. I could not take a really good pic of these and I hate that because they are awesome!! They are the evil eye with black gem stones for the center of the eye....I soooo love these!! These retail for $60.00 new and you can buy them at the discounted price of $48.00 ( I will be buying these for sure!!)
 Now, Last but not least....

I Love this bracelet!! It is made by Urban Gem. This is another piece that is very versitable ...dressy or casual you are on trend with this baby!! I love that all the pieces can be worn together also. They all have the same finish and style, of course you don't have to wear them together but I really love the fact that they all match. This retails new for $45.00 and you can buy it at the discounted price of $36.00

Ok so the verdict....I Love it!! I am going to keep this membership for a while!! I give it a 10 out of 10.. The price is amazing vs value, you get to try out new styles and choose whether or not to make it yours and you can choose how soon you get your next one.

You can sign up now and get your first box for $1.00 use coupon code pinsider , you can click here to sign up. Please let them know You learned about them through my blog..The fashion bug in florida ( Thank you

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