Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tip Of The Day........Cleaning your makeup brushes

We all know the importance of washing our face everyday but too often we neglect to clean the things that touch our face regularly, Like makeup brushes. Not cleaning your brushes regularly can cause acne. Remember, the brushes not only pick up the product we are  using, but also the oils from our face. So, not only are we applying foundation, concealer, powders etc... We are also applying the acne causing oils and bacteria! Besides the health issues these brushes can be very expensive. By keeping them clean it will extend the longevity and keep them soft. It also keeps the bristles from drying out, caking together and falling Part.    I know I am guilty of this which is why I started looking for solutions to help me out. There are essentially two ways to clean brushes: Spot clean and Deep clean.

 Spot cleaning only takes a few seconds and is easy enough to do every few days. Just a few few spritzes onto a paper towel (Sephora 2oz $6), swirl it around a couple times and all the makeup and gunk comes right off!

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Daily Brush Cleaner

Deep cleaning is little more time consuming and involves a little more work but I found a really cool kit for this and it sounds super easy to use!! The Brush guard cleaning kit ( $20 ) :

The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit
It comes with everything you need: Organic aloe-infused cleansing agent, bristle- separating washing cup with a scaled bottom to deep clean, soft bamboo fiber cloth that has a high absorbency, and cross stitched guards in different sizes to fit any makeup brush that will hold the brushes shape in the drying vase.

 (I recommend doing a deep clean at least every other week)

Links to both products:

Sephora daily brush cleaner

The brush guard cleaning kit

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