Sunday, October 14, 2012

Awesome Christmas finds for the younger fashionista!!

Check this out..I found some super cute Betsey Johnson stuff for that little fashionista....Great Christmas items and can't beat these prices!! Sorry I am obsessed with Christmas shopping right now so I will be sharing some ideas with you and any super Hot deals I find I will pass along too!! Ok..I found all this at JCP ....Get free shipping to store with code JCPSHIP or free shipping to home when you spend $50 or more. If you guys have any ideas of items you want to buy for Christmas and want me to track down the best deals just let me know!! I am at your disposal!!

Ok... Here we go....everything on this page is from the Betseyville collection which I soooo love Betsey Johnson!! These are just a few cute gift ideas I found!!

Betseyville® Sequin Backpack  Betseyville® Sequin Backpack Betseyville® Sequin BackpackBetseyville® Sequin Backpack   These are all $45..Coach has sequin backpacks that look just like these but umm...we won't talk about the prices on those bad boys!!

Here are some really cute Betsey Johnson scarves...I'm crushing on the first one myself!!! I am only showing a few of the ones I really like, they do have more and each one shown below has other colors available also!!

Betseyville® Rainbow Confetti Scarf                       Betseyville® Rainbow Confetti Hat

Betseyville® Rainbow Confetti Scarf $24                Betseyville® Rainbow Confetti Hat $15
Betseyville® Looped Metallic Infinity Scarf                         Betseyville® Cable Beret Hat

Betseyville® Looped Metallic Infinity Scarf $22        Betseyville® Cable Beret Hat $18

Betseyville® Striped Heart Scarf           Betseyville® Heart Fingerless Gloves      Betseyville® Striped Heart Hat                                        

Betseyville® Striped Pom Pom Scarf               Betseyville® Striped Hat       Betseyville® Striped Fingerless Gloves

These look really cute over boots....not diggin them with the heels..
Betseyville® Pom Pom Leg Warmers                  Betseyville® Multi-Charm Bracelet           Betseyville® Multi-Charm Fashion Necklace

Betseyville® Pom Pom Leg Warmers $12       Betseyville® Multi-Charm                       Betseyville® Multi-Charm 
                                                                         Bracelet $25                                 Fashion Necklace $25              

Betseyville® Striped Sequin Crossbody             Betseyville® Striped Sequin Crossbody      Betseyville® Striped Sequin Clutch Bag
 Betseyville® Striped                                     Betseyville® Striped                            Betseyville® Striped
 Sequin Crossbody $30                               Sequin Crossbody$30                       Sequin Clutch Bag $20    
                                                                                                                   (available in black & silver)

WOW..Had to include this... 20" Angry bird plush retails for $59 but you can score this now for only $25  but hurry this is a clearance item so it won't last long!! These are a very HOT item right now...This is not just for kids....teens will love this too

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