Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Starbox by Star Looks Review- November 2012- Monthly Beauty and Makeup Box

The Box: Starbox by Star Looks

The Cost: $15 ( + 1.98 shipping) monthly

The Products: 3-4 Full size Professional beauty and makeup products

This is my 2nd Starbox and I love it! Starlooks products are professional quality and all kinds of awesome! I have not tried one product that has not rocked my world...The price of the box, for the quality of the products and the fact that they are all full size....CRAZY MAD...but I'm not complaining...Finally professional quality makeup that fits in any fashionista's budget!

Starlooks eye shadow palette - Value- $25
The November box was customized by skin tone this month. ( Light, medium, dark) So everyone received a different palette based on skin tone...I thought this was really cool. They also included a card that with detailed instructions on how to apply each shade to create a smokey eye look... I really love the colors that were picked for me.

What do you think about these colors? I love them!!

3 in 1 Mascara applicator - Value $5 ? ( I couldn't find this item on their site so I am guessing the value on this one) I actually really like this, It keeps helps prevent smudging and has a built in lash comb. It works really well...very happy this was included!

Tender gloss LipStick in Cream Caramel- Value- $11

I love this color is a wonderful neutral color...I also love the tender gloss lipstick, It combines the moisturizing lipstick with the sheer shiny coverage  of a gloss in one product!

***Also included in every box (pictured below) there is a mystic quartz crystal. These are believed to attract energy, help maintain focus, and are the ultimate symbol of beauty. Collect them in a glass jar for the perfect makeup brush holder!

Verdict: I paid $15 ($16.98 including shipping) and received $41 worth of products. They are all full size, professional quality products. I have LOVED everything I've received from Starlooks so far. I highly recommend this box to every one that wants to build a collection of wonderful, excellent quality makeup. If you just try one product... I promise you will be hooked...This makeup is amazing!! Just sign up and get the next box...If you don't like it...Cancel the subscription and I will buy the box from you myself...That way you have nothing at all to lose.... I believe that much that you will love it like I do that I am willing to buy back your box if you don't love it!

So, What do you guys think about this box? Do you love it? Are you gonna sign up and take me up on my offer? Let me know what you think!

***** If you decide to sign up for Starbox by Star Looks, Please make sure to put my name down under who referred you....Thank You!

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