Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lip Factory Inc. Review- December 2012- Monthly Women's Beauty Box

Ok girls, I posted a new box alert back in November on Lip Factory Inc. , I told you at that time that it wasn't actually a brand new box but that I had never heard of it. I was very excited about the reviews I read and pictures of previous month's boxes and told you guys I would have a review very soon....So, guess what? Yes mam' I received the awesome December box and I am in L-O-V-E!! Ok...I know, you want me to shut up and show you the pics already...Well, here we go....

The Box: Lip Factory Inc.

The Products: up to 10 deluxe and full size samples of beauty products with a focus on lips delivered to your door every month! Also, there will be surprise products included in some or all boxes!

The Cost: $22 monthly (shipping to U.S. , Canada & Puerto Rico included in monthly price)

Lip Factory bag with clip, Nail file/buffer and Compact mirror.- Value-$ ?

I thought this was a very nice gift that was included in the Dec. box! All 3 pieces are made of good quality and will fit in your handbag or you can clip it on the outside of your handbag...I love it!!

L'Oreal Hip Eye Shadow Duo- Full Size! Value- $8.49

Ada Lip Gloss Pot-  Full Size! Value- $7.45

I have the L'Oreal Hip Eye Shadow Duo in a different color combo and love it so I was very happy to see this in the box and I love this color combo....Perfect for a purple smokey eye! I also have a loose mineral eye shadow from Ada Cosmetics, which I received from another box and love it very much...So, again I was very happy to see this in the box...This is their best selling color as well which I really like. A lot of boxes out there will throw some color in that nobody would wear so for them to include the number 1 best seller, I thought was pretty cool and I really like the color!

Fashion Fair Lipstick- Full Size! Value- $14.50

Victoria Secret Shiny Kiss Flavored Gloss- Full Size! Value- $9

I had never heard of Fashion Fair Cosmetics until I received the lipstick in this box. I love discovering new brands and this one did not disappoint! I really love the quality of this lipstick and the color is very nice! So, who doesn't love VS, whether it's their lingerie, perfume, lotions, hair care products or make-up...Right? I was happy to see this lip gloss in the box...I have had many of their lip glosses and love them! The last one I bought is just about empty so this arrived just in time!

Befine Food Skin Care Exfoliating Cleanser Packette - 1 Full Size Packette- Value $2

Avon Glaze Wear Lip Gloss- Sample Size (1 use)- Value- ?

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer- .053 oz- Value- ?

I love Befine Skincare products so I was very happy to see this in this box. This exfoliating cleanser was amazing!! My skin feels so soft and glowed when I got done using this. I am going to buy several packs and use this as weekly treatment. The other two...I usually don't like to see tiny sample packets, However There are a lot of full size and deluxe samples so it didn't bother me at all for them to throw these in and I have been wanting to try the Smashbox primer and it is awesome...definitely going to buy a full size bottle and the Avon Lip gloss was big enough for at least one use and I think I can probably get about 3 out of it. I had never tried this lip gloss before and ended up really liking it so I was happy to have these and I do feel like they added some value to the box!

Essie Nail Polish- Full Size! Value- $8

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss- Full Size! Value- $5.50

On the card it showed that you would either receive Essie or Urban Decay Nail Polish. I love Essie Nail Polish and I am absolutely in love with this color!! I would've liked to have tried the Urban Decay Nail polish, I have tried many Urban Decay products and love them all but I have never tried the polish before...However, I am not disappointed at all and this color Of Essie is in Peoples Magazine as the color of the season....So, again they included a top shelf color in this box...I really love that! I have never received a product from NYX that I didn't love, so I was very happy to see this included in my box and I love the color!

Glo Minerals Powder Foundation- Deluxe Mini Pressed Base- Value- $10.50

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Lip Gloss- Deluxe Sample- Value- $4.50

I have not tried the pressed foundation yet from Glo Minerals however, when I went on their site to look up the info on this there was a lot of incredible reviews on it so I can't wait to try it out... I have used other products from Glo Minerals, so I know the quality is outstanding and the other products were amazing! I love every product I have ever tried from Smashbox so I was very happy to get this lip gloss. I am in love with it...It's not sticky at all like most lip glosses and it doesn't bleed, glides on well, very smooth and makes my lips look Fabulous!

La Fresh Make Up Remover Wipes- 1 pack- Value- $.50

Korres Mascara- Deluxe Travel Size- Value- Value $9

I love all the La Fresh Products and they have so many different types of wipes/cloths, it's amazing! They even carry all different kinds for your pets. I love Korres and had never tried the Mascara so I was very glad to get this. The Mascara is amazing!! Highly recommend everyone try this mascara!!

Verdict: The cost of this box is $22 and I received $79.44 worth of products! ( I didn't add anything for the value of the Bag with the nail file & compact mirror, it's worth a minimum of $5 so if you add that your looking at a value of $84.44) I am absolutely in L-O-V-E with this box!! I think it's a wonderful mix of products and the cost vs value is exceptional! This box was a mix of some of their favorite products from this  year but their regular monthly boxes are curated with how to's and instructions....I hope to have a review of the January Box to show you guys also....I really can't say enough good about the Lip Factory box....I am so glad I found it and I am dying to see what's next! This is definitely my favorite new find in a long time!

If your loving this baby as much as I am and you're ready to sign up, click Here!

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So, What do you guys think about this box? Are you dying to see what the next box will bring? Are you gonna sign up? Come on girls, let me know what you think!


  1. Wow this one really intrigues me! I'm thinking I may try this one! Thank you

    1. I hope you do, I really liked this one and you can look at like the last 3 boxes on their site...That are also packed full of awesome full size products!! I will be getting the January box and I am so excited to see what it will have...Let me know If you sign up! Thanks for the comment!

  2. So jealous.<3 Out of all I seen I would love a years subscription to ipsy glambag, juleps maven box, or this. Cx But I wouldn't be able to afford any. :3

  3. Hi Amanda! I am also IN LOVE with Lip Factory, Inc. From their products to their costumer service; they are second to none. They also have a referral program. If you refer 10 people, you will be eligible to receive a free box - YAY!! You should definitely check them out. BTW, your review was AMAZING!!