Monday, December 31, 2012

Beauty Army Box Review- December 2012- Women's Monthly Beauty Box!!

I love my Beauty Army boxes! They are a little different than the others. With Beauty Army, You are in control! No hoping you get the samples you want, You get to pick what you want! That's right...YOU CHOOSE! It is very easy to sign up with Beauty Army, All you do is click on any of the links in this post or just click here. Then you enter in a little info, take a very short style quiz and then your selection window appears. You then choose the 8 products you want and then enter your billing info..voila!! Your box is on the way! BUT What if you don't like the products in your selection window? No problem...just keep re-taking the quiz until the products you want pops up. The quiz takes less than 60, no biggie! Another thing I love about Beauty Army is they send the products in these awesome re-usable boxes and they change up the colors of them every month also! L-O-V-E!!

The Box: Beauty Army

The products: 6 deluxe and Full Size beauty products delivered to your door every month!!

The Cost: $12 monthly ( includes shipping )

Not Your Mothers (She's A Tease) Hairspray - 2 oz- Value- $3

Macadamia Deep Repair Mask- 0.5 oz- Value- $2.06

I love all the Macadamia products I've tried in the past so when I saw this I had to pick it and I am so glad I did! I love it! It is a hair mask so it's not something most would want to use daily but I think it would make an amazing once a week treatment! It smells really good and made my hair super soft! Highly recommend it! The Not your Mothers Hairspray in She's a tease rocked my world!! It is made with Apple blossom and Bamboo....The scent is amazing and I loved the results! It held great but without feeling like crunchy know what I mean..right? I mean you could still run your hands through your hair without messing it up and the volume my hair had was  just amazing!! Everyone you should try this!!

Jonathon-Dirt Texturizing Paste- Mini 1.7 oz- Value- $14

Whip Hand-Camo Collection (Limited edition) - Value- $7

I love this hair paste! It lift and separates perfectly! The scent is very nice also and much bigger sample than I thought it would be! Love the Whip Hand loose eye shadow!! This is a limited edition set of 4 colors exclusively for Beauty Army  . They release a new color each month for 4 months....This is my second one and I will be getting the other two! I love it the brand and the colors are incredible! This is "green beret"  It is the perfect green....Perfect for a green smokey eye...very sexy color! Highly pigmented and the application is amazing...Last all day with no need for touch ups! So excited about this one and would love try some of their other products!

Bath and Body Works- Japanese Cherry Blossom- Travel size 3oz- Value $5

Well, It's Bath & Body Works...Need I say more? Probably not, but you know, I will! I LOVE Bath & Body Works so I had to pick this! Last month I picked this in Twilight Woods (Amazing!) This month I had to go with one of my faves...Japanese Cherry Blossom! It smells sooo good! I am dying to try "Forever Red" If any of you guys have tried that one..let me know what you think! another one of my faves is Country Chic...and Warm Vanilla Sugar...( I have a lot of faves!!) They are having their big sale right can score 3 of minis for $10 and full size are Buy 3 get 2 free...Oh yeah! Click Here if you want to check it out!

Mark Hook Up Lip Gloss- Value- $6.50 ( They also included a Hook-up connector)

Ok...I love Mark products and I have a good bit of their products, These hook up products are really can get it in mascara too...Not sure what others beside the mascara and lip gloss but I love it. I already had one of these lip glosses in Pink Crush, the one I got in this box is Blow kisses. I love both of these colors and I love the gloss itself...Not real sticky like a lot of others and they last pretty long! Look at the next picture to see why these hook up products are so cool!

Oh...Yes.. You can hook up any two products you like together! I love it!

Verdict: I paid $12 and received $ 37.56!! The value of the Beauty Army boxes are always very good! I really liked all the products I received and I love being able to pick my own products! Don't get me wrong I do like the surprise factor of the other boxes but If you are already signed up for at least one other box then you get the surprise with that one so it really doesn't matter! If you like being in control of what you get and want to make sure that you are getting the products you really want....This is the box for you! They always have full size and deluxe products also...rarely any foil packets! Another thing I really like about Beauty Army is, If your running a little short one month or don't like the products they have to offer for that month then no problem...You can skip the month anytime you want to and as many time as you want to! Like I said, You have full control with Beauty Army!

So, What did you guys think about the box this month? Do you like Beauty Army? Are you going to sign up? Let me know what you think! Don't forget....You never know which post is a prize, make you to comment on them all!


  1. Oooh, I like that. I may have to give them a try soon. The body wash alone is worth the $12, that's awesome :)

  2. This box looks like fun! I didn't know you could skip on this one! That's a huge plus!!! Might have to try it out, do you have s referral link?

  3. This box is really neat! I like the fact that you can skip if you don't have the money! I am more likely to try a box like this!

  4. I like the lip gloss and the hairspray. Choosing your products is neat, but I think I'd rather have the surprise!

  5. Oh how I would love that hair spray und lipgloss.<3

  6. I love the control you get with this box, I'm going to have to try this one!