Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kara's Way Review- November 2012- Monthly Eco-Friendly Beauty Box

Kara's Way is a monthly Eco-Friendly Beauty Box. They took a little hiatus to revamp their box. This is their first box since returning back to the Subscription box market. I was expecting a lot from this box because of all the hype and I must admit I was a little disappointed with this one. Maybe I just had my expectations set to high. Well, I let you guys see what you think. Here we go....

The Box: Kara's Way

The Cost: $15 monthly (Inc. Shipping)

The Products: a mix of 5-10 Eco friendly, organic, fair trade and/or vegan beauty, skin care and lifestyle products.

Concrete Cosmetics- Full size! Value- $7 ( Color- Troublemaker)

I love mineral Make-up...especially loose eyes shadow, so I was very happy to see this and I had never used this brand before. I really love it and will actually be doing some reviews on these shadows very soon! This is a very affordable brand also, that is very important for me being that I spend all my money on sample

Honeybee Gardens Cosmetics Full size!! Value- $7  ( Color-Belgian Chocolate)

This was another new brand and I love it! This eyeliner pencil does not pull or drag the skin , it goes on smooth, easy to apply and it's long lasting! Very affordable too!

Indochine Natural Soap- Full size! Value- $7 ( Star Anise & Coffee )

MBeze Natural Perfume- 1 oz- Value- $2.50 ( Aim to be pleased )

I really like the soap itself but the scent I got was awful. It smells like liquorice and the scent is very strong. No matter how much I like the soap I just can't get past the scent However they do have several other scents that sound amazing...I would really like to try it in another scent because the soap does not dry out my skin at all and it's excellent for exfoliating! The perfume I wasn't very crazy about. The scent I got smells like a really cheap drugstore brand ( I now there are very good, popular perfumes sold at drugstores but I mean one of those $1 bottles that smell horrible!) I could not wear this scent and the perfume itself does not last long at all...I would NEVER pay $34 for the small bottle they sell nor would I waste $2.50 on the samples they sale.. I don't recommend this brand at all!!

Everyday Minerals - 2 foil packs- loose eyeshadow- Value $0

I like this eyes shadow and their is actually more product than it looks like....many uses. You can alick the link above and get a sample pack with 7 of these packets  for 1 penny + shipping which is $2.70. You can get blush, foundation, bronzers etc.. It is worth the $2.71 for 7 of these if you want to try it out because like I said you actually get more product than it looks like and they are resealable!

The small pack of face cream...I couldn't figure what the name was..everything I tried brought back no results for this and I am not putting anything on my skin that I can't read about so I don't anything about the 3rd sample in the pic!

Verdict: I paid $15 and received $23.50 worth of products. The value is there and I really liked the first two products alot! I discovered new products but I guess with all the hype I was just expecting more!! I don't know maybe I'm crazy, I guess $15 for $23...I should be happy but I can't help it... this one just didn't wow me!

What do you guys think? Am I just being silly, would you have loved this one? I think I am going to go ahead and sign up for the Dec. box before I write this one off. Let me know what you think!

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