Thursday, November 8, 2012

Favorite sites for free products!!

I thought I would share a few sites with you guys that I really like a lot and get full size free products to review. These site's you do not have to have a blog to sign up and they are NOT survey site's!! I know we all love getting free products in the mail and even before I started my blog, between the sites I am going to tell you about, the freebies I found on facebook and various other sites and the giveaways and contest I won I had packages delivered to my house everyday!! It is so much fun too, like Christmas everyday!! Ok, now the top three I have had the most success with are:

#1 Smiley360- This one is one of my favorites and I get picked for missions with them a lot!! When a new product is available to review, it is called a mission. You click on it, sign up for it (that takes about 5 min.) then within the next couple of days you will find out if you were picked. Don't get discouraged if you don't get picked for the first one you apply for. You will get picked..just apply for all of them that comes up!!

#2CrowdTap- I really love this one. I was picked about a month ago to host a Cardi Party at Old Navy. I got to invite 3 friends and each of us got to pick a cardigan, skirt, and scarf for free. The total of mine alone was over $60!! It was sooo much fun. With this one you go on and add the brands you like to your account and when something comes up for that brand you get an invite...really cool!!

#3 House Party- Now, this is by far one of my favorites!! They will list on the party page what parties are available and you just go through and register for the ones you would like to host. Again, you will not get picked for everyone you apply for but you will get picked and when you do they send you a box full of everything you need to host the party. They usually send full size products for you and samples for all your guest ( usually they send enough for like 15 people) they send party favors, special bonus gifts for you. It is really awesome!! I have been signed up for about a year and have been picked for about 4 parties.

#4 Influenster- This one is really fun too!! You have to be a little more active with this one but the payoff is huge!! You get what they call a Voxbox which will be filled with full size products to review.. I am writing up a separate post for this one which will have all the details so be on the lookout for that!! This one you need an invite for ( I am pretty sure) If you are interested in signing up for this one let me know and I will send you an invite!! I will just need your email address for that.

I hope you guys will sign up for these and see all the awesome stuff you will get!! I have received some of the best beauty and skincare products around from these programs and have hosted some really cool parties...Let me know if any of you are signed up for any of these and what you think. Also, If any of you do go and sign up let me know what you think!! I hope all my fashion bugs get some good freebies out of all of these programs!!

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